oxford novel

From my vantage point in Whitchurch I’d imagined that, when going to London to university, I’d take rooms, and there’d be a succession of characters who’d process through my digs wearing bottle-green tweeds and carrying armfuls of leather-bound books tied with packing string – I think in my head I was going to Oxford circa 1930 in an Evelyn Waugh novel. What I actually found [at Brunel] were people withgolf clubs and Best of 1994 dance CDs. Amy-Jo was the one person I met there who seemed engaged with the sort of things I was looking for. We became best friends and she’d often tell me fantastic stories about [her younger brother] Peter.

Carl Barât,Threepenny Memoir

I mean - Wow! Evelyn Waugh novel Oxford 1930’s. That means “Brideshead Revisited” - a story about a kinda shy guy who falls in love with the sister AND the brother of a catholic family. The brother is an excentric charmer who is obsessed with him and then there’s jealousy and heartbreak and he turns into an alcoholic. I mean… Wow! Yeah… Dot dot dot