oxygen debt

Carnival Date - Wonwoo Fluff

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Wonwoo is such a cutie and I do love Seventeen so much. I’m very glad I got this request~

Word count: 1015

Genre: Fluff

“Y/N! Come on!” Wonwoo smiled, pulling you through your village carnival to somewhere he’d wanted to visit since the beginning. It was quite dark, so the only light visible was coming from the rides to your right and stalls to your left, a beautiful array of yellows, blues and reds.

“Wonwoo!” You yelled, the giant teddy bear your boyfriend had won for you becoming very unsteady under your arm as he continued running. It was safe to say you were being more than reluctant, “I don’t like heights, don’t make me go on the big wheel!”

“Don’t make me throw you over my shoulder and carry you! It’ll be fun!” He chimed, getting to the front of the queue fairly swiftly.

You watched Wonwoo’s chest raise and drop, trying to repay the oxygen debt claimed, “Look at us, we’re already worn out now.”

“Don’t worry. We’ll catch our breath on this ride.” He replied, pulling the teddy bear from your arm to hand to the ride regulator and pulling you to sit beside him on a two seater of the big wheel.

The ride began, and you let out a squeal, immediately gripping to Wonwoo’s upper arm, “You may catch your breath, Jeon Wonwoo, but I won’t. I’m scared stiff.”

Wonwoo’s arm wrapped around you, pulling you closer to him, “I’ll protect you jagi. Don’t worry about it and enjoy the view.”

So you tried to let the pure fear coursing through your veins float to the back of your mind, and attempted to just enjoyed being held tightly by Wonwoo. Your left arm came over to thread your own fingers with his, and you listened closely to his heartbeat. The black material of his jumper moved slowly up and down, up and down, and you began to feel at home. Even if the view was the most beautiful ever, the boy beside you was even more glorious.

As a breeze came by, Wonwoo hummed, looking down to you.

“Are you alright?” He asked. You nodded, your eyes fluttering shut to further enjoy the warmth radiating from Wonwoo’s body, “Good. Because we’ve stopped.”

Your eyes were no longer closed. They snapped open, and once you saw where you was you had pushed away from Wonwoo fairly swiftly and gripped the rail tightly. Of course, it had stopped right at the top. Somebody definitely had some sort of motive against you for that to happen.

“Oh, shit.” You whispered, that terrified feeling coming back. Your eyes were rapidly whipping around at your surroundings, and stupidly your brain told you to look down. Your knuckles were now white as you held on for dear life. Honestly, there wasn’t enough money in the world that would usually get you on one of these. But Wonwoo managed it just by being Wonwoo.

“Now now, Y/N,” Wonwoo began, turning your chin with his fingertips to look him in the eye, “mind your language. Just keep looking at me, okay? Everything’s okay because I’m here by your side.”

“Wonwoo, I’m going to have a heart attack.”

“Y/N, give me your hand.” Wonwoo said, one of his hands releasing from the rail and being offered politely, a warm smile on his face.

You pondered on it for a second. Where would you feel safest? Gripping the cold steel of this bar or holding onto your boyfriend’s hand? Gradually, your grasp on the rail loosened up and your hand found Wonwoo’s.

“You look so beautiful lit up by the moonlight.” Wonwoo smiled, bringing his other hand to cup your cheek as the ride began to move again. Not that you noticed. He began to close the space between the two of you, and then your lips met. Your eyes drifted shut and you didn’t even remember being on a big wheel as your free hands fingertips graced over Wonwoo’s jawline.

“Thank you for riding.” You both heard eventually, breaking the kiss and looking over at the ride regulator holding your teddy bear towards you.

“Ah, thank you.” You replied, blushing slightly as you stepped out and took the bear.

Wonwoo also thanked this person, before you both walked out of the carnival together holding hands. The smile didn’t leave your face, your arms swinging playfully. Wonwoo played along nicely, and you both looked like little childhood sweethearts practically skipping down the road.

“Look after our child when you get home, will you?” Wonwoo spoke up, breaking the blissful silence as he referred to your large bear he’d named ‘Nari’.

“Would I ever neglect Nari? I am a wonderful mother!” You giggled, the grin becoming larger.

“Somebody’s cheered up.” Wonwoo chuckled.

“Well, Jeon Wonwoo, I think you’ve cured my phobia.” You answered, looking up at him. A sweet smile grew on his face.

“Really? Ah, that’s great. I’m so glad.” He replied, the two of you stopping outside your front door, “Maybe I could take you away on a holiday now. On a plane. Do you think you could handle that?”

“For real? I could handle it, I think so anyway. Oh, Wonwoo, it’d be perfect.” You smiled, pulling his jacket closer around his chest to keep him warm, “Now, will you make sure you get home safely? Will you call me?”

“I will call you. And thank you for the perfect day, baby.” He said, the beautiful smile you loved making an appearance again. He was definitely the reason you were happy, the reason you were now a smiling and bubbly person. For sure.

Wonwoo’s hands found your shoulders, pulling you into a tight hug, “Go inside, darling. It’s cold out here. I love you.” He whispered in your ears, planting a kiss on your cheek.

“I love you, too.” You smiled, separating from him, then waving to him as he walked down the road. You unlocked your door and entered.

As you lay in bed, the thought of Wonwoo wouldn’t leave your mind. The fact he was on your mind so much meant that you could never be sad, never feel alone. Just another thing to thank him for.

Fitblr Friday

This week I want to talk a little bit about HIIT or high intensity interval training. HIIT is an enhanced form of interval training, which is an strategy used by alternating short periods of intense anaerobic (activity in which the body incurs an oxygen debt) exercise with less-intense recovery periods. Usual HIIT sessions may vary from 4–30 minutes. These short, intense workouts provide improved athletic capacity, improved glucose metabolism, and improved fat burning.

So for this week I’m going to post an HIIT workout for you all to try. Feel free to tell us how it went and if you really enjoy it, continue to stick with it! HIIT works in long week periods. So while the exercises are short, you’ll need to work out at least 6 days during the week.

Here’s the workout:

Warmup- Jog in place for 2 minutes/stretch

Circuit- Sprint in place (12 seconds)

March in place (18 seconds)

Burpees (12 seconds)

March in place (18 seconds)

Jumping jacks (12 seconds)

March in place (18 seconds)

High knees (12 seconds)

March in place (18 seconds)

Repeat this circuit 5 times. Make sure you stretch and cool down after you finish!


Somewhere in this city,
beneath cloud nine,
she lights a candle
a bittersweet pomegranate fills the air.
And he runs to the train station,
his lungs expanding with air
an oxygen debt.
And he knows 
she’ll be sleeping alone tonight
when the train
leaves without him.
And somewhere else in this same city,
he throws his head back
in ecstasy
his kisses land on her bare breast
like gentle rain,
and he ignores the ringing
of his phone
where his girlfriend sits at home
wondering why he’s so late again.
 And somewhere else in this very city,
she tries to drown her problems
but they float
and five shots later
she travels to a different multiverse.
And somewhere else in this here city,
he sits on the couch
and watches in silence
as she tapes the final box shut
taking away her possessions
and memories.
He watches as she places her
set of the house keys
on the kitchen counter
next to the box of empty cigarettes.
He presses his face
into his palms
and as the door clicks shut,
he cries.
And in this very city
we are all still trying
to learn
what love
—  we’re still learning, it’ll take some time. (43998)