oxe heart

Notable Homeric Epithets


  • Men: shining // high-hearted
  • Woman: ox-eyed // white-armed
  • Sea: loud-roaring // grey // wine-colored


  • Trojans: breakers of horses
  • Achaeans: bronze-armored // glancing-eyed // with hollow ships


  • Achilles: swift-footed // lion-hearted // breaking through men // best of the Achaeans 
  • Aeneas: counselor of the Trojans // loyal
  • Agamemnon: lord marshal // brilliant // horse-tamer
  • Ajax: swift // gigantic // the mighty
  • Aphrodite: laughter-loving // goddess of love
  • Apollo: Phoebus // the Bright // with unshorn hair // ever-young // destroyer of mice // distant deadly Archer // rouser of armies // god of the silver bow
  • Ares: curse of men // sacker of cities // of the glinting helmet // man-slaughtering 
  • Athena: Pallas // grey-eyed // whose shield is thunder // hope of soldiers // tireless one
  • Artemis: the archer-goddess // of the golden distaff 
  • Calypso: softly-braided nymph // goddess most divinely made // cunning goddess
  • Cronus: devious-devising // crooked-counseling
  • Demeter: fair-haired
  • Diomedes: master of the war cry // great spearman
  • Eos (Dawn): with her rose-red fingers // rosy-fingered
  • Hector: shepherd of the people // of the shining helm // breaker of horses
  • Hera: ox-eyed
  • Hephaestus: the famous craftsman // of the strong arms
  • Hermes: messenger of the gods // conductor of men // giant-killer // the strong one // keen-eyed emissary 
  • Iris: wind-footed 
  • Menelaus: flaming-haired // spear-famed // war-like
  • Nestor: sweet spoken // Gerenian charioteer 
  • Odysseus: man of many turns // man of many resources // great-hearted // sacker of cities // loved of Zeus // master mariner // great glory of the Achaeans // mastermind // hotheaded // the great teller of tales // man of pain // man of exploits // that kingly man // cunning // the great tactician // the hero // wise
  • Penelope: circumspect // discreet 
  • Patroclus: horseman 
  • Paris: Alexandros
  • Poseidon: Earth-shaker // earth-carrying
  • Telemachus: poised // thoughtful
  • Thetis: silver-footed
  • Thersites: of the endless speech 
  • Tydeus: driver of horses
  • Zeus: mighty // wide-seeing // delighting in thunder // of the dazzling bolt // loud-thundering // cloud-gatherer // father of gods and men // who marshals the thunderheads 

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hi!!! omg please, please continue the accidental love confessions drabble you wrote!!!!!! i am dying aaahhhhh what happened after omg pls

Here’s a short continuation of this just for you, lovely anon. <3

EDIT: cleaned up and both parts posted in one fic on ao3 right here

Tony can feel his heart in his throat and his pulse ricocheting through his body in an uneven rhythm. He drums his fingers against the rim of his arc reactor, the tap-tapping jagged and uneven over the thunderous beating of his heart. 

He clears his throat. “So,” he begins with forced nonchalance, “you wanna tell me what that was about?”

Steve is turned away from him, looking out the window, arms crossed over his chest. Tony can’t decide if it’s better or worse that he can’t see Steve’s face. 

When he gets no response after a long few seconds, Tony clears his throat pointedly.

Heaving a great sigh, Steve slowly turns around to begrudgingly face Tony. 

“You drive me crazy, Tony,” Steve says, his brow furrowed and his voice tight and weary all at the same time. 

“Yeah, I got that part,” Tony answers, waving his hand. “You tell me that all the time. I’m talking about the part where you randomly said ‘I love you’ in the middle of a debriefing.”

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Dinner tonight for the doggos
I forgot to defrost the main bit but it should keep them busy for a while so it’s not really a bit deal I guess I’m not that shithouse 👏🏻

Chicken drum stick for meaty bone
The mince is Chicken liver and kidney for organ and for meat chicken mince and ox heart all smooshed up

Sardines and egg for a shiny coat and good skin
Frozen berries as a treat because I had them out and Brum was not as much of a huge asshole today

Chilli: A Dialogue for One Speaker

@deandominos caught me making chilli today and asked (perhaps mistakenly given the length of my response) for the recipe I go by. This is the dialogue-swiftly-turned-monologue that followed.

[23:39] deandominos: Can you please chuck your chili con carne recipe my way

[23:42] Sunderlorn: Uhhhhhhh. In so far as I have a recipe, certainly!

[23:55] Sunderlorn: Basically, use Hunks O’ Meat rather than minced / ground, although a mixture of any of these is good too, so long as you got some hunks: pork shoulder or shank or belly or knuckle, chorizo, chuck steak, beef brisket, ox heart, minced beef.

Put some Lard or Oil or some fuckin bacon fat or something that you have left over because you’re that sort of person in a big thick preferably oven safe pot. Fry whatever you’ve got meatwise that’s fattiest first on a low heat to render out some fat (chorizo’s good for this). Then add your other meats, amping up the heat. Joggle it occasionally with a spoon to make sure it’s not burning, but really you wanna be colouring it p well. Get that maillard reaction.

