oxford comma

Now, as adherents of the great and terrible AP Stylebook — which also eschews the Oxford comma — we must admit the moral of this story flies in the face of everything (or one thing) NPR’s own sentences stand for.

But we offer these stories as a reminder that every punctuation mark deserves a fair hearing, a glimpse into the glories of grammar(,) and a quiet rebellion against the tyranny of copy editors everywhere.*

*Just a joke, NPR copy desk! Please don’t break out the red pen.

The Oxford Comma: Great For Listing, Pontificating, And Winning Court Cases

Image by Chelsea Beck/NPR

Was anyone watching Jeopardy tonight? This answer was featured. (They eventually put an Oxford comma in to separate the words Superman and Wonder Woman)

Thanks to Amy Gale for sharing!

Use the comma.  Not that there is anything amiss  as seeing your parents as or wishing they were Superman and Wonder Woman.;) 

What I dreamed about last

I deliberately did not answer this in the anon ask, because it’s funny as fuck.

Ambien makes me forget things (most of you probably know this).

I have vivid, vivid dreams, and I’ve always made a point to write them down. 

Since I’ve been taking the ambien, I will often wake up with a new note in my phone, and no idea why I wrote it, or what it’s referring to.

Two days ago, this is what I found.

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