oyamada keigo

Style & Fashion Drawings: Dressing for the Rain

The rain in Kobe this past weekend didn’t stop people from coming out. On the contrary, the streets seemed busier than ever, with most people sheltering themselves under colorful canopies and protecting their feet with ankle-length rainboots. Some even matched their umbrellas to their outfits, which made me wonder how many umbrellas they must have at home. Walking around, I spotted more than a few people who managed to look well dressed in spite of the weather. 

This guy sported a 1960s look with his maroon velvet coat and Monkee-esque hair. He paired the coat with a low-key, navy wool sweater and dark grey, skinny-fit jeans, which made his retro-inspired style feel more subtle than overbearing. He reminded me of the Japanese musician Keigo Oyamada (aka Cornelius).

I spotted this man ducking under an awning to catch a smoke. His style was simple, but well executed – a nice, down coat paired with stone washed denim and short rain boots. He was mainly wearing blues and grays, which made the flash of yellow around his collar stand out in a nice way. As he was lighting his cigarette, I noticed that he had a Zippo lighter. 

It’s easy to rely on just blues and grays, even when it’s sunny, but the rain this past weekend didn’t stop this man dressing colorfully. As he was running across the street with his son, I spotted him in a yellow tartan jacket, mustard yellow pants, and a Kelly green sweater. In his hand, he was carrying a fantastically bright, multi-colored umbrella. Maybe it was his brown cap that helped ground everything, or the black boots matching the grey scarf, but his outfit somehow worked. His son was also wearing a clear blue raincoat and bright green boots – colorful choices that either showed his father dressed him or that boldness is genetic. – Graeme