Godzilla 2 wishlist…

  1. The return of Doctors Serizawa and Graham. 
  2. Admiral Stenz returning, but growing weary of hunting monsters.
  3. Godzilla’s characterisation to remain unchanged - his chaotic neutral stance in Godzilla was perfect.
  4. The return of King Ghidorah as an utterly terrifying cosmic monstrosity, holding the world under siege.
  5. Anguirus and/or Rodan re-introduced, with origins interconnected with Godzilla’s. The three kaiju unite against Ghidorah, and one is killed.
  6. Stenz, Serizawa, and Graham concluding that an isolated island reserve is the best solution to contain and study giant monsters.
  7. Doctor Serizawa beginning to secretly experiment with oxygen… and perhaps losing an eye.

On November 3rd, 1954, a monster was unleashed upon the world. Now, 60 years later, Godzilla has a whopping 30 films under his belt along with countless video games, cartoon series, comics, books, toy lines, and so much more. 

Godzilla means the world to me. I’ve been a Godzilla fan since I was able to talk. And I’ll continue being a G-Fan until the day I die. It’s just incredible that, six decades later, Godzilla is still going, strong as ever. It’s just amazing.

I don’t share much of my art online, mostly because I’m not much of an artist, but I was determined to do something for Godzilla’s 60th. This was the result. I was messing around with a few ideas until I was drawing the Oxygen Destroyer and some bubbles when it hit me. And now I never want to draw or even see a circle again. ;)

Happy Birthday, big guy. Here’s to another 60 years.


More new photos of Shin Gojira (aka Godzilla Resurgence) have surfaced.

While its easy to make jokes, I’m on board with the idea that this look could serve more of a purpose than just looking different. He looks damaged, like he’s been through hell. Maybe beaten to hell? Maybe…coming back from hell? Could this be the original Goji that was killed by the oxygen destroyer, somehow regenerating and coming back to life? Something that was destroyed like that wouldn’t reform perfectly like footage played in reverse. This could be cooler than you think.

Toho Studios, part 3.

When the lights came on after the Godzilla ‘54 clips, Akira Takarada and Yosuke Natsuki were standing next to an object covered in a green cloth.

And I knew what it was, because I had heard that the previous G-TOUR got to see it.

Hopefully the sluggish pace at which I’ve been posting G-TOUR photos has been worth it, because I give you… the original Oxygen Destroyer.

This is one of my favorite Godzilla movies, if not my absolute favorite. The emotion captured in this film is uncanny: the cameo by Momoko Kochi playing her old role as Emiko Yamane; the flashback to Dr. Serizawa; the entire thread with Junior; the relationship between Miki and her work with Junior and Godzilla; and finally, Godzilla’s epic death and Junior’s rebirth, symbolizing Godzilla’s immortality. Beautiful. Epic. Really needs a good blu-ray release with re-mastered sound, proper dubs and proper subs.


Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here: Godzilla’s Judgement Day In Hell!

After the Oxygen Destroyer kills Godzilla, he rises from the River Styx on the banks of The Pit. Led by Virgil on a rampage to the gates of Pandemonium, the capitol city of Hell, Godzilla there faces the great dragon of Hades: Orochi. Before the final blow is struck, the Devil possesses Godzilla and transports him back to the world of the living to terrorize it with all the blazes of hellfire! Virgil’s prayers for divine intervention are answered and a righteous warrior appears to exorcise Godzilla’s demons. Split from his host, the Devil assumes his massive form, ready to duel with the two at the terrestrial gateway to the underworld!

The King of the Monsters vs The Prince of Darkness!

Inspired by the abandoned Toho picture: Godzilla vs The Devil.

Dante’s Inferno x Hellboy In HellGodzilla