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since I deleted my account and the original accent challenge is now gone, here it is again for anyone who wants to participate

How to participate: All you need to do is make an audio/video of yourself speaking in your own accent or language the following questions and answers:

  • • What is your name and your URL.
  • • Where are you from?
  • • What nationality are you?
  • • Pronounce the following words: Nobunaga, Mitsuhide, Yukimura, Saizo, Masamune, Kojuro, Hideyoshi, Inuchiyo, Ieyasu, Mitsunari, Shingen, Kenshin, Tenka, Samurai, Oyakata-sama, Absolute Victory Bowl, Iga Village, Kyoto, Owari, and poison taster
  • • What is your favorite route?
  • • Your favorite male and female characters?
  • • List your 5 favorite foods.
  • • Choose a character and answer: What would they do if they found a lost child?
  • • End audio post with a simple message!

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Dem Maeda boys with their ridiculously awesome battle getups straight from modern fantasy RPGs (hell yeah equally exploitative costumes!)

This is from Tenka Natsu Matsuri fair… I was lucky enough or maybe zealous enough to accumulate tokens enough to unlock all the stories mwahahahhahaha.

Keiji: INUCHIYOOOOO, you bastard! I will never forgive you, come at MEEEEEEEEHHHH!
Inuchiyo: Whaaa, Keiji what are you doing there? What’s with the battle gear?
Keiji: Shut up and come at MEEEEHHH!
Inuchiyo: Whaaaaa, what are you so upset about? Alright then!

Later, both were in the nip Armours

Keiji: TEMEEEEEEEEEEEEE* (bastard)
Inuchiyo: Uooooooooohhhh kono Yarooooooooo* (also this bastard)
Keiji: I will slash you to ribbons! TEMEEEEEEEEE,

Hideyoshi: What is that noise?
Ranmaru: Are those…Toshiie-sama and Keiji-dono?

Keiji: I was so looking forward to it! Why why whyyyyy

Hideyoshi: I wonder what’s going on. I don’t wanna be involved in that.
Ranmaru: This won’t end well if Oyakata-sama sees (Nobunaga)


Hideyoshi (in his battle gear): Wanko-kun, Keiji~~~ that’s enough!
Inuchiyo: Hideyoshi, get over here and help me stop this guy!
Keiji: At lasssstttt, dog and monkey come! I will kiiiiilllll!

Inuchiyo seemingly remembered something…

Inuchiyo: Keiji, hey, it was my bad…
Hideyoshi: it was Wanko-kun’s fault?
Keiji: TEMEEEEEEEEEEEE, you thought that just now!
Inuchiyo: It was my fault okay, I’ll get you more sweets!
Hideyoshi: Eh, sweets?

Keiji: You bastard! Do you mean it? Don’t lie to me!
Inuchiyo: I promise, it was my bad…!

Then Keiji stops abruptly…

Hideyoshi: You’re fighting over sweets?
Inuchiyo: it’s always been like this with this guy!
Keiji: Toshi is so mean! Eating all those manju!
Inuchiyo: my bad…

Keiji: you have to get in line to buy them too…
Inuchiyo : totally my fault!

Keiji smiles

Keiji: okay, it will more tasty later! I look forward to it!
Hideyoshi: he got like that over sweets? I was so worried…!
Keiji: Toshi is so niiiceeee! I love Toshiiii~~~~

Bless these berserker boyos….


Heh heh. So get scarred peoples. 😂 I got intothis anime back in 2010. Sengoku Basara. That’s when I managed to memorise all their freaking names. (Since they would talk in the third person constantly. 😂😂). So when I got into otome games and saw the sengoku one, I couldn’t help but be reminded of one of my all time favorite anime. 😊 So let’s get ya scarred for life. Tee hee.

