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Hi, just wondering if you recommend the mini editions of the oxford handbooks or the full size? Is there a difference (content cut out, etc)? Which titles do you recommend? Thanks! :)

Oh are those those really tiny ones?? I’ve never tried them because I find the size of the normal ones small enough already really! The normal ones are still small enough to easily shove in your bag and they’re soooooo good.

The ones I recommend are - 

- the oxford handbook of clinical medicine - this has pretty much most of the stuff you need to know, from like the main specialties like cardio, rheum. It doesn’t go into massive detail but it has the basics of everything you need to know, and it’s laid out really nicely.

- oxford handbook of clinical specialties - I’ve only just bought this one so I can’t say much, but it seems really good. It basically has all the specialties not included in the clinical medicine one, e.g. things like ophthal, derm, paeds.

- oxford handbook of clinical diagnosis - this one is soooo helpful, especially for revising for OSCEs! It basically has everything split up by sign or symptom, and goes through the differentials for each one and what investigations to get, etc. So for example, there’s a page on chest pain, acute abdominal pain, jaundice, etc. 

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