Oyin Handmade’s Whipped Pudding and Shine and Define: A Delectable Duo

So I ordered my first set of Oyin Handmade products back in March of this year, but I’ve long been a fan of the brand. Jamila Bennu, the creator of Oyin, and her husband (@exittheapple on Twitter) are two down-to-earth, sweet individuals who often host bottling parties at their shop in Maryland, even allowing those who help to take some products home in exchange for their assistance. In addition to this being a great way for potential customers to become exposed to the brand for free, it also demonstrates how much of a homegrown operation Oyin Handmade is. I like that tight-knit community vibe! :-) For good reason, the Bennu couple is well-respected in the #naturalhair circle for their honest and humble approach to haircare, as well as the quality ingredients they use for their products.

But back to my situation…I was on the hunt for an all-natural whipped moisturizer as an alternative to the lotiony leave-in conditioners and hair milks I had been using in the past. I decided to order the Whipped Pudding and Burnt Sugar Pomade from CurlMart during a sale, and I received my products a few days later.

When I tried the Whipped Pudding for the first time, I couldn’t truly appreciate it. It was not as watery as my beloved Shea Moisture Curl-Enhancing Smoothie, so I doubted that it was a true moisturizer. However, the next time I tried it on damp hair, and I twisted my hair into medium-sized twists. I lightly applied the Burnt Sugar Pomade as a sealant and for shine, and woke up to extremely soft hair. I usually judge a product’s moisture factor by how my ends behave, and my ends felt and looked great! My hair also had a ton of movement–I put my hair into a loose ponytail for work, and every time I moved my head, my hair would shake with it! Hello, light and bouncy kinks! Chile, I didn’t even think my hair could do ALLA THAT.  

Recently, I bought Oyin’s Shine and Define because I saw their products in a natural hair beauty supply store here in North Carolina. In my experience, Oyin products on the ground is a pretty rare occurrence. Plus, it was the last jar. I.had.to.have.the.last.jar. I was also in a pretty bummy mood, and I tend to soothe my feelings with products. Typical junkie. 

Anyways, I again used the Whipped Pudding as my moisturizer, and the Shine and Define as a styler for a twist-out. I did the twists on soaking wet hair and without sealing with an oil because I wanted to see how the two products performed. My twistout was once again really soft–and not the coated, product-y soft, but a genuine softness that I only get when my hair is well-conditioned and moisturized. My hair also had a natural shine, which was impressive.

Oyin Handmade has described the hold of the Shine and Define as light, but I’m now on day 5 of a twist out that I’ve only refreshed with water and coconut oil, and It’s still soft, touchable, and super defined. Perhaps they meant that the hair doesn’t feel crunchy from the hold?

My only qualm with my Oyin products so far (not including the Juices and Berries, which I’ve only used sparingly this spring) is that 4 oz is simply not enough. I’m halfway through my jar of Whipped Pudding, and I’ve been reallllllll judicious with my use of it. Like, it’s my ‘good stuff’ for special occasions! lol. At least I know better now-if I’m gonna splurge on the awesome stuff from Oyin (and I say splurge because I get more product from Shea Moisture for the money), then I need to #YOLO it up and cop the 8oz.

A final note: The Whipped Pudding smells mostly like cocoa butter, but with a hint of chocolate to me; the Burnt Sugar is reminiscent of warm maple syrup; and the Shine and Define has an Orange Dreamsicle scent. Pretty delicious if you like your curls, coils, and kinks to smell yummy!

Hope this was helpful!


Oyin Handmade ft. Dr. Adanna: Natural Hair Assumptions

very interesting points made. just because you wear your hair a certain way you shouldn’t be placed in a box.

I finally brushed my hair out! I’ve been avoiding it for weeks but here it was. I really happy, I was skeptical about how the detangling would actually work, but it worked great, and I’m so excited for the new products I have for my hair, and to wash it and take care of it and love it. I know it doesn’t look like it, but it’s actually getting pretty long, when I brushed the back of it out, it comes to just below my collar bone :)