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“If you have no confidence of self, you are twice defeated in the race of life.”

Marcus Garvey

Hair: Hair & Hair base Odell from UNORTHODOX 

Glasses: Glasses04 from CHRONOKIT

Beard: Tuff Beard from UNORTHODOX

Shirt: Hugo white from DEADWOOL

Waist: Wasit Shirt from BLANKLINE

Jeans: Waist Shirt Jeans from BLANKLINE

Sneakers: Superstars from OXYGEN

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Bracelets AU (Jungkook) Part Three

Summary:  In this world everyone has a soulmate. The day you are born you receive a bracelet. When it turns black you’ve come into contact with your soulmate–only thing is, one of you will eventually have to die by the other’s hand.

Warnings: BLOOD, eventual sadness, cursing, lots of crap.

Writer’s note: Aahhhh I’m sorry Jin–I know you’re a fluffball I know. The writer’s mind is just mean. 

Other Parts: One / Two / Four / Five / Six / Seven / Eight /  Nine /  Ten /  Eleven

She stirred into consciousness with the feeling of someone brushing loose strands of her hair off her cheek.  Her mind shamelessly traveled to Jungkook and the gentle touch he’d had when he wiped her down in the bathtub–it brought a smile to her face and had her attempting to grasp at their hand. Were she more awake she would have realized these fingers were softer and less kind.  Her eyes fluttered open and disappointment tied itself around her chest and dragged her back to reality.

“Good morning our little bird.” He trilled, she hated when he called her that so he did it as often as he could just to get a rise out of her. “Weren’t you just adorable? Did you think I was someone else?” He chuckled. “Now tell me who could give you such a peaceful face?”

She realized she’d succeeded in grabbing his hand and dropped it as quickly as she’d snatched it, her eyes half-lidded in groggy annoyance. “How’d you get in here?”

He looked over his shoulder to the window that he’d oh-so-kindly left in broken shatters, sitting up in the process. “I flew.” He nearly giggled at his own joke causing her to roll her eyes.

“I thought I was supposed to be the bird.” She pushed herself up into a sitting position, stretching her thin arms.

He wasn’t satisfied that her gaze wasn’t on him, so he grabbed her chin and forced her to look at him. “Why’d you run away from us? You’re supposed to be our little bird, not these weak punks’. Do you know how angry Jin’s been with me for letting you escape–even though I, myself, wasn’t there to stop it?”

“I’m sure you’ll show me.”

He let go of her a bit roughly, pushing himself off the bed and pacing in front of her. He grabbed her wrist to start pulling her to her feet, after all he had to get her back to Jin or he for sure wouldn’t have a future tomorrow. That was when he caught the glimpse of the blackened bracelet. Even though his heart dropped in fear he found hilarious and extremely useful. Jin would be pissed, but he could also be convinced that this would help rid them of one enemy.

“Oooh?” He murmured through stifled chuckling, pulling her to her feet and to him. “Who is it? Who do we get the pleasure of seeing die? And I do say that they are the ones that have to die, so don’t start giving me your smart-ass answer. You know full well that Jin will not let you be killed.” He admired the bracelet under the morning light leaking in through the gaping draft of the window.

She pressed her lips together and yanked her wrist back from his grip as if he could discover the name just by looking at the bracelet.

“Protecting him? Who are you protecting, little bird? What could a weak little thing like you even protect?”

She stared at him, cradling her braceleted wrist to her chest as if he had hurt it. He’d always enjoyed those doe eyes of hers–they never broke their spirit no matter what was done.

His hand snapped out to grasp her throat; it was so thin he only needed the one. His teeth flashed with quiet laughter as her hands cupped his in an attempt to weakly pry them from her neck.

