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“We were shooting outside of Oxford in England and oh God, it was cold. All of us were stacked up in our uniforms and then there’s Gal. She did the scene, didn’t complain. She is just a monster.” Chris Pine 
“Diana can’t be cold, she’s Wonder Woman! I think because I was so focused on telling her story and being her that I literally depressed the physical challenges.” Gal Gadot 

It’s 1952 in Oxford University, and Susan Pevensie is leaving the Lady Margaret Hall library for the last time.

Her classmates will be sorry to see her go - ask any of them “Who’s the young woman with dark hair and a blue coat?” and they’ll say “what, you don’t know Susan Pevensie? You must be new.”

But most of her friends don’t actually know that much about her. They’ll agree that she’s compassionate and charismatic, “and brighter than you’d think she’d have a right to be, with looks like hers - how come she gets beauty and brains?” but nobody knows anything about her childhood. Or her family.

“She’s lost someone,” says a first-year student with a permanent air of exam-induced panic, “she came here on an inheritance from somebody, and I’ll bet anything it’s her parents because she never talks about them, but we’ve all lost someone, you know? From the war or not, it doesn’t matter. Nobody’s going to make her talk.” 

She’s graduating head of her class with a degree in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics; she wants to change the world, but really who expects her to do that? There’s a Queen on the throne and a dozen-odd women in Parliament, and many think that’s enough. She’ll make the perfect wife for some politician or businessman, at least while she’s young and pretty enough to be seen and not heard.

The shadows are chilly and long this time of year, so she almost misses the older woman leaving the Principal’s office, but the other woman steps directly into her path.

“Hello, Miss Pevensie,” she says. “I’m Agent Peggy Carter. How would you feel about a job in America?”


i reblogged that post about valentines but i don’t know if the british detective fandom even has any of those !!! so i made some for endeavour XD

feel free to use, distribute, send to your friends or whatever !


Oh Sehun spotted in Oxford Circus Station In London, UK 🇬🇧🇬🇧❤❤

I went to find this and you don’t know how happy I was when I saw it! So many people were looking at it too ♡♡ European Exposure! Thank you Chinese EXO-L ♡♡


“Well, better luck next time.”

What’s in a Name? (Ethan Dolan x Reader)

Summary: Requested. It seems to be love at first sight when you meet a stranger at a masquerade ball, but soon you find out that it’s in your blood to hate him.

Warnings: None.

Word Count: 2,084.

A/N: So this is super dramatic, pretty AU, a little rushed, but that’s okay. I absolutely loved this request when I first got it, so not only will there probably be a part two to this, I’m also going to make it a fanfic on Wattpad, so follow me @dolcns to know when it’s posted!

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Dear Harriet, 

I send in my demand notes with the brutal regularity of the income-tax commissioners; and probably you say when you see the envelopes, ‘Oh, God! I know what this is.’ The only difference is that, some time or other, one has to take notice of the income-tax. 

Will you marry me?—It’s beginning to look like one of those lines in a farce—merely boring till it’s said often enough; and after that, you get a bigger laugh every time it comes.

I should like to write you the kind of words that burn the paper they are written on—but words like that have a way of being not only unforgettable but unforgivable. You will burn the paper in any case; and I would rather there should be nothing in it that you cannot forget if you want to. 

Well, that’s over. Don’t worry about it.

My nephew (whom you seem, by the way, to have stimulated to the most extraordinary diligence) is cheering my exile by dark hints that you are involved in some disagreeable and dangerous job of work at Oxford about which he is in honor bound to say nothing. I hope he is mistaken. But I know that, if you have put anything in hand, disagreeableness and danger will not turn you back, and God forbid they should. Whatever it is, you have my best wishes for it. 

I am not my own master at the moment, and do not know where I shall be sent next or when I shall be back—soon, I trust. In the meantime may I hope to hear from time to time that all is well with you? 

Yours, more than my own, 


–Dorothy L. Sayers, Gaudy Night, Chapter XI, 1935.


Welcome to Oxford, Ohio! This adorable little town is our new home for the next couple of years while Kyle attends grad school at Miami University. 

I’m really excited about this place. Contrary to what the quiet streets in my photos may have you believe, this small town has the energy of a big city. There are a lot of little bars and restaurants, and once school lets back in there will be a ton of students everywhere.


endeavour text post edits: special canticle edition

bet you didn’t expect this post to be a text post edit XD

so when my dad and I were playing Dragon Age Inquisition earlier there was a bit in the Frostback Basin where you have to row the boat to get to an island and I was like 

‘Who do reckon is actually rowing, because frankly I can’t imagine Dorian doing it. Do you think Blackwall is, and everyone else is just sitting around giving him helpful instructions?’

and my dad was like 

‘Probably. Or Varric. Crikey, actually he does use a crossbow all the time so he’s probably got really strong arms. The man is definitely a rower.’

and I just like

I went to a rowing AU place

In the Middle of the Night

A/N: Here is my entry into @ilikepipecleanerswitheyes Taz’s crack fic challenge. Mine was, teaching Henry about profanity. Henry actually already knows quite a bit and asks his Uncle Spencer to fill in the rest. XD @coveofmemories @sexualemobitch @jamiemelyn


What the hell were you supposed to do when a four-year-old boy, who wasn’t your own child, asked you what the word fuck meant? 

