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Photographer Levon Biss has produced a series of astonishing and complex portraits revealing the true structure and beauty of insects.

Microsculpture presents the insect collection of the Oxford University Museum of Natural History in an exhibition of prints which measure up to 3 meters across. Beautifully-lit, high magnification portraits captured in large format and high-resolution detail.

To see how it was achieved do check out https://vimeo.com/157712307


Oxford University Museum of Natural History, Oxford. The museum is small comparing to the Natural History Museum of London, big when compared to the Grant Museum of Zoology, which is what remained of the University of Zoology in London. The museum was not that exciting, there were big bones, small ones, stuffed animals, insect curations, minerals, etc. What was different was the anthropology section (last photo), which resembled the British Museum, things from all around the world were displayed neatly across the very compact space. 

Oxford University Museum of Natural History by Martin Beek on Flickr.

Charles Darwin, author of the Origin of the Evolution of Species by means of Natural Selection. Oxford Museum of Natural History.

We’ve booked in our first visit to the Oxford University Museum of Natural History next week, which we’re epically excited about. But we’ll face the facts now, and just gonna say it aloud - we’re possibly more excited about catching some rare Pokémon outside of London. Anyone in Oxford: set a Lure, DM us and we’ll be there ⚡️

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