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Me Renaming Doctor Who's Series 10 Episodes:
  • <p> <b>"The Pilot":</b> Water Thingy.<p/><b>"Smile":</b> Emoji Robots.<p/><b>"Thin Ice":</b> Old London Town.<p/><b>"Knock Knock":</b> The House One.<p/><b>"Oxygen":</b> (growly voice) I'm Still Blind.<p/><b>"Extremist":</b> Monks no. 1.<p/><b>"The Pyramid at the End of the World":</b> Monks no. 2 - This Time For Real.<p/><b>"The Lie of the Land":</b> Monks no. 3 - Civil War.<p/><b>"Empress of Mars":</b> God Save the Queen.<p/><b>"The Eaters of Light":</b> Scotland & Romans.<p/><b>"World Enough and Time":</b> 10 Years in 10 Minutes.<p/><b>"The Doctor Falls":</b> Missy and the Master - the Greatest Love Story of All Times (also wtf)<p/></p>
The Blowing Wind

Sehun X Reader 

Exo Smut series 

words: 1.3k

Warnings: Mention of breath play 

A/N: So many people wanted Sehun next so… ~H

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You watched from the balcony upstairs as Sehun talked on the phone seeming to have a very stressed face. His eyebrows scrunched together as he paced back and forth in the garden below. You figured his distress had to do with the band as he had been stressed for the new comeback.

“I don’t want to deal with this right now.” His voice boomed through your ears as you looked down at him, as he now was coming inside as the door slammed shut.

You quietly walked down the stairs being careful not to make much noise as you saw Sehun frustratedly running his hands through his hair. His hands tugged at the ends as he let out a sigh. You stared at him as if questioning whether you should comfort him or not. Deciding you wanted to help him you, neared the counter where he sat and laid your arms across his shoulders.

“Are you okay?” You asked him, in which case you already knew the answer to.

“I’m fine.” He said as he removed his hands from his hair reaching to grab yours that hung over his chest.

You placed your head in between Sehun’s neck as he squeezed one of your hands. You opened your mouth against his skin leaving open kisses across his neck. Sehun let out a breath of avail, is your kisses continued. Your kisses turned into slight sucking leaving little marks across his skin.

Sehun removed your arms from his shoulders as he turned towards you. His hands inched towards your waist as he gripped onto your hips. His eyes met yours as he placed his lips on yours making you let out a noise of approval. You pressed your lips further into his as he lifted you slightly onto his lap. The position wasn’t the most comfortable but in the moment you couldn’t care.

“y/n” He moaned against your lips as he broke the kiss for air. As you both tried to catch your breath, you started to unbutton the buttons that were covering his bare chest from you. Sehun caught your hand as he removed your hand from his buttons.

“Sehun.” You whined annoyed that he was stopping you from pleasuring him.

He placed his lips back on yours as you roughly gripped his hair as you ran your fingers through it. Sehun let out a small grunt from the tugging of your fingers on his hair. You felt disappointment seep through you as his lips left yours, only soon to feel satisfaction once again as his lips moved too your neck.

His breath hit against your skin making you weak as you wanted to feel his lips attack your neck. You let out a desperate noise hoping he’d understand as to what you wanted in this moment. Oh Sehun was never one for giving, he liked to hear you plead, and beg him for what you wanted until you couldn’t stand it anymore.

“What was that princess?” He asked as he moved his lips up to the lobe of your ear making you shiver as his breath could be felt.

“Sehun please.” You begged his looking at him with soft eyes.

“Please what? Use your words.” He said smirking as he made you vulnerable.

“Please kiss me.” Sehun then obeyed your request as his lips left harsh kissed all over you neck near your ear, slowly trailing down your neck.

You desperately wanted to have him continue his attack on your neck, but you pushed him away standing up. He was the one stressed and you needed to help him calm his nerves. You quickly lowered yourself on your knees, Sehun let out a shaky breath as he felt your hands roam the buttons on his jeans. Not wasting time you undid the buttons as Sehun lifted himself up a bit so you would be able to slide his pants off him easier.

