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I was so unsure about which photo to post to summarise Oxygen and share my favourite truth for you all, until late last night my friend Joshua Mikhaiel sent me a photo he took of Francis and his daughter who came out to Australian with him.

This shot pretty much sums up the conference for me. This is what I learnt. I learnt all over again restful intimacy with the Father, because of a renewed understanding and thankfulness for Jesus the Son, who loves me and keeps me.

“My life and everything good in it is because I walked up the mountain in the presence of God. I was abiding with Him and all this fruit came from the times I simply am alone with Jesus. Everything beautiful goes strangely dim in His presence. Even the greatest moments of my life, like the birth of my son when my little girl was able to catch him, pale in comparison to the intimacy with Him we get in those quiet moments alone." 

I’ll be blogging a deeper reflection soon, but thats the simple, exhilarating, beautiful, life-changing truth thats going to set my heart free all over again.

photo: Joshua Mikhaiel (instagram / facebook / website)

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Paul Tripp | Leadership | Monday Outbreak Session  

Christ will take you where you’ll not want to go in order to produce in you what you cannot do alone.

Ministry is a miserable place to look for your identity.

The number one Christian leadership skill is honestly admitting our helplessness and sinfulness to God again and again and again and again – and revelling in God’s amazing grace. That we’d let God be our God.

God is ultimately more beautiful than anything ugly you will ever face.

Paul Tripp: twitter / instagram / website

[ photo cred / @joshuamikhaiel ]

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John Lennox | The Word Became Flesh | John 1 | Monday Morning

Believing the gospel is powerful enough to bring eternal life.

Jesus claim is the most extraordinarily radical claim in human history: “I Am.”

He performed signs pointing to what His claims actually mean. He raises Lazarus, and claims He is the resurrection and the life.

That perfect Trinitarian fellowship was willing to extend itself to all that would accept!! It extends even to you and me.

Without Him nothing came to be that came to be. Don’t assume the Creator is created. You’re excluding all uncreated creators. The question, “who created God,” doesn’t even come close. John has it clear here.

Life points to the existence of a life giver.

Humans are special - God became one! The doctrine of the incarnation is beyond human understanding but not human acceptance, and it has enormous implications.

Guests at the Cana Wedding had let the joy run out of their fun. Jesus brings it back with the jars of purification. Christ transforms marriages by bringing up the question of purification. What wrecks relationships is deceit and impurity. Isn’t it wonderful there is grace! Oh how Jesus turns it into something magnificent. The final wedding reveals His glory, not the bride. The disciples saw His glory at his first miracle and followed Him! They took their first step on an enormous journey to the final Marriage supper. This is a grand love story. We better invest our lives in it!

When glory dawns, let us not say, “If I’d known it would have been like this, I would have invested more in it.

John Lennox: twitter / website

[ photo cred / @joshuamikhaiel ]