Had a blast at the Roots Picnic in Philadelphia yesterday. Great music, big crowd, and I ran into rap artist


in the crowd. MAN it was HOT yesterday, but thankfully I was in the shade in the VIP tent and watched the main event from there. Also got some reading in. 😜

My hair held up pretty good the entire weekend. I’d shampooed two days prior, and used only my Koils By Nature Shealoe Leave-in and my Oyin Handmade Boing to style, and only brought the latter with me to re-twist my hair the night before, waking up with defined curls and coils that lasted throughout the hot day. 


All this week @oyinhandmade will be posting these ads in recognition of Ash Awareness Week. Each day we will present a new term into the ash lexicon. Since I made these ads you will be the first to see & share them. #AAW #SnowBows #pierrebennu

Made it to Whole Foods Harbor East to grab an iced coffee and some other stuff. I went down the hair aisle and spotted some of my favorite @oyinhandmade goodies! They had to come home with me! Greg Juice + Hair Dew = The Perfect Hair Thirst Quenching Remedy! #oyinhandmade

It was so great to see so many beautiful faces when selecting the #oyinmodelcall hashtag! If nothing else, thank you @oyinhandmade for sharing so much beauty by calling it out from within each and every person who submitted! It was so awesome to see people who tagged their friends and loved ones who have never considered themselves “model” material! We are ALL models in this life! The world is your catwalk! #ModelingBeyondBeauty #WeBeTheLight #LightBegetsLight #BeInspired

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Hey Beautifuls 💛 we want to thank you again for all of the lovely #oyinmodelcall entries🎉 we really wish we could choose you all! Our team is working diligently to looking through the entries 😊The selected honeys will be notified next week via DM 😊 #naturalhair #oyinhandmade


Everyone who enters gets $5 in Honey Money & a chance to win $50 in Honey Money!!!

A new winner is picked each week so what are you waiting for? Check the video for details & good luck!!


Oyin Handmade ft. Dr. Adanna: Natural Hair Assumptions

very interesting points made. just because you wear your hair a certain way you shouldn’t be placed in a box.

After watching this video by Naptural85, I was curious to know how much I spend on hair products because I don’t find my hair to be too expensive.

I buy three of the same products repeatedly from Oyin Handmade: Honey Hemp Conditioner, Hair Dew, and Juices & Berries by the liter. 

At that size, all three cost $110.97 without tax or shipping fees, so let’s just round it up to $120. I only have to buy them once every three or four months, so either $480 for a full year or $360. 

That translates into $40 or $30 a month. 


Watch on epiqone.tumblr.com

Trying a new hairstyle. Opinions? #5seconds #afrohawk #afropunk #oyinhandmade

If you’re on the Oyin Handmade email list, you’ve probably gotten an invite for their bottling parties at their headquarters. Additionally, if you’re on the Oyin Handmade email list and you’re like me, you’ve likely logged on in numerous attempts to participate, only to find that all tickets were sold out. They go fast, guys.

However, this time I made it - happened to get the email alert just in time and logged on ASAP - and participated in their bottling party this past weekend. It was so much fun, you guys, and an extra plus was that we got a cool discount (which equaled FREE goodies) and an opportunity to stock up on favorites or try new things while we were there, hence my picture. I think I spent about $30 for $70-$80 worth of stuff, but only because I wanted a little extra. Still, dopeness.

I can't go into much detail, and I didn’t take pictures. But here’s what I can tell you:

- It smelled wonderful. Imagine an Oyin Handmade wonderland with all your favorite products and their scents. That’s what it is. First you get a whiff of that Original Honey scent…then the Whipped Pudding…and then that Hair Dew scent wafting about…mmmmm.

- The staff was amazing and very helpful. You can tell working there is a blast.

- The other volunteers (Oyin Honeys) were awesome as well - and all flyy with their natural or transitioning hair. I felt like I’d made some new friends. Some of us were newbies while others were frequent volunteers.

So, here’s what I got:

- Honey Wash (shampoo/body wash) in Original Honey and Black Cedar Fig
- Honey Water (a body mist) in Original Honey
- Funk Butter (deodorant) in Coco Mango
- Whipped Pudding
- Burnt Sugar Pomade 
- No Ash At All

And the awesome T-Shirt below:. 

Hopefully I can score another invite because I definitely plan to do this again! Sign up here for your chance.