oyster bamboo

Dinner: Marinated, grilled pork belly, bamboo, mushroom and yanang stew (Keng No Mai) and sticky rice. This was my first time making the keng no mai myself. It’s a Lao dish and my mother in law always makes it. I took notes and pictures the last two times she made it so that I could try my hand at it. It’s a pork-based broth with yanang leaf extract, thai chili peppers, watercress, three kinds of mushroom (bunapi, enoki and oyster), zucchini, and bamboo. I threw in my Japanese eggplant from the container garden on my deck too because why not. You can basically put anything in there. Sometimes there’s kabocha (Korean pumpkin) too. Anyway, it’s not perfect, but it was pretty good. I think it will taste even better tomorrow.