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katniss needs her husband! dylan went to the same school as katniss, he was even friends with her older brother. kat always had a bit of a crush on him, but when she was little she was just his friend’s dorky little sister. although he kept is friendship with her older brother once kat left school to pursue acting they hardly ever interacted. so when two years ago they were cast together in the new hit tv show, as love interests. over the past year, there has been a lot of rumors going around about the two… and it did not help when last christmas while on hiatus the two got married in vegas. it was a drunken mistake, but both their “people” decided ti would be better for them to pretend they are happy together. and there is going to be even more drama to come when kat finds out she is pregnant.


This is a request for the following for a new site, @oxfordcommarp​.  It goes with another request, which can be found here.  This request is for Alexander Gosnold.  Alexander is in his junior year at NYU.  He is the son of a congressman and a socialite.  He attended St. Jude’s before moving on to NYU where he studies Business and Communications.  

First on the list of request is Harry Shum Jr.  Harry is the future boyfriend of Alexander.  Because I ship Malec and have no self control at all with these two.  Alexander isn’t exactly out.  His father has spoken out against gay marriage and Alexander has decided to stay in the closet for his father’s career.  Harry is the complete opposite of Alexander. Where Alec is very reserved and quiet, Harry is outgoing and loud. Harry flirts openly and is flamboyant in his mannerisms. He’s very over the top and on all the time. He enjoys life to the fullest and lives with the mantra of “You could die tomorrow so enjoy today.” As a rule, Harry never drinks along and enjoys cocktails at all points of the day. “It’s cocktail hour somewhere” is also one of his mantras.  He should be slightly older than Alec.  His member group, history, etc, is completely up to you.  You are free to make him gay or bisexual.

Second on the request list is Emeraude Toubia, Alec’s younger sister.  Em is 18/19 years old.  She would have attended Constance.  Em is a freshman at NYU.  Her major is up to you as is her member group.  She is the daughter of Congressman, Anthony Gosnold and his socialite wife, Marisol Fernandez-Gosnold.  Both Anthony and Marisol are from old money.  Anthony’s family has been in the sailing business forever and Marisol’s family has made a fortune in banking and business.  The Gosnold children are a mixed of English, Spanish, French, and Italian blood.  They grew up on the Upper East Side and attended the best schools money could buy.  

Third on the request list is Dominic Sherwood, Alec’s best friend whom he often ends up babysitting.  Dom is 22 and attends NYU with Alec.  The two grew up together.  They have been best friends since they were about 8 years old.  They spend a lot of time together.  When it comes to schemes, Dom is the one that plans them and Alec goes along to make sure that no one ends up in jail or dead.  Despite the fact that Alec hates being drug into Dom’s drama, he would do anything for his best friend.  Everything here is up to you.  

Check out @oxfordcommarp and the original ad for Dom and Em.  

  • name/alias:  addy
  • age: 19
  • pronouns:  she/her
  • timezone: EST
  • house: SLYTHERIN!
  • favourite movies:  im a slut for studio ghibli tbh
  • favourite fictional character: kjngkjeng dont make me choose
  • previews you’d like to see: app templates! and mini-profiles!
  • favourite playbys: ANDY BIERSACK, JULIET SIMMS, pyper america smith, drake (aubrey graham), jessica jung, also most band members bc im emo garbage tbh
  • plots you’d like to do: family bonds honestly, toxic relationships, feelsy drama, angst im a slut for anything and everything tbh dont ever hesitate to hit me up
  • gif @everyone:

hi frens nice 2 meet u im v excited to be here!


Hawkette in the House!

  • name/alias:  HAWKETTE/KATE
  • age: 23
  • pronouns:  SHE/HER
  • timezone: PST
  • house: Ravenclaw
  • favourite movies:  anything Guy Ritchie
  • favourite fictional character: Ari Gold, Clint Barton, Xena (does Ares count?), Agnes Towler
  • previews you’d like to see: ALL OF IT! (but I already know ;) )
  • favourite playbys: Jeremy Piven, Manu Bennet, Leighton Meester, Emma Watson, Gael García Bernal, Celina Jade, Katrina Law, Nick E. Tarabay, Hayden Panettiere, Chloe Bennet, Daisy Ridley, Tamsin Egerton, Amanda Righetti
  • plots you’d like to do: Any and all! I can’t think of anything specific, other than Blair and Chuck spinning their webs and smoke screens. Maybe some drama with movie stars and the underground of Hollywood, drugs, sex, and everything in between XD 
  • gif @everyone: See above ^.^
  • name/alias:  monte
  • age: 20 
  • pronouns: he/him/his 
  • timezone: pst
  • house: tyrell slytherin
  • favourite movies:  the big short, hanna, the bling ring, etc… 
  • favourite fictional character: HAHAHAHa
  • previews you’d like to see: eh, whatever???
  • favourite playbys:  jake gyllenhaal, dave franco, ben affleck, jeremy jordan, colton haynes, nick jonas, joe jonas, jack falahee damn i didn’t realize how white this was and now i’m conflicted etc…
  • plots you’d like to do: literally all of them.
  • gif @everyone: 
Update 11/21/16

Hello Upper East Siders! ;)

We are planning to reopen in the first week of the new year!