First we’ve got: Oda Nobunaga. He is the villain of the first season. :) (understand why I hate him in the otome game now 😝)
Next: Date Masamune. Personally I prefer him in Basara because he’s really freaking awesome and actually referred to as A DRAGON. Not a tiger. >.> and also his beautiful helmet is there. 😁
Next: Sanada Yukimura. TOTAL AND COMPLETE OPPOSITES. Basara Yuki is super innocent and sweet to women. Not at all Tsun. And honestly a little dumb. (Like ikesen Mitsunari).
Next: Uesugi Kenshin. EVEN MORE OPPOSITE. 😂😂 This guy is always flirting with his lady in the anime it honestly gets old and annoying. He is not at all like ikesen Uesugi. Basara Uesugi actually strategizes. 😅
Next: Takeda Shingen. Here we get into the looks. 😅 I prefer his look in ikesen for obvious reasons. However, I much prefer his relationship with Yukimura in Basara. Why? Because they are always yelling and punching each other in the face.
“Oyakata-sama!!!!” “YUKIMURA!!” (My favorite scenes. 😆)
Next: Toyotomi Hideyoshi. The villain of the second season for Basara. 😅 So um, he is called a gorilla for this reason by Masamune in Basara. The size differences are really freaking weird too. 😂 ikesen Hidemama is so much better in this case.
Next: Tokugawa Ieyasu. (First season and second season). He is actually quite kind and open to others. In first season he goes through a lot and then tries to form the nation through bonds in season 2. He is nothing like ikesen Ieyasu. I prefer Basara Ieyasu in this case.
Next: Sarutobi Sasuke. 😂😂😂😂😂
Basara hands down. The fandom refers to him as the mom for Yukimura while Takeda is the dad. Ikesen Sasuke is kinda irksome for me. 😆
Next: Akechi Mitsuhide. Both crazy. Both nopes. One is a masochist/sadist (Basara). The other is-wait a minute. 😐
Next: Ishida Mitsunari.
Basara Mitsunari is only bent out on revenge against the ones who killed Hideyoshi. “HIDEYOSHI-SAMA!!!” (he yells this a lot. As well as “yurusanai” which is I won’t forgive). Complete and total opposite of our dear sweet innocent ikesen Mitsunari. 😂


Katakura Koujuro: *cries* no sprite in ikesen. However, I love him in Basara because he has a much deeper relationship with Masamune. :) He also goes as far as to attack him to get Masamune from acting so recklessly when he had a terrible injury. 

Mouri Motonari:

Very cold-hearted in Basara, but I love his relationship with my favorite guy, Chosokabe Motochika (squees). They are such big rivals, but Mouri hates his guts. XD I have barely any knowledge on Mouri from ikesen, but looks to be a wild child type. 
Notices: color schemes sometimes match up perfectly, it’s kinda scary. 🤔 Hope ya enjoyed this. This is why I can’t take ikesen so seriously, though. I just keep thinking about the anime and all that crazy shtick.

anonymous asked:

MC is in town one day when she finds an old man laying on the ground. She helps him and as a token of his gratitude, he gives her a very delicious fruit. He tells her it's special before leaving. Not thinking much of it, MC decides she will share this with the lord. That night she served it to him. Apparently it was so delicious he ended up eating every slice. The next morning MC awakens to find the lord has turned back into a child. What are the lords reaction to this?(a kiss breaks the spell)

Finally Getting around to reply this :D tagging @manju-butt, why did you go anon on me darling?

In my headcanon, to serve the lord this strange, exotic fruit which I assume came from One Piece’s universe, MC must have tasted it first, being their ex-poison taster and wanna make sure it’s tasty and safe to eat and all. So she’ll be turned into a child, too…

So, with that in mind let’s see, I’m gonna do this for few of my biases. Let’s assume we’ll turned into precious 8 year olds. But with their memory intact. Oh, and MC and the Lords are still at the flirting stage, no official romantic relationships yet. 

