Falling in Love

Love is, in my opinion, a many faceted thing. Love is not simple, nor is it an elitist emotion. Everyone feels love. Love affects everyone. One way or another, you feel it eventually. And when you do, it’s the grandest feeling in the world.

When I first felt love for someone outside of my family, I also felt fear. I wasn’t used to it. Love felt strange and surreal and wonderful and out of place. I guess it was around two months into my relationship with HannaH that I suddenly realized that I was quite simply, stricken by her. Not only stricken, but head over heels for her.

I thought it, at first, to be simple, puppy love. I had a growing affection for Hannah that I had fostered ever since I had the ultimate pleasure of meeting her. I guess it was, at the time, puppy love. But when I told her that I loved her, I meant every word of it. I, being the one I call myself. Love, being the truest of emotions that is an enrichment of affection and fondness. And you, being my girlfriend, whom I had the strongest of bonds with.

So one could say that when we admitted to each other that we loved each other, it was, actually, true love. It was scary at first, and now, looking back, I don’t really understand why I was scared. It was scarier admitting it to her than it was admitting it to myself. But after the fear came such inexplicable joy, happiness, and admiration that I could not hold back.

I was in love, and she loved me in return

I said that to myself several days after telling her. I loved hearing it being replayed in my head over and over and over again. It was wonderful. And hearing her say it too, oh, it was the best. It still is the best. The thing about true love is, it never goes away. It never gets old. It just grows and grows and grows, it’s a boundless thing, it has no limits if you allow it to expand.

I love HannaH. I love her more than I’ve ever loved anyone ever before. It’s been almost four months since I started dating her, and it feels like I’ve known her for a lifetime. Dating her has been the most wonderful experience, and I just can’t get enough of her or her love. Every day with her is a blessing.

I love HannaH so much. And I still remember the day I told her. It was one of the happiest days of my life.

Listen/purchase: “Oxford Drama” EP by Oxford Drama

Found these guys through David Greenwald at Rawkblog. Spacey, lush production. Trippy, sultry vocals.

Why do I even try writing about music?? In 2014 more than ever maybe everything that was good enough to be shared are just good enough to be discussed. Or things that are terrible don’t get anywhere. 

It’s important to remember that while I’m a songwriter and musician myself, I’m an idiot at music criticism. But I’ve now written one more music review than my girlfriend.

And she’s the one who’d actually be really good at it, so let’s see if she rises up and takes the bait.

Anyway, if you’re reading this, welcome to Is Liz A Music Blogger Yet.

Releases: [BRN030] Oxford Drama - Fluctuations EP

Oxford Drama is Gosia Dryjańska and Marcin Mrówka and their rich, truly unpretentious songcraft. Their 3-track debut EP for Brennnessel Records is filled with emotional melodies, simple arrangements and natural charm. 

This release is just a showcase of Oxford Drama’s intimate approach to experimental pop. Without bombastic elements and theatrical poses they  already made a massive contribution to the improving electronic scene in Poland.