“I thought you were resigned to death. Now some man living here can make you want to live?” He dropped her,  watching her crash to his feet with the sudden intake of air. He admired the shackle that chained her to the bed.  Even they didn’t trust her not to leave–her own soulmate. “Look at the little lovebirds that you are.” He yanked on the chain until it snapped the post of the bed. Satisfied he lifted her up onto his waist piggy back style–shackle, chain, post and all. “Makes me sick.” He whispered.

She wrapped her arms around his neck so she wouldn’t fall off; she knew he wouldn’t catch her.

“I promised Jin I’d get you back home before noon.” He quickly scribbled a note for what she assumed to be Jungkook and the others, keeping one hand underneath her to balance her weight.

“You’re full of empty promises.”

He placed the note on the now broken bed before meandering with her towards the busted windowsill.

“Better duck, birdie. It’s a bit of a drop.” He chuckled, prepping his feet on the windowsill before catapulting into open air. She held onto him tight, remembering not to bite her cheek or tongue. Last time she did she couldn’t stop the bleeding for a solid five minutes.

They landed with a thud that rattled her brain, and before she could even get a hold of her vertigo he was already breaking off at a medium jog.

“Jin loves you, you know.” He wasn’t even out of breath, yet she wasn’t even running and was still in lack of oxygen.

“Lots of men say things like that. They don’t mean it.”

“Did your soulmate tell you he loves you?”

She thought of Jungkook, the way he would cast quick glances at her that he thought she didn’t notice. The way he did small little things for her like wrapping her shackle with gauze or making sure that the sheets were fresh and clean. The face that he didn’t kill her even when he wanted to.

“He doesn’t like me very much.”

“I like you, Birdie.”

“Mm. That’s still not my name.”


He woke up with a thousand tiny butterflies cocooned in his stomach trying to eat their way out. It was impossible for him to forget what happened yesterday–those doe eyes even appeared in his dreams. He couldn’t quite figure out if he was happy about that yet.

He threw back the covers and found out that he was so delusional last night that he had slept in the same clothing he had worn the day before. Taehyung is going to notice this and then start spewing his ‘My little Kookie’s in love’ bullshit that he’s been doing ever since I stepped out of her room.

He was getting another headache.

Cradling his head, he pushed through the doorway and headed to the kitchen to grab a drink of water and a couple IB Profen before heading towards her room to check up on her. Taehyung stopped him before he could even make it across the living room.

“Jungkook, wait–she-”

He ignored Taehyung’s pleas and opened the door to her room only to discover the bed leaning to one side from a missing peg and a busted window detailing her escape.

“She couldn’t have done this on her own.” He imagined her frail bony arms devoid of muscle and the malnourished look to her cheeks. There was no freaking way a girl like that was capable of any sort of strength to this level. “Where is she?”

Taehyung handed him a note like it was her obituary.

We took out Little Bird back. Seems she perched in a place she shouldn’t have. Though, to the dear who has her matching black bracelet, I wouldn’t worry since we always take real good care of her. She’s provided to be useful and well loved after all.

Hugs and Kisses,


Jungkook crumpled the paper and tossed it into the nearest trash bin. His face was impassive, his body relaxed against the door frame in thought.

“What do you want to do?” Taehyung asked slowly, like a human asks a stalking tiger to please not eat them.

“What do you mean? What can I do?”

“Do you want to get her?”

Jungkook raised an eyebrow at him. “I don’t even know her. Besides, then they’ll know that I’m her soulmate, and it’ll give them a really good reason to put a bullet in my head if she’s as important as they say she is.”

“She’s not your soulmate–not if I still have the bracelet.” Taehyung flashed his wrist.


“No?” He was getting angry, and she wasn’t even truly his soulmate. “ I’m not blind I can see the panic in your eyes. Just because you want to look cool doesn’t mean you actually are.” When Jungkook didn’t react he continued. “So you’re just going to leave her with them. They just took her back and it doesn’t matter to you one bit?”

“Yep.” He popped the end of the word.

“Spineless coward.”

“Bracelet or not–she’s still not your soulmate. I would stop caring about a thin, doe-eyed girl like her.”

