this is why I get high

• I have more patience for things (from annoying people to video games)
• I’m more optimistic
• I get more done because I’m motivated
• I’m not depressed (actually since i started, my depression is less frequent even when I’m clean)
• I’m more organized
• I’m more social
• I work out better (longer amounts of time, more intensely, etc)
• I sleep better
• I’m more confident in myself
• I don’t eat as much
• Everything feels good
• No stress
• Music sounds better
• I notice minor details that would normally go unnoticed
• I fucking like to

I have a lot of everything.. It’s my own personal pharmacy.

top left row:
60 Gabapentin 400mg, 10 Butalbital 40mg, 30 Hydroxyzine 25mg

middle left row:
60 Gabapentin 500mg, 90 Gabapentin 300mg, 28 Hydroxzine 10mg, 40 Baclofen 10mg

bottom left row:
87 Lamotrigine 25mg, 50 Ambien 5mg, 30 Ambien 5mg, 30 Hydrocodone 325mg

Miscellaneous pills in the corner:
2 Xanax 10mg
3 Dilaudid 4mg
1 Oxycontin 20mg
2 Oxycodone 5mg