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New in the Neighborhood - 1

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Suicide Squad// Captain Boomerang & OFC

word count: 1,360

1. Home Sweet Shithole (Digger)

“Down is 1k, after that just 500 a month.”

Two men stood in the open warehouse, the man speaking was short with balding dark hair. He wore an expensive suit that barely fit him. His oxford cloth shirt was stretched around his belly, the buttons pulled taught. The gold chains in his wrists made a small sound in the great empty space as he gestured to the western corner where a small wooden structure was built against the wall. “You’d be over in the hut.”

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Suit trousers combined with double-breasted linen blazer

Another sneak peek from last weekend. As mentioned yesterday, later this week I will come up with some more detailed thoughts about cotton suits, their versatility and how to wear a (camel colored) cotton suit - as a suit and separately. But for now just pictures.

Here wearing Sauma private label cotton trousers (part of a suit) with G.Abo Napoli double-breasted indigo dyed linen blazer and Proper Cloth light blue oxford cloth shirt.Bottle green knitted silk tie by Viola Milano and vintage cotton-linen pocket square.


First day on the job and I was dying for a summer-weight oxford cloth shirt. Perspiration doesn’t make for a great first impression.

Maybe a sexy first impression, but definitely not a professional one.

Chino Jacket: Gap
Shirt: Michael Spencer
Tie: Chaps (purchased from Kohls while I was in college)
Trousers: Lauren Ralph Lauren
Loafers: Cole Haan