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When MC has the period... in other words, MM Headcanons no one asked for. Yeah!

Da fug I’m doing

Yoosung Kim

  • This poor little thing doesn’t know what to do lol.
  • “Yoosung, dear, this isn’t my first period. Don’t worry!”.
  • Buuuut he is worried. For you. Because he loves you so much.
  • He wraps you in a blanket and he whispers in your ear: "MC, please, don’t catch a cold, hm?”. Then, he kisses your nose.

Zen/Hyun Ryu

  • Cuddles, cuddles everyday.
  • Soft kisses on your cheeks, temples and forehead.
  • Aaand, dulcis in fundo, he will always remember the first day of your period.
  • “Zen, what are you doing?”.
  • “I’m counting”.
  • “… What?”.
  • “I’m counting down the days… you know…for… ”.

God blesses this guy, amen.

Jaehee Kang

  • She is a woman and a worker, so she knows every little tricks of the trade for headache, backache etcetera etcetera. 
  • She never ask you: “Are you ok?” or “Oh… do you have…?”. No.
  • She puts her arms round your waist, she kisses your cheek softly. And tells you: “Now, sit down on the sofa. I’ll bring your pillow, a blanket and dvds of Zen’s musicals, ok?”. 

Jumin Han

  • He cuddles you, hugs you, kisses you all the time.
  • He is so worried for you, he would follow you everywhere if he could.
  • Oh, God. He would buy half pharmacy and half pads department, and he would cancel every meeting of the day for you. Only for you.

Saeyoung Choi/Luciel/Seven/707

(I need an oxygen cylinder, please)

  • He hugs you from behind, massaging your stomach gently and slowly. “Do it hurt?”
  • Oh, and if he sees you in pain, he will lift you up and take you in the bedroom, he will kneel down. “I can make a chamomile tea… or hot chocolate. Would you like a cup of hot chocolate?”.
  • No jokes, like “HOT DR PEPPER FOR YOU”. No, because you are his light.

  • He hugs you all the night, his hands on your stomach to give you warm.

V/Jihyun Kim

  • He makes you hot chamomile tea every afternoon, without asking.
  • He often takes and caresses your hand.
  • He cancels his photography trips to stay with you.
  • He puts his arms round your shoulders and ask you: “How do you feel?”.

Saeran Choi/Unknown

  • Your trusted candies pusher.
  • He literally doesn’t know what to do.
  • He doesn’t know if ask you to go out for ice cream.
  • He is afraid to hurt you simply touching you. 
Monsta X reaction to seeing their s/o using an oxygen cylinder

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Shownu; Being greeted by you using an oxygen cylinder was something Shownu didn’t expect to see. He’d ask you what you were doing and what was that you were using, and when he hears your answer, Shownu wouldn’t be that happy to be honest, since he probably knows the hazards of having an oxygen cylinder and it’s side effects. Be prepared to have a serious talk with him but then that serious talk might turn into an argument but would end with him explaining it to you how much he cares for you.

What’s are you doing and what’s that? *eyes the oxygen cylinder beside you*”

“I just had a cardiorespiratory attack…. and I’m using this oxygen cylinder– *sees Shownu walking towards the oxygen cylinder and grabs the oxygen mask away from you*”

“You do know the dangers of using this, right?”

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Wonho; Just like Shownu, Wonho would react negatively by the minute he sees you using an oxygen cylinder. He’d be quick on feet and would put the oxygen cylinder away, before telling you that he wants that oxygen cylinder out of the apartment. But when you questioned his sudden decisions, Wonho would actually be all out, he’d tell you why you should stop using an oxygen cylinder and he would be frank about its side effects, he won’t sugarcoat the details and he’d literally spell it out for you on how much you mean to him and how much he cares for you.

Why should I put this away? Hoseok, you know that I get cardiorespiratory attacks here and then!” 

“Do you really want to have yourself dependent on something that could do harm to you? Listen, having an oxygen cylinder has a lot of hazards and when you use it too much, there are risks to it? [y/n], listen to me. You mean the world to me and I don’t want to see you suffering just because of that oxygen cylinder in the future.”

