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Gabrielle “Gabby” Douglas stunned the world in 2012 by becoming the first African American in history to win the individual all-around gold medal at the Summer Olympics. Behind her meteoric rise was a supportive family willing to sacrifice everything for years to help her dream. Now 19, Gabby is ready to do it all over again in hopes of making it back to the medal podium in 2016. The bi-coastal Douglas family shuttles between California and Ohio to support Gabby’s training regimen while also juggling their own lives. Her brother John is the family’s second Olympic hopeful in track and field, while devoted sisters Arie and Joy are eager to blaze their own paths. “Momager” Natalie keeps this tight-knit family in-check, knowing regardless of what happens, “Team Douglas” has already won gold.


Michelle Williams at the 2014 Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour.

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Hug your children. Go to PTA meetings, piano recitals & soccer games. Teach them how to catch, ride a bike & roller skate. Eat mud, drink make believe tea & answer their toy phones when they ring. Recall a time when you thought four square tournaments, senior proms and teenage love were the most important things in the whole wide world. Teach them how to tie a tie and walk in high heels. Do whatever you have to do so they don’t end up on ‘All My Babies’ Mamas.’
—  jkm