Katakura Kojuro: After getting over the initial horror and assuring MC (because she’ll feel super guilty about it) , they will report to Masamune and Shigezane (who will be super gung ho about teasing how Kojuro’s the young ‘un between them). They will conduct a research on this magical fruit/ sorcery and how to possibly reverse the effect. In the mean time the official cover for child!Kojuro is (to his eternal mortification) adult!Kojuro’s lovechild (Shigezane’s idea), and MC’s, ahem, Masamune’s, which in strange way, does good for his image as the clan leader because clan leader is expected to have many spawns that age. After exhausted the resource and research, child!Kojuro started to think maybe it’s a good thing, he could serve Masamune longer. Plus, he’s the same age with MC now. The downside was probably they need to wait few more years to do hanky panky. MC is still wracked with guilt though and cries a lot. So one day, to console her, child!Kojuro kisses crying child!MC and pouf, they’re back to being their old(er) selves. After that they confess their feelings to each other. It ends happily, they just need to find an excuse to explain where the “love children” of their lords have gone.

Kirigakure Saizo: He would think that this is a witchcraft devised by rival ninja clan, so he will need to keep it a secret between her and MC while he tries to find a cure. He’d left a message to Yukimura saying he’s off for a mission and taking MC with him and off they go to one of his emergency hideouts in a secluded and beautiful countryside where no one suspects them of being literally magical children. At first he would be extra moody and mildly depressed because being small again reminds him of the time when his late best friend was still alive. As time passed, however, he started to enjoy being a kid again, and he owes most part of it to MC, who did console him with a dango when they were children. And he started to think that maybe, this whole thing is a blessing in disguise, that he really could undo his life as a common boy with MC… that is until one day, MC trips over and falls on him and kisses him by accident because one of MC’s talents is to trip and fall at the right moment or the most unfortunate moment, always. And pouf! back to their old(er) selves. “Well, it was fun when it lasted, Little Lady,” he said, but his eyes were sad. Upon which MC would kiss him sweetly, saying that they don’t need to go back in time to be happy. Then they can have lots of adult fun time. Bonus epilogue, Saizo went back to Ueda where Yukimura interrogates him about his whereabouts. He simply says “Having the greatest playtime with MC in a secluded shack in the mountain.” And watch Yukimura nosebleeds.    

Tokugawa Ieyasu: Precious, precious child. He would be an absolute hellion, a child from hell, with a face of an angel. He would entirely blame MC and guilt trip her every chance he got. He would devoted his time time to cure himself off this “curse”, and probably only tell Tadatsugu the truth and tell the rest of the Tokugawa clan that he is adult!Ieyasu’s love child (while MC is his lowly whipping girl). He too, would be vacillating between mildly depressed and frighteningly cheerful about being turned into a kid again, because he has that PTSD from his childhood as a hostage of the Imagawa clan. Then MC does her spiel of redoing the whole childhood thing. And over time he grew to enjoy the treatment he gets from all adults who (at least at first) think he is cute, he would totally use that to his advantage too. He’ll still be a tyrant though, and one day, hiding how much he grows to like MC, he would say something that upsets her so much she’d slap him and he’d cry. Then MC would regret it and kiss him better. Pouf! They’re back to their old(er) selves. And Ieyasu would say, “I will not kill you for having brought this curse upon my person because I can say that we are childhood friends now. That doesn’t mean you’re off scot-free. I demand a lifetime of service in bed.” And that’s how they got together.    

Sanada Yukimura: He’d totally cry so much (even though he tries to hide it) because he’s heartbroken that he couldn’t serve his Oyakata-sama (Shingen) as his general anymore. Then MC would kiss his cheek to console him, but the timing was off so they end up kissing on the lips. Pouf! they’re back to their old(er) selves. Then Yukimura gets nosebleed. Shingen and Saizo would totally make fun of this incident with Shingen saying basically nothing would change between him and MC whether they got together as children or as adult, because Yukimura is too pure. He would take this as a challenge and endearingly tries to court MC as a grown man. Then MC can teach him some adult games if he could survive the nosebleeds. 

sixclawsdragon  asked:

DateSana for that ship meme, please. Congrats on 200 followers!

