Finished brooch piece for my manufacturing techniques class!

For the backing sheet I used copper and etched the pattern on. I really love how well this etching came out! I then oxidised it to give it a weathered look and used emery paper to expose the pattern.

I then used tube rivets with spacers to rivet on a reticulated piece of silver to add depth and interest.

I really love this piece! :)


The story of the >15 year old aldehyde:
I found an ancient bottle of 4-chlorobenzaldehyde, which was kept in its broken plastic container for at least 15 years. Miraculously, an NMR of the crude material showed that beneath a layer of oxidised crust, some aldehyde had survived from atmospheric oxidation to 4-chlorobenzoic acid.

To rescue this starting material, I performed a recrystallisation using 3:1 ethanol, water. The recrystallisation was a success; and lead to a 80% recovery of >95% pure aldehyde material, which I can now use in my reactions!

The resulting off-white crystals look much better than the initial brown lumps I found

Late night fabrication - give me an H.. Silver soldering on a charcoal block.
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Morning Introspection

Early dawn, evoking a eucalyptus sunrise,

The horizon gradually receding to reveal 

That which permeates this glassy membrane,

Piercing the thin white veil that 

Separates thyself from the external.

An orange glow illuminates the dancing dust-particles 

Floating elegantly across this vast oxidised ocean 

Filling this small box made of stone, 

A weak current pushing them across like leaves 

Floating on a pond. 

My eyelids heavy, as convoluted memories 

Flood my headspace from the dreams that made

Hallucinatory illusions my perceived reality

If not for a short while,

I struggle to recall the small, fragmentary 

Perspectives that were nought but products

Of electrical interactions and unconscious 

Desires - 

Yet I breathe, and realise that 

This hue I see is that of morning-sun, and 

I am no longer comatose (for I am conscious)

And these dreams have evaporated 

Even before they were liquid, leaving nothing

But neuronic residue within the complex 

Web that is my mind;

Now inaccessible, gone forever within the

Atmospheric pressure that is my baseline state,

I mourn for the lost experiences 

That kept my mind awake. 

HENBANE Handmade Fine & Sterling Silver Pendant by Conjure

Henbane, a plant so deadly people during the middle ages daren’t speak it’s name aloud in fear of its devilish nature. Nicknamed the ‘Witches Herb’ it was said to be used in flying ointments and shape shifting brews.

Inspired by the lore attached to this plant I created a pendant of its truly beautiful flower. Handmade with pure fine silver, featuring oxidised details.

Comes beautifully presented in Conjure branded box along with an information card.

All items shipped via recorded signed for mail/or courier.


Today’s paint jobs! Oxidised brass is such a pretty texture :P

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anonymous asked:

hey! i hope you haven't gotten this question too many times and aren't too sick of it, but im super fair (like mac nc15 is much too dark) and i have a neutral/yellow undertone, my skin is dry. I've found a couple of foundations that match at first, but throughout the day they all oxidise and look horribly orange! any foundations you know of that don't oxidise? love you!! xxx

MUFE Ultra HD! They offer very fair yellow undertone shades. :)

Egyptian Pendants available for 30% off. Use the code MOVINGNZ at checkout.

Handcut sterling silver, oxidised copper, brass and amber.

Available in my online store, link in profile.

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