If you were Spencer Reid, the answer was ‘not a goddamn clue.’

He was babysitting Henry. Henry said he heard mommy say a word and he didn’t know what it meant. “Why didn’t you ask mommy?” Spencer asked his nephew, attempting to buy time. He couldn’t tell his innocent little blonde-haired, blue-eyed nephew that fuck meant to have sex with; he was 4 for fucks sake. Oh god, how did parents do this? Improvise dammit, Improvise. 

“Mommy sounded angry when she said it. She also said it once when she was with daddy. It was the middle of the night. And you know everything so I wanna ask you,” he said innocently, climbing into his Uncle’s lap and sitting down. He was staring up intently and waiting for an answer. Oh god…fuck! He also made a mental note to tell JJ that her son had heard her having sex.

Spencer ran through every possibility in his mind. Everything in him wanted to tell the absolute truth, because what else was he supposed to do when asked a question. But Henry was 4, and not his own son. “Well, it’s a bad word,” Spencer started. He’d always known what to say. He always had an answer for a question. Never in his life had he made something up on the fly. It was a weird feeling and he didn’t like it. “Sometimes people say it when they are angry or frustrated and need to let out that feeling. They use curse words. That’s what that word is.”

When he finished and Henry looked away, seemingly contemplating this new factoid, Reid felt a calmness wash over him. He’d probably said the right thing. I’ll have to ask JJ. “What are the other words people say when they’re frustrated?” Henry asked. “Shit?”

Oh no. He knows the word. What do I do? “That is one,” Spencer said calmly, but we don’t say bad words. You’re too little for that.”

“But what if I’m fwustwated Uncle Spencer?” he asked. Here they were talking about cursing and Henry was saying  “fwustwated.” God, I am fucked. “Like sometimes when I drop something, I get fwustwated, so can I say the bad words then?”

“No, little man,” Spencer replied calmly. JJ is never going to ask me to babysit again. “You’re too little.” Just as he was about to ask another question, Spencer started spouting to the first random facts that came into his mind. “Actually, the “f” word wasn’t used until the 1500’s according to the Oxford English Dictionary.” Oh crap. The words had left his head. He was screwed. The train was rolling away from the station and there was no way to stop it. “The word wasn’t used in English much in olden times, it was used by countries in Europe like Norway, where they said fukka and Sweden, where they said focka. Oh fuck,” he said out loud. 

Then he realized he’d said it and said it again. “Fuck,” he whispered. “Fucking hell!” Slap your hand over your mouth you fucking idiot! Henry was giggling as he did; Spencer was in so much trouble.

“The “s” word means poopy doesn’t it?” Henry asked with a smile on his face.

Spencer blurted out yes before he could stop himself. “That word has a rich history behind it having been used to Germanic and Scandinavian languages. It originally meant the diarrhea in cattle.” Why am I saying this?!

“I like words,” Henry said. “They’re cool. And bad words are funny. Why does it matter if I’m little?” I am actually fucked. There’s no way I can talk my way out of this one. “Is ass a bad word too? Mommy said it once when she was pointing to her butt.”

Spencer heaved a sigh. He was just going to be in trouble. “Yes, Henry, that’s a bad word too. It’s actually another name for a donkey. An ass. There are also a couple of four letter “c” words that are not good to use. Hell isn’t a good word either. A lot of people say go to hell, but that’s not nice to say. Then there is also the word bitch, but that’s the name for a female dog. Just don’t call people names okay Henry? Don’t use these words against people because it’s not nice and can make people sad. You don’t want to make people sad right?”

“I won’t,” Henry said. “What are some cool bad words?” 

This was his opening – a way to deter the conversation to a place that Henry wouldn’t understand.  “Actually I think the coolest curse words are actually words, they’re insults used by Shakespeare in a lot of his plays. For example, in The Two Noble Kinsmen, he said, “I shall live to knock thy brains out,” which basically just means that you really want to hit someone. You want to hit them so badly that you’d stay alive just to keep doing it.”

“That’s funny!” Henry said, cuddling himself into Spencer’s lap. “Tell me another Shakespeare insult.” He knew he should stop this conversation, but whenever Henry cuddled into him like that, he couldn’t help himself. He loved this kid more than he ever thought he could love anyone.

