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Plants that aid with sleep and breathing problems.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera emits oxygen at night, this helps you combat insomnia and improves your overall sleep quality. It is a low maintenance plant that doesn’t need much watering or direct sunlight . It also reproduces easily.


Lavender is a plant well known for inducing sleep and to reduce anxiety, the aroma given off by the lavender slows down your heart rate and reduces anxiety levels. Keep the plant in sunlight and water often.


The smell of jasmine has been shown to improve the quality of sleep and increase alertness and productivity. studies have shown that I reduces anxiety levels, leading to a great quality of sleep. Jasmine needs a good amount of sunlight as well as a little shade, the soil also needs to be damp at all times.

English Ivy

It may be beneficial  for those who sufferer from a respiratory problems such as asthma, studies show that English ivy can reduce air moulds to 94% in 12 hours. Keep in a well lit area and keep the soil damp at all times.

Snake plant  

Snake plants emit oxygen during the night, whilst taking in the carbon dioxide from the air inside your home. It also filters out any nasty house hold toxins from the air. This plant doesn’t need much attention as it only needs to be watered every 2-3 weeks and can be placed in any form of light sunlight.

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Fun facts with Quinn! (This is so I don’t have to repeat myself on a regular basis) Everybody should have learnt this in secondary school/ high-school. As we all know all plants take in the the air we breath, removing the CO2 and releasing Oxygen. DURING THE NIGHT PLANTS STOP THIS PROCESS they only take in the air we breathe, this happens because they don’t have the necessary energy to complete photosynthesis. As you can see in the above post I have listed a few plants that can produce oxygen during the night. Please if you don’t believe me go and look for yourself it takes two seconds to look it up on the internet. Also there are no links for this information because I am no longer in college I do not see the need to write a bibliography for a tumblr post if you really care that much about where the information is sourced go and look for it yourself. Sorry for the shittyness but it is starting to grind my gears. With all my love tumblr ~Quinn!

plot idea: PLs a hot as fuck high school music teacher who never really got out of his leather jacket and biker phase and used to be in a band but now teaches high school students what real music is and is notorious for being arrogant and vv sarcastic and a kindergarden teacher who loves kids and wears lilac/pink/purple color cotton shirts and smooth pants and is cute as a button and imagine him teaching the kids to make flower crowns and music teacher sees a flower crown on him and smirks and teases him about how cute he looks

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give me lena and kara as the anti clark and lex. let them bond over being adopted, over feeling like an outcast and not having many friends when they were kids. let lena struggle under the dark shadow that her mother and brother have cast, but also have kara to depend on and help her though. let kara embrace lena completely, and trust her with her secret because she knows what an amazing person lena is and how much it would mean for her to entrust her with something like that - a luthor and a super, working together. give me kara defending lena to j’onn, to alex, to james, to clark, because she knows that just because you share a name with someone doesn’t mean you are anything alike. let kara and lena be the ultimate allies, both heroes in their own right. kara as supergirl, and lena for standing up to her family and daring to believe in a better world. let them show clark what could have been, if he and lex had set aside their secrets and lies and embraced each other instead. give me an unbreakable friendship built on mutual trust, love, and support. 

Dating Jaebum would include pt.3

I hope you guys prepared your thirsty butts like i told you to

• him giving you piggy backs when your feet hurt bc of your high heels
• he would sing you to sleep every night
• also sings his self composed songs for your birthday
• and on normal days
• basically every second
• because you’d love it
• you would dance to got7 choreos all the time when he is not around
• but one day he would come home earlier and see you in the kitchen while making dinner and dancing to ‘if you do’
• and he’d take a video
• and watch it everyday
• and just to show his members
• because he would be so proud of his girl
• bboy battle between you two
• and dance battles with Yugyeom
• with Jaebum cheering for you
• and craving for your body
• cuz he’d be about to drag you out of practise into an empty room to fuck you against a wall
• he would get hard just thinking about it
• but then he would cringe at your dab battle with Bambam
• and Bambam would dab so hard that he hit himself
• in his face
• and you couldn’t stop laughing
• derp face battle with Jackson
• selca battle with Youngjae
• who-can-shut-up-longer battle with Mark
• but you would lose
• i mean
• we’re talking about Mark
• and then you’d do an aegyo battle with him instead
• savage battle with Jinyoung
• staying late at the dorm with the boys and you just giving attention to Coco
• pouty Jaebum
• Jaebum trying to get your attention by taking off his shirt
• and you would stare at his abs
• and he’d smirk at you
• but you would continue to cuddle with Coco
• so he would just give up
• but when you guys go to bed you would walk into his room seeing him lying on the bed
• “You’re not jealous of Coco are you~”
• then you’d plop down on the bed after stripping out of your clothes and spooning him from behind
• “no”
• “of course you are Jaebumie~”
• so you would try to sweet talk him with aegyo
• and it would actually work when he turned around to face you
• and sees that you didn’t wear anything
• he would show you how jealous he is for not giving him attention but a dog by fucking you
• that everyone knows who you belong to
• even Coco lol
• and his members
• so Bambam and Jackson would tease him the next day about getting jealous of a fucking dog
• and they would snicker about you screaming ‘daddy’ all night long
• so you would kick their asses
• casual park dates
• with him wearing sunglasses
• and a cap
• and a mask
• just low-key af
• he would tease you sexually when you’re on your period
• and you going insane about it
• so you would suck him and leave him on the edge before he cums walking to the living room to watch some netflix
• with him following you
• “baby, don’t do this”
• “that’s your own fault for teasing me. but you propably know how to use your left hand.”
• “come on baby girl. you know exactly that your pretty little mouth is better than my hand!”
• “your loss.”
• so his eyes would darken and he would walk in front of you
• “you know what happens to disobedient girls who won’t listen to their daddy?~”
• then he would push you down the couch and hover over you
• “They get punished”
• and then he’d continue the teasing until you suck him off properly
• “just keep in your mind that i will fuck you against every corner of this apartment when you get off your period”
• “you wouldn’t”
• “try me princess”
• and guess what
• he would keep his promise
• bc he’s a fuckboy
• and fuckboys do things like that
• but he would propably cuddle you after that steamy session
• wait no
• he would definetely cuddle you
• bc remember pt.2?
• he’d be the best cuddle buddy in the whole goddamn world ♡