  • who believes in love at first sight? Neither of them, but Yukimura doesn’t believe that a lot of time has to pass to make a strong connection. He has claimed people as his best friend for sharing snacks, made Masamune his rival after one fight, and has been the cause of at least one of Sasuke’s panic attacks when he actually went off with a stranger as a kid. Masamune is much more cautious when it comes to personal connections. 
  • who started liking the other first? They both liked each other pretty much right after their first meeting, but Masamune was the first to figure out that he likes-likes Yukimura. He promptly stomped that feeling back into the recesses of his mind. Masamune amps up his flirting tries to hint his affections without actually saying anything because he may be a confident flirter he is so much more hesitant with actually expressing affection because, aside from very few exceptions, him expressing love has always led to heartbreak. So he flirts and gives gifts and generally does everything to say he loves Yukimura without, you know, actually saying anything. Instead, he observes, waits to see if there is a time where his affection would not only be reciprocated but also not lead to disaster. Yukimura takes a little longer, but once he figures out his feelings he’s going up to Masamune, eyes, and cheeks blazing, more serious than he has been for almost anything in his life and saying that he loved Masamune and, if it isn’t unwanted, would he like to be boyfriends. Masamune smiles, a real one that softens his eye and takes years of hardship from the solid lines of his face and shoulders, and accepts because if there is anyone he could place his future with, it is this earnest, adorable man. Yukimura had the courage to confess, it’s only fair he matches it. 
  • who is more likely to suggest a romantic, candle-lit dinner? Yukimura, but he doesn’t suggest it. Masamune will just walk in and see two huge (and he means huge; Yukimura eats like a starved tiger) bowls of stew, one of the only dishes Yukimura can make perfectly, with candles lit in the center and an actual tablecloth spread out. Masamune will tease him about it, but seeing the effort and care makes something inside him go soft. Yukimura just likes doing sweet things for Masamune, likes seeing the glint in his eyes turn gentle and warm. 
  • who’s behind the wheel more often during road trips? Whoever can get to the driver’s seat first. They both love driving, though Masamune is partial to motorcycles rather than cars, and so like most other things in their life it’s a competition who gets to drive. They of course switch when they need/ want to, like if one is tired or sick or wants to take pictures, but it’s usually first come first serve for the driver’s seat. 
  • who sets up the tent and who gathers firewood during a camping trip? Yukimura, who has been on many “Nature Manstravaganzas” with Oyakata-sama and Sasuke sets up the tent. Masamune gathers firewood because, thanks to plant expert Kojuro, he also knows all the tasty plants he can gather to eat later while he’s getting wood. 
  • who hooks bait during a fishing trip? who catches more fish? They both hook their own bait because they are Tough. Though who catches the most fish flip-flops occasionally, Yukimura tends to win out in their fishing competitions. 
  • who insists on learning how to ballroom dance? Masamune already knew how to ballroom dance when he and Yukimura start dating! Yukimura was surprised to find old photographs of a young Masamune and older woman (who a written caption on the back of the photo named Kita), dancing at a party. Yukimura asked Masamune about it and expressed his admiration that Masamune had this skill. Masamune asked if Yukimura wanted to learn and that was that. If Masamune used it to sometimes sneak a feel of Yukimura’s butt or steal some kisses, well, call it his teaching fee.  
  • who goes all out on the other’s birthday? Both of them! Masamune loves throwing parties and Yukimura knows that Masamune loves parties. So they both gather everyone they know, Masamune’s Boys and their friends/ caretakers. Masamune will cook an honestly frightening amount of food, all Yukimura’s favorites including an insane amount of dango. Yukimura will have Sasuke help him make zunda mochi, much to Sasuke’s dismay. There will be a ton of music and drinking (for Masamune) and party games and dancing (for Yukimura) that will end in a birthday brawl between the two to end things. It’s not often they will throw a party this size, but it is always spectacular. 
  • who sings louder while cooking? while showering? Yukimura is unabashedly a shower singer. He sings loud and proud and if Masamune is nearby he’ll sometimes join in and it turns into an awesome karaoke battle for the ages, ending in them laughing too hard to continue. Masamune is the one that sings while he’s cooking, but it’s so quiet that it is almost buried beneath chopping, sizzling, and mixing. Yukimura thinks it’s a shame, Masamune has a lovely voice.  
  • who teases the other for said singing? Masamune, but it does lose some of its impact when Yukimura knows he likes it because he always tries to sing along. 
  • who insists on checking their zodiac sign compatibility every so often?  Neither of them are big on star signs, but every so often Masamune will look at them out of curiosity. Sometimes he’ll bring up something funny one of them says and the both of them will laugh about it, but for the most part, they rely on their own wills to guide their relationship, not the stars.  
  • who drags the other to fortune tellers at fairs? Yukimura because he finds them fascinating. Masamune likes to see Yukimura take these hacks seriously, worrying if they give a bad prediction or happy if they give a good one. 
  • who would carry who over the doorstep of a new home? Masamune, because if anyone is going to be the blushing bride in this relationship, it’s going to be Yukimura. Just because he’s shorter does not mean he gets the ragdoll treatment. Yukimura usually accepts in with some blushing and irritated words, but every so often he’ll sweep Masamune off his feet (usually when Masamune’s teasing goes too far) spinning him around the room before Masamune twists around enough to turn it into a wrestling match on the floor. 