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Minhyuk; Minhyuk would actually listen to your side first to be honest before he lets out what he thinks about you using an oxygen cylinder. Coming home from a tiring tour would have him stressed and grumpy but he’d actually be patient about this. He wouldn’t jump into his emotions but when he thinks that he needs to use it, especially when you won’t listen, he’d really let out what he feels and what he thinks. He wouldn’t really care if it would go to a point that the two of you would argue about it since he just wants you to realize that it was bad or dangerous to use an oxygen cylinder.

Okay, [y/n], I’ll hear you out for now but I also want you to hear me out when it’s my turn to talk, alright? This is not because of selfish reasons but it’s because of how much I care about your own health.”

“*insert your side of story hear; Minhyuk furrows his eyebrows and looks at you intently*”

“Baby, I respect your side but using an oxygen cylinder is not good. It’s bad, okay? Did your doctor even tell you about its risks and side effects? No? Well, it’s time for you to know… *insert his side here*”

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Kihyun; Kihyun was stressed out and he just wanted to wrap you in his arms as soon as he gets home but when he saw you using an oxygen cylinder, Kihyun wouldn’t be happy. He’d be annoyed and would be on his sensitive side. He’d let you explain yourself first but when he hears something contradicting on your choice of words, be prepared to be attacked by him. He’d pull his phone out and show you its hazards and side effects just like the one in the gif. If you wouldn’t agree on not having the oxygen cylinder out from your life, Kihyun wouldn’t stop until he finally gets his point to you. 

Listen, Kihyun, it’s practically safe and my doctor even allowed me to get one since there was nothing wrong with it–”

“Oh, nothing wrong you say? *pulls out his phone and types away the dangers of having an oxygen cylinder; shows you his phone with a stern look* Look here and read it. I think that person who you call your ‘doctor’ is not doing a good job of being a doctor.”

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Hyungwon; Frankly, Hyungwon would be straight with what he thinks. May it hurt you or not, he’d speak out his mind and tell you right away to stop using that oxygen cylinder. He’s tired and stressed out, but seeing you using something that was bad for you, it’d be the last straw before he explodes. When you told you that it was alright, he’d be so done, to be honest, that I could see him taking the oxygen cylinder away from you before passing you his phone with the risks of using an oxygen cylinder open. It would also take you a day or less for him to talk to you again since he’d be in a bad mood after what happened.

Hyungwon, listen to me, it’s alright. Nothing’s wrong with me and isn’t that a good thing to hear? I had to use this because I got a cardiorespiratory attack.”

“*pokes the insides of his cheeks with his tongue, grabs the oxygen cylinder away from you and tosses his phone at you with an unreadable look on his face* Read that and when you finally realize that I’m right, talk to me.”

“*dumbfounded; watches hyungwon bring the oxygen cylinder to the guest room and hears him lock the door*”

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Jooheon; It was early in the morning when he came home. He thought that you were asleep in your room but when he opens it, he sees you using an oxygen cylinder which would wipe away the smile on his face. At first, he’d ask you what you were doing and when you told him your answer, he’d pull his phone out and would search if it was safe to use such thing. But when he sees the risks/hazards of having and using it, he’d yank the mask away from you and talk it out with you. He’d be happy if you listened to him but when you won’t, he’d be sad and would be hurt. 

[y/n], what’s that that you’re using? *eyes the oxygen cylinder with caution*”

“It’s an oxygen cylinder.”

“*searches if it’s safe to use and when he finally gets a reliable source, he yanks the mask away from you* [y/n], you do know that it’s not safe to use this? *sees you shake your head* Babe, listen to me. There are a lot of risks on using this and baby…. please… please stop using this…”

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I.M; Changkyun came in the room with a big smile on his face but when he saw you putting back on the oxygen mask, he’d stop you right away. Changkyun would have a little background about the oxygen cylinder since sometimes he’d talk about random stuff with his father or he’d just randomly search about it when he reads it from somewhere. When you answered him that you don’t know the risks.hazards of using an oxygen cylinder, he’d let out an exasperated sigh before he puts it away before explaining it to you. But when he sees that it doesn’t seem to faze you, he’d be a bit frustrated.

What the heck are you doing with that oxygen cylinder?! Stop, don’t you put that mask back on. *quickly walks towards you, takes the oxygen cylinder away and grabs you by the shoulder* Do you even know what it can do to you?”