Taehyung threw his hands up in the air. “I give up, you are such a pain in the ass right now I really don’t care what happens to either of you. As long as you’re still alive you can both be blind and in pain from your idiocy for the rest of eternity.”

Jungkook made his way back to his room, grabbing his wallet, keys, phone, and favorite tools off of his bedside dresser. He double checked his phone was on silent before slipping it into his back pocket.

“I’m going out.” He shouted to Taehyung–the other two were still on patrol doing who knows the hell what. He was positive they were going to come home and pass out for a solid 10 hours.

“To find her?” Taehyung shouted back, still giving Jungkook the I-really-don’t-want-to-see-you-right-now treatment.

“To get food–it’s time for lunch and I’m starving.”

“You’re still horrible at excuses–I can hear you pocketing your tools.”

Jungkook tugged on his shoes and jogged to the dorm’s entrance. “Your face irritates me–are we still stating the obvious?” He snorted as he slammed the front door behind him.


Jin was waiting for them in his study when they finally arrived 'home’.  He stepped out from behind his messy desk littered with papers and photos littered with x’s and question marks. His eyes remain locked on her as Jimin let her down from his back. He looked like he hadn’t seen her in years never mind the fact that it was only a night.

He ran to her, pulling her tight into his arms .

“My Birdie.” He whispered into her ear with all of the love a crazy man could muster.

The bedpost of her shackle bumped into his ankle and that led him to look down which then led to the immediate shit-show that was living with Jin. He’d caught sight of the bracelet and now he was never going to let it’s blackened state go.

“Who?” He dropped her, nearly shoving her and she fell to the ground like the weakened doll she’d become.  His voice was so cold, his bipolar switch flickering to rage. When he got mad like this he’d decide to lock her in a room without food. He’d send men her way to claim her–some of the worst kinds of men if he was in a particularly horrid mood; she’d be kept there until he decided she’d served her punishment. It was during one of these periods that Jungkook had found her; all she did was tell Jin that her name was Y/N.

She dared to bring her gaze up to Jin to calculate just how far gone into anger he was. That was her mistake.

“Don’t look at me with those eyes.” It was a desperate plea and a shout at the same time.

“I’m not her, Jin.”

He squatted in front of her, yanking her wrist from her lap to flail it in front of her face. “I know, this proves it.” It was a snarl that landed spit on her cheek. She flinched. He rushed up to his feet in an instant. “Who is it?”

“No. You’ll kill him.”

“Yes. Now tell me who it is. Don’t make me put you in that damn room again.”

“You’ll send me there anyways.” Probably a worse room now that she’s gone and gotten herself a soulmate that wasn’t Jin. He didn’t even wear his bracelet anymore, she believed Jimin actually had it locked away somewhere.

“Jimin.” She shivered at his tone–it wasn’t even a command for her.

The younger ducked his head to avoid Jin’s gaze and anger, grabbing her forearm to practically drag her along behind him. She was going to the room, a different room than the last–one closer to the heart of Jin’s organization.

But he had many of these rooms. Some were worse than others, but they were all called the room.

“I’m sorry, Little Bird.” Jimin stopped at the third door in the hallway of options, busying himself with unlocking it.

“That’s not my name.”

“He wants it to be.” He pushed open the door.

“That’s because he’s upset. He can’t tell us apart anymore.”

“He loves you.” Jimin didn’t even bother shackling her to the bed, she couldn’t escape anyways.

“He loves her.”

The door slammed in her face, automatically locking from the outside.

She looked to the bed.

The sheets were semi-clean and there was even a plate of food.  Jin must have missed her quite a bit if he gave her food. He would definitely visit her later–she was sure of that.


Jungkook knew Jin’s head of operations well enough. He was both the executioner and the intel gatherer of the group–he knew enough information about this place to send it belly up. But you don’t just mess with Jin easily. The guy was messed up, and not particularly afraid of losing a few limbs to ensure his enemy was dead.