good lord why did i even made this jaebum would include thing. im criyng i really luv it

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Ripples From the Past - Leto!Joker x Reader

Requested by @maxanne234 . I am so, so sorry that this has taken me such a long time to post. I know this has been sitting in my inbox for a while, and I feel terrible for not getting it written sooner. Just due to personal issues and such, I’ve been kinda lacking muse to write, especially Jared Leto’s Joker. Anyways… I hope this is what you had in mind!

Okay so I’ve had this idea for a while. The reader does not like to call the joker Daddy. Like At all. Due to bad things that happened to her in her past. How the joker respones is up to you.


“What the hell is wrong with you?” he scoffs, grabbing my arm to keep me from walking away from him.

“What the hell is wrong with me? I should be the one asking you, J!” I yell back at him, pulling myself out of his grip.

“Don’t you yell at Daddy-”

“Stop calling yourself that! And stop trying to make me call you that!” I shout, turning from him, unable to stand this conversation - or him - anymore.

“Oh no, you’re not walking away from me, Y/N,” he grunts, pulling me back and pushing me up against the wall roughly, “You’re not going anywhere until you answer some questions, doll. Understand?”

I stare at “ha-ha’s” dancing across his chest, unable to look him in the eyes. Reaching up, he wraps his fingers around my chin, forcing me to look up at him. He was breathing heavily, I could feel his hot breath brushing against my cheek. He doesn’t say anything for a few moments, just resigns to gazing at my face, his eyes flicking back and forth.

“Why…” he begins, his voice a whisper but still harsh,” Why don’t you like that name?”

“Because,” I reply simply, trying to keep my expression blank.

Quickly moving his hand from my chin to my throat and adding more pressure, he growls, “Not good enough, Y/N.”

Feeling the tears begin to prick the corners of my eyes, from the memories and lack of oxygen, “Please stop…”

After waiting a few more seconds, he slowly releases some of the pressure, allowing me to breath again. His unblinking gaze never leaves my face as I suck in mouthfuls of air, the tears still threatening to overflow.

“Don’t think some heavy breathing and tears are going to get you off the hook, Y/N. You still have a lot of explaining to do,” he grunts, narrowing his eyes at me, his hand still resting across my neck.

“I… I just can’t call you that…” I say softly, staring over his shoulder at nothing in particular.

“You’re really starting to get on my nerves, and if you don’t start doing some real talking soon, I’ll resort to sure-fire ways to get it out of you. And you will not like that, doll,” he frowns.

“Alright, alright, calm your tits, J,” I say, holding my hands up and taking a deep breath.

“Don’t you-”

“Just shut up and let me talk, will ya? This is hard enough as it is…” I say, my turn to frown now.

Shutting his mouth and dropping his hand from my throat, he grabs onto my arm and pulls me across the bedroom to the bed, sitting down on it and motioning for me to sit beside him. I take a seat, leaning forward on my knees to gather my thoughts and collect myself.

“I… I had problems growing up… issues with my parents-”

“That’s why you can’t call me Daddy? You have daddy issues?” he interrupts, raising a hairless brow.

Unable to keep it in any longer, I stand up from the bed and turn on him, tears streaming across my cheeks, “Can you not stay quiet for one fucking second? Do you feel the need to interject every single fucking time I ever open my mouth? Is what I say really that bad? Or are you really just that impatient? Oh, no, it’s because you’re the King! You can do whatever the hell you want! Well, I’m sick and tired of men pushing me around and it ends today.”

He opens his mouth to object, but I put an end to that before he even gets the chance to suck in a breath.

“No, you are going to shut your fucking mouth, and listen to what I have to say. Do you understand me?” I say harshly, pointing a finger ins his direction.

