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I like how this blog is becoming "buck-grampa, tell us a story", "aight, lil shorts, there was this cow..." Cuz you're old.

wait what???? im old???? i hadnt noticed, i thought that 100 year birthday party was for a different jackass with a metal arm. 

look, the only reason most of my stories are about the good ole days is because most of the morons i hang out with now have blackmail on me. and i have blackmail on them. we’re all doing the nuclear deterrent thing, it seemed appropriate with the russian-american vibe we’ve got going.

so i cant dish dirt on them without getting dished back. 

and i like you guys just fine, but i would rather murder every one of you than let tony tell anyone the story of the three shrimp plates. 

death before dishonor and all that


This couple hiked for 8 days to get married on Mt. Everest. The photos are amazing

The night before James Sissom got married in March, he awoke gasping for air as if there was a plastic bag over his head.

It wasn’t pre-wedding jitters, nerves or cold feet. It was because, for the past week, Sissom, 35, had been climbing Mt. Everest with his fiancee Ashley Schmieder, 32, while battling asthma and elevation.

The Northern California couple’s elaborate plan to get married on Mount Everest seemed to be fading. Sissom’s condition was so bad the couple and their crew almost decided to scrub the mission the day before the couple’s wedding day, just feet from the base camp where they were going to tie the knot. A week before, a hiker died from altitude sickness, underlining the severity of Sissom’s sickness.

But on the big day, their guide deemed Sissom able to go on, thanks to an oxygen treatment. The couple got married that day at 17,500 feet elevation.

(Photos: Charleton Churchill, Adventure Wedding 

Really will there ever be a fictional couple as great as Jack and Maddie Fenton?

Angels Aren’t Allowed Love

Castiel x Reader

Summary: Castiel finally understands why he is not allowed to love anybody.

Warnings: death, blood, torture

Word count: 1531

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The tiny basement you were tied up in looked like it had been put through hell. Dirt and dust continued to fall from floorboards above you, the pipes that ran along the walls seemed to be leaking every couple of seconds, cobwebs were hanging from every nook and cranny, and to top it all off, a large blood stain was on the concrete directly underneath the chair you were strapped to.

You didn’t know how long you’ve been here, but judging by your growling stomach you would say a couple of days. Caked blood had dried within your hair and clothes, sweat had formed across your forehead from the humidness and you felt like you were going to run out of oxygen in the next couple of days.

The large metal door squeaked open and a large figure appeared in front of a bright light, your eyes had adjusted to the darkness of the basement that the light had almost blinded you. “Sleep well?” his monotone voice caused goosebumps to appear along your arms.

When you didn’t reply he sliced a large cut from underneath your right eye to your jawline, causing a sharp breath to leave your mouth. He placed his hands over your arms and leaned down close to your face, his usually bright blue eyes darkened with hatred. “I never loved you, Y/n.” he spat, staring straight into your soul as he hissed out words that you were afraid of the most.

“Cas,” you said softly, tears forming in your eyes, “please d-don’t say that…”

A black-hearted smirk appeared on his face as he pushed himself away from you and moved over to another old, creaking chair in the furthest corner of the room. “It was quite humorous,” Castiel said, taking off his trench coat and his suit jacket, “seeing you follow me wherever I may go, afraid that I might be in trouble. I think the best part about this was that you were always willing to throw yourself in front of harm’s way all for me. Do you know how much power that gave me?”

He unbuttoned the cuffs of his shirt and rolled up his sleeves before retrieving his angel blade he had placed on the chair to discard his garments. “This can’t be you talking.” you said, and squeezed your eyes shut. “I-I must be dreaming.”

“This isn’t a dream.” he said, running the cold tip of the blade along your arms. He paused when it reached your hands, his eyes flickering up to your face as he pushed it into your flesh at an agonisingly slow pace.

The screams that left your throat had echoed throughout the basement multiple times until you finally took in a large breath of air and held in the pain as best as you could. Blood flowed between the cracks of your fingers and down the arms and legs of the chair. “Why are you doing this, Cas? I-I love you.”

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If you're still taking YOI requests can I ask for a really sick/feverish Yuri being taken care of by Otabek who does his best to take care of Yuri even tho he's not the best caretaker ever? Please and thank you!

WARNING: descriptions of vomit below

read the warning

read the warning

read the warning

read the warning

“Water, Ota,” Yuri choked out in between pants.  He groaned as his stomach muscles clenched up again.  He’d spent the better part of the last ten minutes heaving unproductively and, as if he hadn’t felt bad enough to begin with, he felt a million times worse now than when he’d started.

As soon as he’d begun to feel nauseas, he’d explained the situation to Otabek and told him he could go home.  He hadn’t really thought that he was going to be sick at that point, but he didn’t want to take any chances that could result in his best friend watching him vomit.