Now Jungkook was climbing his way up the chain link fence surrounding the building, jumping over the barbed top and flinging himself into the heart of Jin’s territory. He hit the ground with a solid thud, but he wasn’t sticking around to see who heard him land. He ran to the nearest source of cover, waiting for a split second to see if any guards had made their way to his location–though he knew they wouldn’t. He’d found the hole between guards on patrol and was currently exploiting that in for all it was worth.

He jumped and grabbed the lowest run of the fire escape, using his upper body strength to pull himself up to the nearest platform. He couldn’t exactly use the door since you know, he wasn’t supposed to be there. So instead he jumped up onto the railing and scaled the side of the building until his feet landed squarely in the ledge of a windowsill. He held onto the frame of it with one hand while he fished for his tools with the other.

The window screen was popped out first before he pulled open the actual window itself and slithered his way into the dark room. He replaced the screen and closed the window, trying his best to get a mental map of the place for his eventual escape. He’s literally snuck in here so many times he’s surprised that he’s yet to be caught physically. He’s been all over the cameras in the past–but only when Namjoon lets him know that he should be seen by them.

Now what? Damnit, why am I even here right now? He pictures her doe eyes staring up at him expectantly, waiting for an answer to a question she never asked. He sighed softly, waving away the image with his hand. He pushed the door out slowly, sticking his head into the hallway.

All clear so far.

He walked with a quick yet soft pace, scanning all the doors and name plates tagged up beside them. Where would she be? And why was he even expecting there to be a label to where she’d be.

Really? Y/N here, please pick her up Jungkook.

He was truly an idiot.

He looked to his wrist where Taehyung’s still golden bracelet lie. He half expected to see a black band there that would tell him where he had to go. He imagined her walking arm and arm with Taehyung, talking about all the frivolous things that popped in his best friend’s head. The image was accompanied with a quick pang of jealousy. Damnit, why am I thinking about that now? He shook his head to clear his thoughts for the time being.

This door’s as good as any. He tried the handle only to find it locked. Even better. Things behind locked doors are secrets, and I like secrets. Mainly because he was not very good about keeping things secret unless Namjoon threatened him. He pulled the pick from his pocket and maneuvered it into the handle of the door. This was a novice lock, whatever was behind the door didn’t require heavy preventative measures to stay secret.

Once opened he pushed himself inside quickly, closing the door behind him.

He was met with her gaze, a grape in her hand waiting to be popped into her mouth.  She stared at him with widened doe eyes and furrowed eyebrows. “Jungkook?” She whispered.

“I uhhh.. you know I just–”

She let the plate clatter to the floor, tripping over her own two feet as she ran at him. Her arms wrapped around his neck, pulling him into a tight hug. “You idiot.” She whispered against his skin. Being the confused gangster that he’d become he wrapped his arms around her waist.

She smells better now, and she’s so warm.  It’s like she fits right here, I didn’t know my body was shaped perfectly to fit another person. Jungkook get a hold of yourself. Remember who you are and where you are.

He didn’t want to remember, instead he forgot who he was so he could continue to have his arms around her for a few more seconds.

“Why are you here?” Her breath was hot against his neck.

“I was out getting lunch and just happened to be in the area.”

She patted his back lightly. “You’re a terrible liar.” His chest vibrated with her chuckles and he quickly separated himself from her when he felt heat flare up the back of his neck.

“Taehyung says that too–are you sure you weren’t meant to be soulmates with him?” He teased her, bending down to look under her lowered gaze.

She made a face, punching him.

“That all you got?” He scoffed. “You’re so weak.”

She met his gaze and he straightened, nearly getting the breath knocked from him with her doe eyes and that stare that could see every single secret hidden within one’s bones. It was terrifying.

So why did he only find it cute?

