Special Order- Story of the Globe Trotter Bracelet

This piece was a special order sent in by a beautiful customer. All she wanted was a travel theme bracelet and today I am super proud to present the Globe Trotter Bracelet.

Globe-trotter grabbed her passport,

attended the Paris fashion week and after a fun night relishing in creativity and beauty of fashion,

took a trip to the Eiffel tower then

jetted over to the Caribbean’s to build long lasting memories…

Memories of life, memories of fun, memories of joy.

Finally, the bracelet is topped with the message Made With Love from OYINDOUBARA.

Doing what you are passionate about & sharing that with the world can have a dramatic effect on another person’s life. Done right, you will undoubtedly gain the side effect, which is wealth, fame, etc. Good morning people! What are you doing today?
#oyindoubara #passion #socal #motivation

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