You felt his member that was already hard through his boxers. You placed your hand over it, making Sehun look at you eager telling you not to tease him. Deciding you’d listen to him today you pulled his boxers off making his member sprang up at you. You placed your hand on it giving it a few strokes as he eagerly pushed your head down, making you stick out your tongue kitten licking him. Sehun let out a hiss as he was enjoying the moment.   

Surprising him you took him in your mouth fully as you bobbed your head up and down. Sehun grabbed your hair pulling at it in a makeshift ponytail, making you work harder. Sehun’s moans only encouraged you to go faster as his pleasure could be heard throughout the house. Suddenly Sehun lifted your head up making you let go of him with a pop.

“Let’s make things a bit interesting.” Sehun said to you as you confusedly nodded your head.

Suddenly you were pushed back into the wall across from Sehun by a gust of wind. Of course you knew of Sehun’s power it was just rare that he’d show you it. When he did decide to show you it or never the less use it on you, you enjoyed every second.

Sehun was soon in front of you as he placed his hands on the robe you had been wearing, as you were about to head into the shower before you overheard an aggravated Sehun. Sehun wasted no time taking it off as the rapid wind he made appear held you against the wall. As he threw the robe on the floor he let his eyes run over every inch of your body.

“Did you plan this?” He asked knowing you wouldn’t be able to answer his and your breath was slowing being taken away from you.

Sehun smirked as he discarded of any clothing he still had on. Walking closer to you the wind stopped with every inch he got closer. You sucked in a deep breath of air as you knew Sehun would soon put his power back to use. He grabbed onto your waist as he whispered for you to jump. Sehun not caring for foreplay, quickly entered himself into your wet core as you let out a moan. Sehun lifted a hand up as he started to move back and forth. His had was controlling the oxygen that filled the house.

He slowly closed his hand, and each time it closed slightly more the air was being packed into his palm. His thrusts increased each time his hand closed making you hold any breath you had left in your mouth. Suddenly Sehun found your g-spot making you let out a gasp from the pleasure you had filling you. At your stupid decision you lost any air you had left making it hard to breathe.

“Hold on baby, you can too it.” Sehun spoke as he sped up his thrusts, reaching his high in a matter of seconds.

As Sehun let out a moan he opened his hand letting the air back into the room as you reached your peak, sucking in a deep breath. Sehun placed you on the couch as he sat next to you leaning his head on your shoulder. He looked at you and laughed as you were still trying to

catch your breath.

“What was I too tiring for you?” He said as he looked up at you.

“You take your breath play kink a bit too seriously.” You said as he laughed and kissed you shoulder.

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In Ohio the weather is constantly changing it can go from a down pour to the sun shining and I understand how thick the air can get. So to keep cool I -put shirts in gallon bags and put them in the freezer over night and wear them the next day (life saver omg) -drink lots of water and snack on some ice -putting box fans in the window to suck the warm air out of ur house (depending on which way u put them) -need more oxygen in ur house so it's not stuffy? get aloe plants - fans !! everywhere !!

same anon with more tips -if u got a dog an ice block with some treats in it should keep em hydrated!! -sleep in your under clothes and if you’re someone who needs a blanket a light sheet should do -if you’re walking anywhere bring an umbrella for shade - sleep with a fan on in your room -keep your blinds and curtains closed don’t let the sun in -sleep on the floor or sleep downstairs (heat rises) -make sure your feet stay cold it will help cool u off -put ur sheets in the freezer b4 bed!

Omg you’re a lifesaver thank you so much for this, I really appreciate it :) The t shirt thing is SUCH a great idea!!! 


Boy I’m gonna drink you in like oxygen, like oxygen,
Baby I’m a house on fire and I wanna keep burning.
Boy I’m going up in flames and you’re to blame, yeah, you’re to blame,
Baby I’m a house on fire and I wanna keep burning.