“Well, I like the ones that sound funny, like, ‘thou errant hell-hated clotpole, or you are a fishmonger.’ Those sound so funny to us, because we don’t talk like that anymore. Now we use things like the “f” word but we use it as a noun, and an adjective that has an –ing on the end, and a verb. It’s a very versatile word.” Ok, I really need to stop.

After telling Henry yet again that little boys and girls weren’t allowed to say bad words, he put him down and Henry ran back to his room. When JJ and Will came home an hour or so later, he said goodbye to his beloved nephew and told JJ he’d see her at work in a couple of days.

Flash forward to two days later. Spencer was near the coffee machine and JJ was stomping over to him, a fire in her eyes that made him feel like he was the child and he was about to get reprimanded. Oh no, Henry told her. I am so fucked. “Spence, do you mind telling me why my son thinks cursing is funny? He called me a clotpole this morning. What does that even mean?”

“It means idiot, but I did not tell him to call you that,” Spencer said. He was about to continue his explanation when JJ cut him off.

“Why were you talking with my 4 year old about cursing?”

“He asked me first!” Spencer exclaimed, as he nearly spilled coffee on himself. “He asked me about curse words. He knows them himself. I didn’t tell him any of the modern curse words; he knows them himself. I was trying to get him off topic so I started talking about Shakespeare insults because I didn’t know what else to do!” After a few seconds, during which time JJ was tapping her foot against the ground and trying to figure out if she was going to yell at him further. “Plus, no one is going to know what clotpole is.”

“That would be better,” she said. “This morning, while he was looking for his backpack for school, he screamed out ‘where’s my fucking backpack?’”

Spencer couldn’t help but laugh causing the coffee to get stuck in and burn his throat. “You have to admit,” he said. “He used the word correctly. That’s pretty fucking impressive.”

Spencer dodged out of the way as JJ brought her hand down to smack him. “Spencer Walter Reid, I will fucking kill you.”

“He didn’t learn that word from me, just so you know,” Spencer laughed, pulling out his last card that might get him out of this. Blame JJ. “He told me you said it once when you were angry and he also heard you say when you were with “daddy” and “in the middle of the night,” so I think we both know what he heard.”

JJ slapped her hands to her mouth, her eyes wide with horror. “Oh, fuck!”

Spencer snorted and the coffee came out of his nose. “Yea, that’s probably what he heard.”

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Hey love! When you get the chance, could you do cuddling with Philip preferences? Thank you! -Adorable anon/wifey (idk why I haven't been putting wifey too hahah sorry)

YES! Sorry it took so long, Lovey! ♡

  • He likes holding you
    • even if you’re busy working
      • he’ll make you get up so he can sit and you can sit on his lap
      • he wraps his arms around your waist lovingly
      • nuzzling his face against the middle of your back
        • you might pay attention to him
          • as your’e busy working
          • but he just likes holing you 
      • he really loves it when you’ll “proof read” your work
        • and rest your hands on his forearms
          • he adores skin on skin contact 

  • If you’re in bed
    • he likes being the big spoon
      • cause, again, he’s holding you
        • he likes it a lot when you hold his hands while they’re wrapped around you
        • or if you graze your fingertips up and down his forearm
          • eventually he’ll feel your fingers start to drag a little
            • then slowly just stop as you fall asleep
      • he also likes this because he feels like he can protect you
      • he also likes it when you’re facing him and completely cuddled into his chest
        • he wraps his arms around you 
          • and you tangle your legs with his
          • he just likes the innocent intimacy 

  • Watching a movie
    • usually you’ll curl up to his side 
      • maybe just lean your head against his shoulder
        • or wrap your arms around his
        • holding his hand
    • but he really likes it when he has an arm around you
      • your head on his chest
      • legs tucked 
        • so he can rest a hand on your knee or thigh
    • and when scary scenes or gross scenes come on
      • you bury your head against him and ask him to tell you when it’s over
        • he thinks it’s just adorable 

  • Casually 
    • if it’s just a lazy day and you’re lounging around
      • you’ll be laying on the couch 
        • he’ll come between your legs 
        • wrap his arms around your waist
        • and rest his head on your stomach 
    • when he’s feeling a little flirty he’ll lay his head on your chest
      • or he’ll softly kiss at the base of your neck 
        • humming gently 

  • If you’re reading or drawing or working (or doing whatever your hobby is)
    • he likes it when you sit between his legs 
      • on the couch / on the floor
      • you’ll rest your head back against his chest or shoulder 
        • resting your elbows lightly on his thighs
      • he’ll play with your hair
      • or rub your sides softly 
      • sometimes he’ll make a comment on what you’re doing 
        • “you forgot a comma”
          • “no, I didn’t”
            • “yes, you did, baby” 
              • “listen just because you’re dad writes-”
                • “babe, it’s just an oxford comma”
                  • “N- oh, you’re right.”
Fic: Ex-seasons

For the @txf-prompt-box for October 20-27th. Hopefully not too late. Word spew written in an hour. Tagging @today-in-fic and @fictober . Kind of a post ‘All Things’ and fluff. The brain is not really working right this week since fluff is the only thing I seem capable of writing.