“I don’t know why I’m here.” His thoughts leaked from his mouth without permission and he backed up into the wall grunting at his sudden display of awkward behavior in front of her. She made him so nervous and he didn’t even know why. She was just a girl like anyone else? He’d been with women who should be models before–hell, he’s kissed people prettier than her. So why the hell was she the only thing he could see now?

She smiled at his lost expression. He seemed so lost and confused, yet here he was trying to be cute and suave. “I’m happy you are though.”

“I just–I was just…I don’t even….” He groaned, pulling at his face with his hands. “Seriously what am I doing?”

Her laugh made his heart squeeze painfully. He wanted to touch her more than anything, it took all his willpower to keep his back pressed against the wall.

“Why don’t you stop thinking so much?”

“I shouldn’t be here. One of us is going to die if we keep meeting. So why…?”

“When did it become 'one of us is going to die’ rather than I’m the one that’s going to die?” She was smiling triumphantly like she’d caught him, like she knew something about him that even he had yet to figure out.

“Why the hell are you so happy about this? It’s annoying.”

She pretended to think for a second, rolling on her heels. “Mmmm. It’s because I like you.”

“You don’t even know me.”

She crossed her arms–there was no giving up when it came to her. “Then tell me something I don’t know about you? Teach me more.”

Her gaze was locked on him and he couldn’t turn away from it. It was a spell, and he was compelled to answer to everything that spilled from her lips.

“I can sing.” He blurted, eyes traveling down to her moving lips. He was transfixed by such a simple thing.

“Sing me something.”

He was a puppet to do her bidding and so he sang for her, softly in case he could be heard. To make sure he stepped further into the room, sitting on the bed. It wasn’t as comfortable as the one that he’d given her back at their dorm.

“Don’t think about anything.” His voice was shaky, out of breath. She was still staring at him, the depths of her eyes increasing with every note that passed through his lips. He was getting further lost in everything that was her.  “Don’t even speak

Please just smile for me.” She was still by the door much to her own dislike, so she remedied that. She stepped slowly towards him, like he was a cornered animal he desperately wanted to befriend.

“I still can’t believe it

everything feels like a dream.” He eyes remained locked on him, refusing to cast her glance away from him for even a second. Her bare feet barely made a noise against the concrete. She was agonizingly slow, yet the speed she walked was so steady. He wanted to pull her closer, he wanted her in front of him now. He wanted to sing directly to her, he wanted to smother her in song.

She was beautiful.

“Don’t try to disappear.” She looked so mesmerized by him, for once. For once he got to see her acting like he always felt around her. Her fingers reached out to him.

Is it true? Is it true?

You, you

So beautiful, so terrifying.” She was in front of him, slowly melting to her knees. She rested her cheek against his  thigh, her hand reaching for his cheek slowly. He flinched before she could touch him so she paused with her hand in the air, waiting until he was comfortable with it.

“Untrue, Untrue

You, You, you

Be by my side

Will you promise me” She moved her hand to his cheek, when he didn’t flinch she cupped his face in her hand. He let her, mesmerized by every miniscule movement she made.

“If I touch you I’m afraid you’d fly away or break

I’m afraid, afraid, afraid” She pulled his head towards hers, keeping her eyes focused on him–keeping him focused on her. His hands traveled on their own, brushing his fingertips along her face until he cupped her face with both his hands. His thumb brushed her cheek while the other busied itself with tracing the smooth curve of her lips.

“I wanna stop time

When this moment is done

Would it be like a fantasy?” He leaned into her hand, brushing his lips across the fingertips. He made sure to keep his gaze on her, by watching her through the corner of his eyes. He felt if he looked away everything would shatter before him.

He didn’t want to stop.

Would I forget you

I’m afraid, afraid, afraid

Butterfly, like a butterfly.”

Her face was so close to his he could feel her breath–it wasn’t close enough for him. He started to shift forward when they both heard the sounds of footsteps at the end of the hall.

“Jin.” She whispered, eyes wide with fear for him–for Jungkook.

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