Meanwhile, roughly hack up like…two onions? Two sticks of celery? Into Vague Dice.

If you’re fancy, take out the meat and put it in some bowl or something once it’s got goodly coloured. If you’re nasty or pretending to be a cowboy by a fire with a cast-iron pot of the sort you need to clean with SAND and NEVER SOAP, then just leave it, and chuck the onion and celery in there too now, and keep stirring it, and keep it all colouring in there my dude. (if you removed the meat, add more oil then fry the vegetables; if you got some Good Gunk on the bottom of your pot that’s not totally burnt black then it’s good flavour and you can chuck in some beer or black coffee or stock or water and crank the heat up, and deglaze that shit, then the onions etc. will start to fry once the liquid’s evaporated.)(edited)

[23:55] Sunderlorn: THEN

[00:00] Sunderlorn: MEANWHILE, get yrself yr dried chillies. Anchos are good. Chipotles also good. Cascabels? Good. But yeah dried anchos and chipotles are where it’s at. Use a variety though maybe. If you wanna Really Go Hard, toast them briefly in a hot dry frying pan first, til they’re juuuust starting to blacken a little. Then put them in a bowl, cover with boiling water, put an Object on top of them to keep them submerged.

When yr onions and meat and stuff have coloured, combine them in the pot if yaint already, and chuck in approximately the following: a heaped teaspoon of cumin and dried coriander, good pinch of ground cinnamon, heaped teaspoon of oregano, a heaped tablespoon of smoked paprika, a good amount of black pepper and sea salt.

[00:02] Sunderlorn: THEN drain yr chillies and chop em up into a slurry red mess on a chopping board you don’t like too much. Scoof that off into yr pot and stir that in with the meat and all. OH SHIT AND ALSO yought to have put like five chopped garlic cloves in there too a while back. Like, when the spices went in. Give that all a good stir.

[00:03] Sunderlorn: Throw in like…a bottle of beer, minus the swig you just took. Throw in a splash of black coffee. (Or you can soak your dried chillies in hot coffee, that’s good too.) You’ll be drinking coffee because this is shit you need to start in the morning so it can cook all day. You can drink beer too though because you’re cooking and also a grownass adult.

[00:03] Sunderlorn: Stir.

[00:12] Sunderlorn: Oh shit a bay leaf too. Maybe two! That can go in there! (Also nice are some of the spices you’re likely to find in BBQ rubs and mixes. Smashed fennel seeds, bit of caraway, etc.)

Chuck in like…a couple biggish tomatoes, roughly chopped. Or like a splash from a tin of chopped ones. Not a lot. Chilli should not be like a spiced bolognaise. And nor should ragu alla bolognaise for that matter be particularly heavy on the tomatoes BUT THAT’S ANOTHER STORY FOR ANOTHER TIME. Chilli should be a morass of deep red meat slow cooked to spoon-destructible tenderness but still thick enough to stand a spoon up in your vat of it.

ALSO now chuck in brown sugar. I don’t know how much. How bitter d'you feel it’s gonna be without? I’d say like a tablespoon or something. The blacker the sugar the better. Molasses are also good. Anyway, cool, top up with water or stock or beer until the meat is barely covered and then stick it in an oven on a low heat, stirring occasionally, for like…most of the day.

Wee bit before serving, check for consistency, and check for taste. Add a bit of grated dark chocolate. Add some masa harina mixed with beer if it needs thickening. Stir in. Let it sit and get to know itself. Incorporate. Let the chocolate infiltrate it.


Also a good separate side to add some sharpness to cut through all this unch: red onions, sliced, marinated in chinkiang black vinegar. Trust me.

[00:12] Sunderlorn: Eat.


Today finally we sowed some seeds, we will continue tomorrow. It feels great to start another gardening season! Hubby @redskins29 was a great help as always. Making sure seeds made contact with the soil….pushed in and covered up.
Our sweet Cherry blend seeds came in 2 colors… (botanical interests) never seen pepper red seeds but sure they will grow😊
Got to keep track of what we grow.
What seeds we got started? Well let’s see…

Antohi Romanian
Sweet Cherry
Anaheim chili
Orange king bell
Purple beauty
California wonder
Yolo wonder

pineapple pole
Tomatillo río grande
White Cherry
Ox heart
Better boy
Golden boy
Cherokee purple
Brandywine red
Lemon plum



alex oxlade-chamberlain working the backwards hat aesthetic 

Polycarpa aurata

…Also sometimes known as the “Ox Heart Ascidian/Tunicate” due to its apperance, Polycarpa aurata is a species of Styelid tunicate which occurs in most parts of the Indo-Pacific. Like most other species of tunicates Polycarpa aurata is a filter feeder, filtering the water around it for a range of nutrients. 


Animalia-Chordata-Tunicata-Ascidiacea-Stolidobranchia-Styelidae-Polycarpa-P. aurata

Image: Nick Hobgood