oxford pa

yeeaaaahhhhh! (said like Mordecai)

I might be able to go to camp! And plus this would definitely be the last year because by next year I probably will not be able to go as a girl, because I will probably have had top surgery by then and I will have been on T for a while. But who knows. And I do not want to go as a guy because I would be stealth and there it can get a little slutty with the girls. NOT ME! and the girls like every night give someone a hand job and yeah, that would be just awkward. And it would be my last year as a camper and I don’t even know the “Hill 1” cheer, though i sort of do. And that wouldn’t really work out. SO now I just have to wait and slowly start packing. haha. hopefully they are able to cover a lot with this scholarship fund they have. Maybe all but like 20 dollars cuz I can pay for that. haha. I still haven’t unpacked my drawers from last year. haha. laziness.