Gel Caps filled with Syrian Rue.

Syrian Rue (these are ground up seeds of the plant) contain what is known as MAO-I (Monoamide Oxidase Inhibitors). When administered they inhibit the body from breaking down certain kinds of alkaloids. This in turn makes it possible to ingest substances orally that otherwise would not be active orally since the body acids would break the alkaloids before they reached the bloodstream. This works for making some substances orally active at all but MAO-I’s are also used to enhance and prolong the effects of just about any drug.

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i thought that grapefruit interacts with the liver to block a detoxicifation process. if the drug is taken sublingually, smoked or injected, grapefruit should have no effect?

Not the case: the cytochrome oxidases are in the liver, yes. Those ROA’s will bypass an immediate metabolic attack, true. However, the liver doesn’t just process what comes in immediately: it also attacks whatever leeches into the blood.

Take DMT for instance: if you smoke DMT, it is active because it doesn’t go immediately to the liver to be processed by MAO. However, taking an MAO inhibitor will still change the duration and intensity of a DMT trip, because it slows down the elimination from the body by the liver, once the drug has dissociated back into the bloodstream, after leaving a receptor or tissue and diffusing into the bloodstream.

By blocking this ‘second pass’ the DMT can pass through the liver and return to the tissues it can act on. In the end, of course, it all ends up broken down and excreted, but reversible enzyme blockers can prolong the duration.

The same is true here, but with lysergamides taking the place of DMT and CYP450 enzymes instead of MAO :)