Strangely enough, telling Otabek to leave seemed to have resulted in the exact situation Yuri had been trying to avoid.

“You’re home by yourself?”  Otabek had asked after Yuri told him he wasn’t feeling great.  Yuri had shrugged and nodded.  Otabek had crossed his arms.  “Then I’ll take care of you for the time being.  At least until Yuuri or Viktor get back.”

Yuri had thought it a kind gesture, and, truthfully, he didn’t want to be sick all alone, so he’d let him stay without much complaint.  To be fair, he thought Yuuri and Viktor would be home before he actually felt sick enough to go to the bathroom, but neither of them were answering their phones.

Still, as Otabek brought him the glass of water that Yuri had been forced to ask for, the sick teen had to struggle against the urge to make some sort of wisecrack comment about how if he was going to stay, Otabek could at least do a better job with the care-taking he’d promised.  While Yuri attempted to heave his guts up, Otabek just stood in the doorway of the bathroom looking uncomfortable and maybe a little bit sick himself.

Yuri took a sip of the water and tried to remind himself that Otabek was his friend, that it was nice of him to stay, regardless of how helpful he actually was, and that the reality was just that there wasn’t much that he could do to help other than stand watch and make sure Yuri wouldn’t pass out from dehydration.

Yuri shivered and wondered vaguely if he had a fever.  He was about to ask Otabek to get the thermometer when another heave forced him back over the toilet.  He spat only saliva into the bowl, and when he pulled back, Otabek’s jacket was on his shoulders.  Yuri almost laughed, and probably would have if his throat weren’t so raw.

“Uh, thanks, Ota, but I don’t think you’re supposed to make a sick person warmer.”

“But… you were shivering.”  Otabek looked confused.  Yuri smiled wryly.

“I was shivering from the fever.  Look,” he said, gesturing to his damp hair.  “I’m sweating, too.  Jeez, haven’t you ever been sick?”

For a moment, Otabek looked like he was pondering the question.  Then he shook his head.  “Not that I can remember, at least,” he said.  Yuri shook his head.

“Lucky yo- ulp,” Yuri was cut off with a burp, wet burp followed by a gurgling but still fruitless heave.

“Fuck,” Yuri cursed.  He didn’t know if he wanted to vomit or not at this point.  It was going to be awful, and he really wished that Viktor and Yuuri were here instead of his friend, but he knew that he’d continue feeling miserable until he let his stomach remove its contents.

A crash from what sounded like the kitchen startled another burp out of him and he placed a hand over his mouth on instinct.  Liquid shot up his throat but he swallowed it back down.  When he turned back to the doorway of the bathroom, Otabek was gone.

“Ota?”  Yuri called out.  “You okay?”

“Um,” Otabek said slowly.  “I- yeah, I’m fine.  I think I was just… attacked by a mob of pots and pans.”

Yuri groaned.  The kitchen was a real mess, thanks to Viktor.  Even Yuuri had given up on cleaning it.

“What’re you doing in the - hic - kitchen?”  Yuri asked with a hiccup and a cough.  He took another sip of water.

“Looking for a thermometer.  That’s what you use when someone has a fever, right?”

Yuri’s face fell into the blandest look he could manage while suppressing a wave of nausea.  “Why in the world would you - hic - think a thermometer would - ulp - be in the kitchen?”

“Because it’s a measure of temperature and there’s a stove in the kitchen?”  Otabek returned to the doorway of the bathroom, looking for all the world like a kid trying to guess at the right answer to an oral pop quiz.  Yuri put his head in his hands.

“You don’t use- hic - you know what,” Yuri said, shaking his head with a shaking hand to his mouth.  “Never mind.  The thermometer’s - hic - in the closet in he- hic-uuurgh,” Yuri doubled over as a sharp nausea overtook him.

“Right,” Otabek said, sounding panicked and immediately sticking his head in the bathroom closet, as if finding the thermometer would make everything right.  There was a loud clatter as just about everything in the closet tumbled out thanks to Otabek’s frantic carelessness, but Yuri wasn’t paying attention anymore.

Arms trembling, he clenched the toilet seat like it was lifeline.  He knew, with sudden certainty, that the next heave would be the beginning of the end.  

Sure enough, one rolling-belch-turned-retch later and the water he’d drunk shot of him, splashing into the toilet.  He shuddered at the acidic flavor of the bile that came up with it, but didn’t have time to mull over it because suddenly he was burping again, and now a thick, brownish-green sludge poured from his mouth and nose.  He coughed as a few chunks of barely digested food lodged in his throat and were then dislodged by more vomit.  

Yuri gasped, yearning for oxygen.  He managed a couple gulps before his stomach flipped and he was puking again, two more big waves, just as forceful, but thinner.  They left him sputtering over the toilet, still feeling incredibly nauseas, but too exhausted to force a heave.  