Previous members will have access to the site a week early to get their accounts in order. We’ll be posting an announcement, as well as emailing, the details about how to reinstate your accounts.

I wish I could say that there have been massive updates, like a fancy new skin, but alas, we will start small and grow with time. I hope to have several versions of the application made, as well as an easier point system in place.

We will also open with an event, which we will reveal the details of closer to opening.

Perhaps we’ll run a few contests as well, for reserving faces and canons.

So make sure to follow us and keep track of our tag! We’ll be posting an intro form in the next few days, old and new members alike are welcome to introduce themselves!

Have a great and safe Thanksgiving!


F4 peeps wanted!!! ramona here is a nyu freshman and lives with her two best friends/roommates. they all grew up on the poor side of town and got scholarships to nyu. everything was going great until she met the “hottest” guys at school. these four guys are best friends and the heads of the best frat on campus… they are also all rich entitled pricks. ramona hates these guys, and how they act like they rule the school. so when ramona and dominic get into a huge argument it is clear to both of them that they hated each other… but many think there is a little more between these two.

so yes this plot is going to be bast off the amazing anime boys over flowers… so take these adorable guys!

ramona parker-scott: 19, Katherine McNamara, student, the Makino

— — —: 19, Alberto Rosende, student, bff & roomie

— — —: 19, female face, student, bff & roomie

— — —: 22, Dominic Sherwood, student, the Domyouji

— — —: 22, face, student, the Hanazawa

— — —: 22, face, student, the Nishikado

— — —: 22, face, student, the Matsuoka

— — —: 19, Emeraude Toubia, student, newest friend

I suppose I should do this right
  • name/alias:  Dru
  • age: 30
  • pronouns:  she/her/hey you
  • timezone: EST
  • house: Slytherin
  • favourite movies:  Cinderella
  • favourite fictional character: Hermione Granger
  • previews you’d like to see:  everything!
  • favourite playbys: Matthew Daddario
  • plots you’d like to do: conflict and drama (and trauma for my characters)
  • gif @everyone 
  • name/alias:  zari
  • age: 23 in like 13 days
  • pronouns:  she/her
  • timezone: est
  • house: slytherclaw 
  • favourite movies:  uhh thrillers/action, sci-fi/fantasy, comedy
  • favourite fictional character: locke lamora and carol danvers
  • previews you’d like to see: anything rly the skin looks brill
  • favourite playbys: depends on my char
  • plots you’d like to do: anything and everything!
  • gif @everyone: 
  • name/alias:  alyyyyx
  • age: 23
  • pronouns:  she/her
  • timezone: est
  • house: hufflepuff forever
  • favourite movies:  thg (cries about joshifer)
  • favourite fictional character: peeta mellark (cries again)
  • previews you’d like to see: EVERYTHING.
  • favourite playbys: josh hutcherson, nina agdal, nicola peltz, gigi hadid, kendall jenner, zac efron, miles teller, chico lachowski, candice swanepoel. basically everyone lol
  • plots you’d like to do: best friends who actually love each other, BIG FAMILIES, divorced parents, surf shop owners, tainted love, dramz. all the plots. ALL. THE. PLOTS.
  • gif @everyone: 





whether you are on the east or west coast this is the one day out of the year where you can redefine yourself and set up the year to come! if you are starting at a new school or coming back after a great trip abroad, it does not matter today is the day you are going to tell everyone who you are going to be for the rest of the year… so you better choose your best outfit and make sure not the piss anyone off.


so the event takes place in just one day, but it will be open all month, we will be opening the forums for each part of the event staggered throughout the month. so the party at the end will not be open until it is time, but even after all of the event parts are open you can keep working on your thread from earlier in the day.

for the high school students we are starting off the day with a nice breakfast and an open house where you can meet all your new teachers and classmates. the students are then let out to enjoy the rest of their last day free before school starts on the next monday. if you are in the know you will find yourself dining out with friends and getting ready for the nights events… and anyone who is anyone will be ending the day at the party thrown by the newest queen bee

for the college student, today is all about finding your place. you start your day off by moving into your new dorm and meeting your roommate(s). you get to spend the rest of the afternoon getting ready for the rager

Hello!  My name is Dru.  I enjoy many things including books, television, cupcakes, and cuddles.  My fandoms are wide and varied.  My favorite face at the moment to use for Roleplays is Matthew Daddario because just look at him!