oxford dress shoes


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Since I’m trying to dress better and more grown up and also since watching Kingsman: The Secret Service have I gotten more interested in dress shoes and as it is said in the movie “Oxfords not Brogues”. 

I’ve just compiled some diagrams I’ve seen on the first page of google so credit where credit is due none of these images are mine.

This is just a reference for me and for anyone else who is interested.

Update: Added detail of the different Brogues



This is more natural and soft than the styles before. Though I think not everyone would go to school in such a look…but for summer, when you lay on a field or bike around, this is a lovely, somewhat fairytale-ish look.
The essentials are:

- white dresses

- Oxford shoes or Saddle shoes

- Lace things

- hair ribbons

- stray hats

- vintage socks (?!)

- things with flowers (flower crowns, dresses, bags,…)

Make accents with flowers. I actually mean that.

And shoutout to David Hamilton!