He flushed the toilet but remained hovering over it, trembling fiercely.  The seconds ticked by and for the first time since he started throwing up he was aware of the noise coming from the cabinet as Otabek continued his search.  After a minute or two had passed, the apartment fell silent as Otabek seemed to still.

“Yuri?  Are you-”  Otabek looked over just in time to see Yuri’s shoulder’s jolt as pale-brown bile spilled out of his nose and mouth.  Otabek was frozen as he watched Yuri cough, and very weakly expel more of the vile, acidic liquid.

Otabek gagged, covering his mouth with his hand, and looked away.  There was another short splash and then silence.  Then the flush of the toilet.  Then:

“Ota?”  Yuri’s voice wavered, and Otabek turned around immediately.  Yuri put a hand to his raw throat as he spoke again.  “I’m done, don’t worry.  You okay?”

“Me?  Oh yeah, I’m- I’m fine.  Are you?”

Yuri nodded, blinking slowly.

“Ah!”  Otabek shouted, startling Yuri’s eyes wide open.  The older boy reached again inside the cabinet, and pulled something out.  “I found it!”

Yuri relaxed again as he saw the thermometer in Otabek’s hand.  He wanted to laugh.  Otabek was funny.  He was so proud of having found the thermometer.  But Yuri was so tired…

His eyes blinked shut for a moment and then he was falling.  He jerked awake, heart beating fast, and was surprised when, instead of hitting the cement floor, his head hit a much softer surface.  Otabek.

“You’re tired,” Otabek said, sounding calm except for the slight waver in his tone.  “You should’ve said something.  You could’ve been hurt.”

Yuri smiled softly.  “I’m tired.”

Otabek chuckled.  “Then rest, little soldier.  You did great.”

When Viktor and Yuri returned about an hour later, they were both on the verge of panicking.  They’d been at a movie and didn’t see the missed calls until they got out, and after that they’d raced home, imagining the worst.

They sprinted inside at the same time, but Yuuri looked in the bathroom first.  He froze, staring and smiling in the doorway.  When Viktor saw him standing there, he rushed over, opening his mouth to ask a million questions, but Yuuri stopped him with by putting a finger to his lips.  He gestured towards the bathroom, to the two boys sleeping peacefully on the floor.  It was a little bit sad, but both men grinned, thinking the same thing.

Yuri had made a great friend.

Work- Min Yoongi (A/M)

Author: Admin B

 Genre: Angst/Smut 

Word Count: 984

 Summary: After the weeks of frustration becomes too much the anger turns into an rage of pleasure… 

Originally posted by minsecretsoul

 You screamed into his face, the neighbors must’ve known your whole life story after hearing you two rage at each other for these past months. His preparation for bts’ comeback put him under a great amount of pressure as a result you were on the receiving end of his thrash. You couldn’t bear to leave him, despite his harsh words every night you loved him too much to go. You started off worried about him; Simply asking when he would return back to bed for his side felt eternally empty.

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Hey! So I read your posts about how Sikh youth nowadays don't know anything about Sikh weddings, and I agree. I'm one of the ignorant folk. :( Could you tell me what Anand Karaj is all about tho? It would be much appreciated.

Hi there!!! It would be my pleasure to answer this question. :) You’re not ignorant! You’re actively trying to find out information that hasn’t been told to you (and brown parents/Gurdware can often be amazing at that). Warning though, this post will be a tl;dr type of thing. Haha.

Weddings now have become a circus of pageantry, when the Guru Sahibaan prescribed a ceremony that was simple and meaningful. The sad thing is that the prescribed ceremony is treated like a ring-around-the-rosy around a textbook, and people are more preoccupied with the lesser, more cultural (often ritualistic) parts of the wedding.

The Sikh Anand Karaj starts at Keeta Lorhiye Kamm inside the Gurdwara Sahib (once the couple has made their entrance), and ends with the Ardaas, Hukamnama, and bhog of the degh (distribution of parshad). Everything before and after (including the lineup to give the bride and groom “sagan”) is completely cultural. I won’t get into whether observing cultural parts of weddings is good or bad, that should be up to your interpretation. :)

As for the Anand Karaj, it officially starts when the couple has arrived in the Darbar. It is customary for the couple to each present a Rumaalaa Sahib (covering cloth) for Sri Guru Granth Sahib when they come and do their mathha-ttek. This signifies giving Guru Maharaaj the honour of a King. Also, the groom should NOT wear a kalgi in Darbaar. It has not become kind of ritualistic to take of the kalgi and have that specially filmed, but according to Gurmat maryada, no person should wear a kalgi except for Kalgidhar Patshah, so the kalgi should be removed PRIOR to entering the Darbar, as the only royalty for us is Sri Guru Granth Sahib.