All he does is nod.

“Do you know what it’s like for your father to come home every night so drunk he should be dead and beat the everliving shit out of you? Hm? No, I don’t think you do. He always used to say, ‘C’mere, baby girl, and help Daddy’…” I shout, the tears coming even more freely now, “Have you ever wondered before now why I’ve tried to not call you that, or why when we’re having sex I want the light off, or why I never shower with you?”

He doesn’t say anything, he only stares at me with his mouth hanging open just slightly.

“Well, have you?!”

Pausing a second, he whispers, “No.”

Proceeding to pull my sweater over my head, I take a few steps closer to him so he could see my stomach and back, turning for him. “Here’s your answer.”

He slowly reaches forward and gently touches the faded scars that littered my body. I could see the anger rise up in him the longer he looked; his jaw began to clench, he balled a fist at his side.

“Don’t start planning anything, he’s been dead seven years now,” I say, taking my sweater and slipping it back over my head, covering the marks back up.

His gaze flicks back up to my face, the rage obvious in his eyes. But then he takes a few breaths, calming himself back down. Then he grabs me around the waist and pulls me down into his lap, burying his face into my neck and hair.

“I’m so sorry, doll,” he mumbles, kissing all the skin he could reach.

We never had any Daddy issues after that.

The sooner you learn that people aren’t under any obligation to love you in whatever way or form, the better.

There will always come a point where you have to accept that, no matter how much you love someone - be it as a friend, a romantic interest, or anything else - you have absolutely no right to expect them to love you back at all, let alone in the same way you do.

Love, in any of its forms, is not something that can be earned by good behaviour or any of your personal merits. You may be a really good person, and your intentions be the purest that ever existed, but that doesn’t mean you automatically deserve to have your feelings returned by the person of your choice.

It’s not a matter of your worthiness, let alone if compared to anyone else’s. Love is a gift that has to be freely given, and you can’t begrudge a person for not loving you enough, or loving someone else better.

All you can do is accept whatever affection they’re willing to give you, or just walk away.


If you don’t think this is the cutest minor addition with major impacts than you would be wrong, and please don’t talk to me or my smol children ever again


I need a scene of them fangirling over Shiny Chariot together in the anime like I need oxygen, like please oh my god

Mike’s turn! In no particular order:

Mike impressed Harvey from day one.
Mike chose Harvey over Trevor.
Mike followed Harvey around everywhere, like a puppy.
Mike idolized Harvey so much he tried to imitate him.
Mike told Louis he “answers to Harvey.”
“It’s important.” “It’s always important.” “It’s for Harvey.” “It’s always for Harvey!”
Mike literally begged Harvey for his trust.
Mike defended Harvey to Trevor.
Mike stood up to Donna for Harvey (“What isn’t fair is Harvey taking the blame for your mistake.”)
Mike told Clifford Danner “a story about what [Harvey] did for me.”
Mike told Donna he “can’t talk right now” because Harvey told him he was proud.
Mike told Jimmy that Harvey’s done “more for me than you know.”
Mike said he can’t leave Harvey.
Mike told Rachel that Harvey’s one of the people he loves.
Mike lied to Jessica about where Harvey was because Harvey told him to.
Mike told Jessica he trusts Harvey and she should too. 
Mike wore a vest to see if Harvey would notice.
Mike put himself between Harvey and Louis went they were fighting.
Mike also put himself between Harvey and Tanner when they were throwing punches.
Mike helped Harvey through a panic attack.
Mike told Robert Zane, “when you come after Harvey, you come after me.”
Mike signed a case over to Katrina when he knew it was too much for Harvey to handle.
Mike told Harvey he was worried about his state of mind.
Mike told Rachel that Harvey put everything on the line for him “and then he did it again.”
Mike asked for Harvey’s permission to leave because he was “tired of putting the people I care about in jeopardy.”
Mike told Harvey he made a mistake and he wanted to stay.
Mike told Jessica he was back where he belonged after coming back to Harvey.
Mike asked Harvey if they could go out to lunch together.
Mike called him and Harvey “Butch and Sundance” which was literally a movie about two “friends” who spent all their time together and moved out of the country to avoid jail for their crimes.
Mike closed his eyes in relief when Harvey chose him over Logan, his own client.
Mike cried in front of Harvey at least three times now.
Mike asked if Harvey wanted to go out and celebrate.
Mike asked Donna what to get Harvey as a gift.
Mike told Harvey that, “You didn’t just give me a job. You gave me a family.”
Mike asked if Harvey was disappointed in him.
Mike said he didn’t care if Harvey gave him permission, he still wasn’t giving him up.
Mike said he wasn’t gonna roll on Harvey (and didn’t.)
Mike told Rachel the idea of turning on Harvey was “disgusting.”
Mike begged Harvey to stop provoking him into hitting him. 
Mike was scared of prison but still didn’t let Harvey take the fall, (“I am not letting you go to prison for a crime I committed!”)