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Autumn 1978

A nice gallery from Roger Barton :

One day sometime in late Autumn 1978 I took a few pics mostly from around the Central Library. It was one of those wet days and for some reason everybody I met that day was in a good mood. It summed up something about Manchester - quite what I am not sure….but if nothing else its a memory of a very particular Manchester late afternoon. 

  • PHOTO 1 + 2 -  Odeon on Oxford Street in middle top. St Peters Square to the left. Lower Mosley Street to the right. Peter Street leading to Deansgate behind camera.
  • PHOTO 5 - Looking down Peters Street towards Deansgate. Old YMCA and The Theatre Royal on top of photo. Central Library where the camera is.
  • PHOTO 6 - Tommy Ducks pub. Central Station and The Midland Hotel behind it.    

“Someday, you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.”

-C.S. Lewis

For the last page of my portfolio I did an illustration of me holding my portfolio book outside of The Eagle and Child Pub in Oxford where The Inklings met up. Members of the group were writers like C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Charles Williams, and Hugo Dyson. Wonder what kind of stuff they talked about… 

the second image is just of me taking a picture in front of the pub when I was studying abroad in the UK. Thought it would be cool to put the images next to each other :P

I Promise

Requested:Hey love! I love you imagines, could u do one where the reader is harry’s little(lile 16) sister and she has a crush on Dimitri(who costantly flirts with her) but he gets mad because he says she’s too young for him?

I’m currently at a pub near oxford university with my brother and his friends for a club meeting.

“Why didn’t you get a Lamborghini?” Harry, my brother, asks during the conversation about Dimitri’s new car.

“Mate, he’s Greek. He’s doing austerity measures.” Guy says before Dimitri could reply. This causes the Greek to reach over to his best friend and pinch him.

“It’s a beautiful British car. But could never be as beautiful as Y/N over here.” Dimitri defends himself before complimenting me.

His statement causes me to blush and looking everywhere but him. Hugo smirks, knowing my crush on the Greek boy, and winks at me before nodding over to Dimitri. I turn to look at him only to find him staring at me. I turn away again and blush harder. Harry seems to notice my actions and turns to glare at him.

“Okay, guys. Guys.” Leighton speaks up, catching the boys attention. “We have a club dinner coming up.”

“Kidney, Leighton?” George asks, causing James to scowl in disgust.

“No mate.” James replies. “And, uh. As you know, I’m working on a venue that can meet our special requirements.” James continues, raising his glass to his mouth to drink.

“Somewhere we haven’t already been banned.” Hugo speaks up.

“Obviously, yeah. But I need you guys to.” Leighton tries to talk but gets interrupted by George.

“Chaps! Squid?” George asks the boys making me raise my brows at him. “And Y/N.” George adds when he sees my face. I take one from him and stuff it in my mouth, causing the boys to laugh at me and my brother push me away from him in disgust.

“Here!” Guy shouts, putting a hand in the air.

“Mate, thats fucking rank.” Dimitri says to him making Guy turn to him and open his mouth. Dimitri puts his hand out and pushes Guy’s face away.

As the meeting goes on, I check what the time is on my phone before getting up. The boys look my way before Dimitri asks me where I’m going.

“Home. Its late and cause I’m only 16 uncle Jeremy wants me home by 11.” I answer, grabbing my coat and putting it on. I give Harry a hug and a kiss on the cheek before grabbing my bag and leaving.

As I’m just about to walk out the pub door someone opens it for me from behind. I turn to say thank you to see Dimitri standing there with a smile on his face.

“Let me drive you home.” Dimitri offers, causing me to smile and nod. I grab his hand and walk, with him beside me.

30 Minutes Later

As he pulls into the drive way we began to quieten our laughs. We look each other in the eye and lean in slowly. As we kiss I begin to pull away and look out the window.

“What’s wrong?” Dimitri asks me, concern in his voice. I look at him and give him a sad smile.

“You do realise this can’t happen.” I say gesturing between the two of us. His face dropped to a frown and looked at me with sad eyes.

“You can’t be serious, right.” He said.

“Well, what do you want me to say? You know that it wouldn’t be able to work. Its against the law, my brother won’t agree and your family won’t agree with it either.” I say to him, trying to come up with excuses.

“Who cares what people think? I like you. Hell, I think I might be in love with you!” Dimitri exclaims to me.

“I’m sorry Dimitri but I’m not gonna risk it. You could end up in prison, I could get kicked out and you could also get expelled. I’m not going to risk everything for one boy. I’m sorry.” I said before getting out the car and leaving. I walk into the house with tears running down my face. As I’m walking up the stairs uncle Jeremy stops me and asks me whats wrong. “I can’t be with the person I love the most.” Was my response.

“Dimitri? I say go for it. You two are the best thing for each other. Harry and I have had this conversation and he has agreed to let you date him. Go back to him Y/N. He won’t wait forever. But go in the morning.”  My uncle advises. I nod my head, give him a hug and carry on walking to my room.