Keeta Lorhiye Kamm

This is a hymn that is recited to begin the Anand Karaj and it is a prayer to Guru Maharaaj to be ang-sang sahaee and help guide the procedures of the Anand Karaaj. The text for Keeta Lorhiye Kamm can be found HERE.

Chhoti Ardaas - First Hukamnama

After Keeta Lorhiye Kamm, an Ardaas (Prayer of Supplication) is made to ask Guru Sahib for permission to proceed with the wedding ceremony. The participants of this Ardaas vary. In some traditions, the couple, and their respected parents stand to perform this prayer, while in some traditions the entire sangat stands as witnesses to the union of the couple.

After the Ardaas, Guru Granth Sahib is opened at a random page and a Hukamnama is read. The Hukamnama is the Guru’s Command which instructs the to-be-wed couple on their life. 

In a way, this separated the Anand Karaj from other wedding ceremonies, as the Anand Karaj is its own segment of a Gursikhi Jeevan. We do Ardaas and Hukamnama when we start a new chapter in our lives, so it may be the door to a new wedded life, but the ceremony itself is also its own chapter in our lives.

Palle Di Rassam

After the first Ardaas and Hukamnama, the shabad Palle Tende Laagi is recited. While this is being recited, an elder connects the couple with a palla, a long piece of cloth. While this shabad is recited during the physical connection of two people into one married couple, the shabad goes deeper into signifying our relationship with the Guru.

The Anand Karaj is different from other weddings in this way, as the couple isn’t really the focus of the ceremony. The Anand Karaj focuses on the unity between the individual soul becoming one with the Creator, and it is the Creator that them binds the two souls (thing of it as a water molecule, in which Waheguru is the oxygen and the couple are the hydrogens). 


Once the Palle Di Rassam is done, the main part of the Anand Karaj begins, the Laavan. The text of the Laavan can be found HERE, and they’re divided into four sections. These Laavs instruct the soul how to elevate itself to reach the state of union with the Creator, and does not have any mention of the couple at all (as mentioned above, the centre of focus is the union with God). The Laavan are so deep that one could write an entire book just on them, but here is a very very VERY short overview of each Laav.

First Laav: Instructs the soul to let go of idolatry and focus on the One Lord.
Second Laav: Describes the process by which God Themselves calls you into Their Path, and the mind begins realizing Their Glory.
Third Laav: Describes the feeling of elation when the soul feels the warmth of God and disconnection it feels seeing how it is not united with God.
Fourth Laav: Describes the tranquility and bliss when the soul seamlessly merges with the One Creator, signifying that the seal between the couples’ souls has been made.

These Laavs are read one by one. First the Granthi reads the Laav from Guru Granth Sahib Ji and the couple listens while sitting or standing, the Raagis then sing the Laav, while the couple first prostrates, signifying their submission to the teachings of the Laav, and then circumambulate Guru Granth Sahib in a clockwise motion (once) to signify that Guru Ji is the centre of their universe, stand in front of Guru Sahib until the kirtan of the Laav is finished, then bow to signify their submission to God. This is repeated for all four Laavs. 

To celebrate the completion of these Laavs, the first five lines and last line of Anand Sahib are sung to signify the couple being in a state of bliss after their spiritual, physical, and societal union. 

It is also customary to sing other shabads at this time, such as Viyahu Hoa Mere Babula and Puri Asaa Ji Mansaa Mere Raam

Ardaas and Hukamnama

After all of this, the entire congregation stands in Ardaas to pray that the newly wed couple have a happy and prosperous life together. Guru Granth Sahib Ji is then opened up to another random page and a Hukamnama is delivered in which the Guru instructs the newly weds on how to live their lives together.

Degh is then offered as bhog, and distributed amongst the congregants as a benediction, and everyone then shares a communal meal or langar, celebrating the union as a community.

— - –

The Anand Karaj is so beautiful and so special, and it’s an absolute pity that this jewel is not given the justice it deserves. You shouldn’t have to learn this on tumblr, and it’s not your fault that you have to. Our parents need to teach us these things, and if they don’t know themselves, they should be searching for answers themselves. Instead, we the parents tell the Granthis to speed up the Anand Karaj (aka the ACTUAL WEDDING) as much as possible so they can go back to their drinking and partying.

Furthermore, Gurdwara committees need to make it mandatory for couples to know the ins and outs of the Anand Karaj PRIOR to the wedding day. However, all they seem to care about is the wedding fee they collect.

Couples should also be more aware. You wouldn’t sign a contract without reading the contents, why carry out a spiritual contract without knowing what you’re doing?

I’m really thankful you asked this question my friend, and I apologize if I made any mistakes or offended anyone.

Bhul Chukk Muaaf Karni _/\_