An ex-boyfriend or girlfriend comes back.

An ex that is established in the show.

Double bonus:
Someone gets punched.

Something about domesticity between them was foreign, new, unknown, and oh so lovely. Scully, in a rare display of affection, clutched his arm as they strolled along the national mall on a random spring Saturday. They mingled with the tourists along the tidal basin and under the new cherry blossoms. “You know,” she began after a moment, “even with all my years living in Georgetown, I have never done this.”

“What? Pretend to be a tourist?” Mulder asked.

“It’s nice though. Isn’t it? Pretending we’re normal,” she said.

“We’re anything but normal.”

“Shut up, Mulder.”

Ever since her epiphany and running into Daniel, things had been different for them, and different in a good way. He could not place his finger on it, but this was the happiest he had ever seen his partner since they agreed to take their relationship to the next level.

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wow i can’t believe it

Told Slant x Yowler x Molly Soda TOUR !!!!

*coming 2 a city near u*


Nov. 5 - Bard College @ The Root Cellar

Nov. 6 - Rochester, NY @ The Bug Jar

Nov. 7 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr. Roboto Project

Nov. 8 - Oberlin, OH @ 3 Door Studios

Nov. 9 - Athens, OH @ Galbreath Chapel

Nov. 10 - Oxford, OH @ Miami University

Nov. 11 - Detroit, MI @ TBA

Nov. 13 - Chicago, IL @ Floodhaus

Nov. 14 - Bloomington, IN @ The Black Lodge

Nov. 15 - Nashville, TN @ DRK MTTR

Nov. 16 - Asheville, NC @ House Show

Nov. 17 - Durham, NC @ Pinhook

Nov. 18 - Baltimore, MD @ EMP Collective

Nov. 19 - Philadelphia, PA @ Planet Phitness

Nov. 20 - Brooklyn, NY @ Secret Project Robot

seE u soon :P:P:P:)

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whispers can you list headcannons for both Luci and Lutz bc they are like my babies thank you btw your blog is frickfrackin amazing I literally stay up past my bedtime reading your blog


⦁ o kay where to begin
⦁ dang
⦁ he ur boi aaayy lmao
⦁ !*tsundere alert*!
⦁ he actually is v sweet around u tho
⦁ always opening doors, pulling out your chair, punching fucking fucks in the face
⦁ will offer to pay for everything
⦁ actual sugar daddy
⦁ he will speak to you in italian which is quite possibly the hottest thing ever
⦁ italian pet names too ooooooo
⦁ he probably exchanges your wardrobe for you too
⦁ like
⦁ the expense, i mean
⦁ *gets exact replica of twelve dollar knock off oxfords for 849428 dollar real oxfords*
⦁ “oh i don’t remember them having designs”
⦁ *sweats* “idk bell@ i don’t either”
⦁ will take you to fancy dinners and balls and wine tastings only the elites know about
⦁ will also probably fly you into Milan without you knowing
⦁ apart from his pants being made out of money, he’s a trashbag
⦁ like
⦁ don’t sleep in the same bed with him
⦁ you’ll be waking up to a hobo in your room
⦁ his hair is everywhere, he has a perpetual bitch face, and his skin is doing that puffy sleep thing
⦁ it’s kinda cute tho
⦁ like a pretty trainwreck
⦁ relatable
⦁ he’ll make you some fine ass italian food to match his fine ass italian ass
⦁ always hangin’ out with those axis losers
⦁ pssh
⦁ flavio too
⦁ if you’re lucky he might sing for you
⦁ voice from the gODS
⦁ sigh
⦁ he’s perfect
⦁ and will always be there to swoop you up into his extremelyexpensivecaryoudon'twanttotouch
⦁ fantabulous kisser
⦁ d a ng
⦁ he’s heckin’ radical
⦁ if you have long hair you can get him to braid it for you with enough smoochin’
⦁ short hair too
⦁ “ho w did he manage that i have a buzz cut”
“italian magic”
⦁ he’d shove all of his breadsticks into your purse if you asked
⦁ wAIT
⦁ i mean
⦁ he’d do that too
⦁ ;)))
⦁ pda do to possessive tendencies
⦁ rip
⦁ he’d love you paint you as well
⦁ i n  t h e n u d e ; )
⦁ not sexually tho
⦁ unless you want it ;)
⦁ he’s a fierce cuddler and likes movies
⦁ prepare
⦁ you’re in for a wild ride
⦁ with Luciano Vargas.