The Next Day

“Thanks for the ride.” I say to the driver before giving him the money. I make my way to Dimitri’s dorm room and knock the door. After 2 minutes I knock again, only to here a complaint. Just as I’m about to knock again the door opens and i see a shirtless Dimitri. I blush and look down.

“Y/N? What are you doing here?” Dimitri asks, closing the door a bit so i couldn’t see the rest of his room.

“Can I come in? I need to talk to you about what happened yesterday.” I ask him. Just as he’s about to respond I hear a girls voice.

“Babe? Who’s at the door?” The girl asks before coming to the door, she looks at me and glares. “Who are you?” She asks rudely.

“Why do you want to know? Dimitri, who’s this?” I ask him with my arms folded and eyebrows rude.

“I’m his girlfriend. Now answer my question you slut.” She says to me.

“Okay. I’m the girl he kissed last night. I’m also the girl he said he loves. Guess it was fake.” I state before walking away. I hear him shout my name, telling me to come back but I ignore him and carry on walking.

“Y/N? Hey? What are you doing here this early in the morning?” I hear a familiar voice shout. I turn to see Hugo. He sees my tears and hugs me closely. Telling me it’s going to be alright.

“He told me that he was in love with me. Then I see him with some other girl. It hurts.” I say sobbing. Hugo hugs me tighter.

“He’s an idiot, okay. He doesn’t realise what he’s just lost.” Hugo says to me, hugging me tight before asking me if I wanted a ride home. I nod and ask him to phone Jeremy. I feel him nod before taking his phone and ringing my uncle. He tells him what just happened and asks him to pick me up. “He’s on his way.”

30 Minutes Later

I’m in my room crying my eyes out. I hear a knock and tell them to come in. I turn and see my uncle. He sits on my bed and hugs me tight before telling me it will get better.

“It doesn’t feel like it.”

“I know. But it will. I promise.”

Decided to go to Oxford today with no more specific purpose than to wander around. The weather is gorgeous, and after a lovely train journey and two hours of wandering I’m doing homework and having a pint at the pub where C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien used to hang out. I’ve also got a ticket to go see some random production of King Lear in a bookstore basement tonight, because why not? I’m blissed out on life today. That’s all.

Well, every survivor except for the ones that were abused by your husband and you refuse to acknowledge, right?

Eileen Wellstone-19 year old woman who says that Bill abused her at a pub near Oxford University. Clinton admitted to having sex with her, but claimed it was consensual. Her family refused to press charges.

1972-A 22 year old woman told campus police at Yale University that she was sexually assaulted by Bill. She did not press charges, but a retired police officer from the campus confirmed the incident. She would like to remain anonymous.

1974-A female student at the University of Arkansas claimed that Bill tried to prevent her from leaving his office during a conference and forced his hand inside of her shirt. She told the faculty advisor, who then contacted clinton. He claimed that she came onto him. She was recently reached at her home in Texas and confirmed the incident, but did not want to go further with the case. Many other students at the university also reported sexual assault from him

Juanita Broaddrick-A volunteer in one of Clinton’s campaigns claimed that he raped her in 1978. She suffered from bruises and a torn lip because Clinton bit her during the rape.

1978-80-During his first term as governor of arkansas, there were several complaints of women being sexually abused by him. The state troopers were aware of this.

Carolyn Moffett-a secretary in Little Rock in 1979 says that she met Clinton at a fundraising event and later was invited over to his hotel room. She says, “I was escorted there by a state trooper. When I went in, he was sitting on a couch, wearing only an undershirt. He pointed at his penis and told me to suck it. I told him I didn’t even do that for my boyfriend and he got mad, grabbed my head and shoved it into his lap. I pulled away from him and ran out of the room.”

Elizabeth Ward-Miss. Arkansas who won Miss. America in 1982, told friends that she was forced to have sex with him after her state won. Clinton claims that it was consensual, but her very close friends told interviewers that she said that it was rape.

Paula Corbin-An Arkansas state worker filed a lawsuit against Clinton when he exposed himself in his hotel room in Little Rock and forced her to have oral sex with him.

Sandra Allen James-A volunteer during Bill’s presidential campaign in 1991, claimed that he pinned her up against the wall and forced his hand up her dress. She screamed loud enough for an Arkansas state trooper stationed outside of the room to ask if everything was alright, and then Clinton released her and she fleed. She reported this to her boss and told her to keep her mouth shut if she wanted to keep working. She later learned that several other women were abused by him during his campaign.

Christy Zercher-A flight attendant one of Clinton’s campaign flights claims that she was grabbed by the breasts by clinton as he made several comments about oral sex. A video shot on board shows Clinton putting his hands up another girl’s pants.

Kathleen Wiley-A White House volunteer claimed that Clinton grabbed her, fondled her breasts and pressed her hand to his genitals during a White House meeting in 1993. She told her story in an episode of the show 60 minutes and became a target of hatred afterwards.

Let this be a reminder to you that Hillary Clinton does not care about survivors of sexual assault. She would’ve stood by the victims and defended them if she really cared about them by now. The only thing that she cares about is her image, and she knows that she will lose supporters if she owns up to this now.