Just finish Ishida Mitsunari’s Epilogue


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And from the special drunk portraits received

Ieyasu: “Mitsunari, would you like another?”
Mitsunari: “Not from you. It already tastes worse with you here.”

Lol xD


Takeda Shingen x Yamamoto Kensuke

Uesugi Kenshin x Naoe Kanetsugu

If they are going to be released seperately like yasu and mitsun, I do hope Lord Shingen coming out first~~~


Can’t wait for the angst hooo

Mini Trivia for Kasamatsu

I really really love his seiyuu okay. Every time I heard his voice, I expected him to go “Oyakata-sama!!” (if you know Sengoku Basara, you know what I mean)

  1. He was known to be very bad with girls since he was too nervous to talk to one.
  2. Despite his strict and tough looking, his hobby is music and he could play guitar.
  3. Consider Imayoshi to be his greatest rival when he was asked in the game
  4. He may kicked Kise a lot but he was also constantly worried about Kise. In the drama cd, he prevent Kise from running around because he knew that Kise’s legs haven’t healed properly yet. Also, in the game when Kise asked if he could practise overtime Kasamatsu said no because he said he didn’t need Kise to overwork himself for the team and even if Kise lost, he would skill be Kaijo’s ace. (*slow clap*)
  5. Once complained about his height in the game and Kise ran to the nearest store and got him bunny ears hairband so that it could “add 20 more cm to his height.” Kise almost got killed.
  6. Ordered Kise to get into a food fight after get an Okonomiyaki into his face by Kagami who aimed it at Midorima but he dodged.
  7. Moriyama once do a woman voice in attempt to let Kasamatsu practice talking with women and EVEN then he couldn’t speak properly and keep stuttering even he knew that it wasn’t a real women. When everyone in Kaijo pointed this out he threaten to slaughter everyone
  8. Alex once tried to help him to overcome his weakness with girls by attempting to kiss him which Kasamatsu just ran away. This occurred in the game of course. 
  9. Won’t tolerate bullying. Almost beat (or did beat him off screen) Kise when Kise met Sakurai and of course Sakurai kept apologizing so Kasamatsu thought that Kise was bullying Sakurai.
  10.  He’s been featured in the magazine many times as a national class point guard although Kise and his team commented that his introduction is boring.


Quick warm up of Nico with a lovely eyepatch as Masamune. Back when I was drawing more crossovers I wanted to draw NicoMaki as a lot of things and this was one of them, though I didn’t because I couldn’t really imagine Maki calling someone OYAKATA-SAMA. I shoved the idea away until seeing the Masamune drawing nicotachi did along with the new card Nico got.