“Oh my goodness… *sits beside you and starts to explain to you it’s risks and hazards but would let out a groan when you seem unfazed of its risks*”


The history of Stalin’s boots - the Stalin statue of Budapest

The Stalin Monument in Budapest was completed in December 1951 as a “gift” to Joseph Stalin from the Hungarian People on his seventieth birthday (December 21, 1949). The statue was erected near to the Heroe’s Square in Budapest.
The monument not only demonstrated Stalin’s power, but the power of the Hungarian Working People’s Party as well. Stalin statues sprang up everywhere in Eastern Europe from the 1930s to the 1950s. They were cult objects that demonstrated the almost mystical powers of Stalin. Upon the completion of the Stalin statue, a journalist in Budapest said:
“Stalin was with us earlier; now he will be with us even more. He will watch over our work, and his smile will show us the way. I have been told that in Moscow it is customary to pay a visit to Comrade Lenin in Red Square before beginning, or after finishing, an important task, either to report or to ask his advice. Undoubtedly the same will occur here with the statue of Comrade Stalin.”
On 23rd October 1956 around two hundred thousand Hungarians gathered in Budapest to demonstrate againt the Soviet regime. That was the first day and beginning the Uprise and Hungarian Freedom Fight of 1956. The
Hungarians broadcasted sixteen demands over the radio, one of them being the dismantling of Stalin’s statue. Hungarian revolutionaries demolished the statue, leaving only his boots, in which they planted a Hungarian flag.
The demonstrators placed a thick steel rope around the neck of the 25-metre tall Stalin’s statue while other people, arriving in trucks with oxygen cylinders and metal cutting blowpipes, were setting to work on the statue’s bronze shoes. An hour later the statue fell down from its pedestal.
The bronze inscribed name of the Hungarians’ leader, teacher and “best friend” was ripped off from the pedestal. Before the toppling of the statue, someone had placed a sign over Stalin’s mouth that read “RUSSIANS, WHEN YOU RUN AWAY DON’T LEAVE ME BEHIND!” The revolutionaries chanted “Russia go home!” while pulling down the statue. “W.C.” and other insulting remarks were scrawled over the fragmented parts of the statue.
Today the boots of Stalin are locate in Memento Park Budapest.

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Excluding the patches (They’re there for show, I’m sure you’re impressed) this is my work EDC. The only additional gear picked up at the station before the start of my day would be a portable radio and ambulance keys.

What is the need of nations? The whole earth is one.

Only on the maps you go on drawing the lines. And then on those lines you go on fighting, and killing and murdering.
It is such a stupid game – that unless the whole humanity is mad, it is impossible to think how it goes on continuing.
What is the need of nations? What is the need of passports and visas and boundaries? This whole earth belongs to us. And wherever one wants to be – he has the right to be there. The sun is nobody’s property, the earth is nobody’s property, the moon is nobody’s property. The wind, the clouds, the rain, nothing is anybody’s property. Why do you draw these lines? You can see it easily.
Soon you will see the lines on the moon. Right now there are none but soon you will see – Soviet zone, American zone, Chinese zone. Nobody lives there, nobody will ever live there. There seems to be no possibility of life growing on the moon. Moon is a dead planet. Not a single drop of water. Yes, you can be there for a few hours, with all your gas masks, and oxygen cylinders and everything.
But this is not the way that people can live there – but already they have put their flags. There is nobody to see the flag – there is nobody to salute the flag. Not even a bird – sometimes to shit on the flag. And a flag – the first thing the Americans did, was to put a pole and put the flag. How idiotic! And for whom? But soon other fools will follow. They will go to Mars, they will go to other planets, and they will do the same thing everywhere
There is no need for nations. Except that politicians need nations, because without nations there will be no politics. Except that generals need nations, because without nations there will be no wars. Except that the factories which produce weapons will go out of production. What will happen to your nuclear plants and all the energy involved in it? Because if there are no nations, there is no need to create nuclear weapons. For whom?
The simplest solution to save humanity, is to remove from the maps all the lines. And just from the map, on the earth there are no lines. Just from the map simply remove all the lines. And you won’t have the third world war.

—  Osho