oyster farmer

Because I was inspired when I went to PEI. Farmer/Beekeeper!Cas, tourist!Dean
PS. Charlottetown does have the smallest, shittiest farmer’s market on weekends, and I’ve been to conference dinners. They’re awesome and people don’t normally choke :P

“Sam, seriously?”

The Sasquatch and his girlfriend turn in sync, but while Sam makes an unimpressed face, Jess merely waves Dean over like this isn’t the five hundredth farmer’s market they’ve dragged him to, and it isn’t nine in the morning. The merry asshole duo hadn’t even given him a choice when they’d woken him up this morning; he’d just been dragged up the street to this tiny little coffee place called Kettle Black, and been forced to tag along… just like he’d been forced to come on this ‘vacation’. It isn’t even that, really; Jess has a conference in Prince Edward Island almost every year, and Sam goes along with her. Normally, they leave him behind (and rightly so), but for some reason, Sam thought it’d be a good idea to bring Dean this time. By plane.

PEI is all farmland and picturesque towns, and Dean has been wholly unimpressed. He’s been unimpressed with their hippie, organic rabbit food, and their fancy pants microbreweries (who needs so many???) and their dumb farmer’s markets. Dean has had enough.

It’s nine am on a Saturday and instead of being in bed, he’s at the tiniest, shittiest farmer’s market known to man, so yeah, he’s done.


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