Tenka’s Yama no Hi sketch

a bit of silliness I realized I saved on my phone and forgot to post.

So last August 11 was a public holiday called Yama no Hi (Mountain Day) in Japan. Basically they celebrates mountain that day, usually with Bon Festivals. This is Tenka’s opening that day.

I saved it because it features our two brawny dorks Yukimura and Inuchiyo, who crossed path in an event storyline recently

The story goes, at the top of a mountain, there were Takeda boys: Yukimura, Saizo and Sasuke. Yukimura shouted “Yahoooo,” to test the mountain’s echo. He got the echo back.

Meanwhile on the other side, there were Oda boys: Inuchiyo, Mitsuhide and Hideyoshi. Inuchiyo  shouted “Yahoooo,” to test the mountain’s echo. He got the echo back.

Unbeknownst to the them, Yuki and Inu actually answered each other’s echo.

Goaded by Sasuke and Saizo, Yuki shouted out his wish, “Ore no kata ga Oyakata-sama o suki da-!” (may Oyakata-sama (Shingen) grow fonder of me-!)

On the other side, teased by Hideyoshi, Inu shouted out his feelings for MC, “Su, suki-da–!” (I - I love–!”). And that precise moment the mountain echoed back the tail end of Yukimura’s wish “Suki da–!”  

Both were happy the mountains acknowledged their feelings. Dorks.

Zacroix's SLBP Accent Challenge

So guys - here it is xD The Accent Challenge. @manju-butt


What is your name and your URL?

Where are you from?

What nationality are you?

Pronounce the following words: Nobunaga, Mitsuhide, Yukimura, Saizo, Masamune, Kojuro, Hideyoshi, Inuchiyo, Ieyasu, Mitsunari, Shingen, Kenshin, Tenka, Samurai, Oyakata-sama, Absolute Victory Bowl, Iga Village, Kyoto, Owari, and poison taster

What is your favourite route?

Your favorite male and female characters?

List your 5 favourite foods?

Choose a character and answer: what would they do if they found a lost child?

End audio post with a simple message!

Tagging: @obscene-tevene I’ve seen you now I have to hear you too!

  • Naotora: Date! Take that back! Are you telling me this nothing but sultriness Takeda man and I are alike!?
  • Yukimura: Masamune-dono! Does that mean this Yukimura is as narrow-minded as this girl!?
  • Masamune: OK, OK, I don't care for either one, stay COOL
  • Naotora: ..."Kuuru"? Are you telling me to 'kurue (go mad)!?'
  • Yukimura: I SEE! You're saying go mad and burn up! Understood! MASAMUNE-DONOOO! UOOOOHHH!!
  • Masamune: HEY! It means don't get so serious and cool your head a little. COOL DOWN, OK?
Kitty ? SLBP Accent Challenge
Kitty ? SLBP Accent Challenge

SLBP Accent Challenge:
What is your name and your URL?
Where are you from?
What nationality are you?
Pronounce the following words: Nobunaga, Mitsuhide, Yukimura, Saizo, Masamune, Kojuro, Hideyoshi, Inuchiyo, Ieyasu, Mitsunari, Shingen, Kenshin, Tenka, Samurai, Oyakata-sama, Absolute Victory Bowl, Iga Village, Kyoto, Owari, and poison taster
What is your favourite route?
Your favorite male and female characters?
List your 5 favourite foods?
Choose a character and answer: what would they do if they found a lost child?
End audio post with a simple message! …
Sorry guys if I swear but I messed up and I was nervous, I mean, my heart is going to explote… Aahhh… 😰😱😨 Tagging to: @phoenix-kiyota @zacroix @manju-butt @sugoileo @demon-princess-anastasia @noomsu (cometi los mas graves errores gramaticales) @animekasandra @bi-gasparov @minnimay17 …. And Im too nervous too tag to anyone (Im not good at English … ╥﹏╥ spare my life, if you dont understand me, ask me,…. ) I love ya guys (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ thx for stand me