file obtained from overwatch medics. published approx. two weeks before the murder of gérard lacroix. 9 years prior to present day, 2 years prior to insurrection.


upon retrieval from the talon base, patient was found to have no major injuries aside from superficial cuts likely caused by struggling/resistance. it appears no physical force was used to harm the patient. vital signs assessed and found to be continuously normal  – pulse and blood pressure slightly elevated due to anxiety.  the only troubling detail was that the patient did not seem to be alert and oriented. while she was conscious, she did not appear to immediately know the place, time, or the situation. while she was later able to identify who she was ( my name is ____ ), she still seemed confused about where she was and what was going on. therefore, her mental status was observed to be a&ox1 (oriented to person only), and by the next day, she had improved to about a&ox3 (oriented to person, place and time), although she still seemed noticeably detached and confused. blood sugar assessed and found to be normal. no apparent head injuries present.


as previously stated, the patient’s psychological condition was of particular concern. she seemed particularly apathetic and refused to speak more than a few short phrases for the first 72 hours upon her return. after three days, the patient demanded to be left alone, and refused to be touched or visited by other personnel, visitors, or medical staff – if one was to touch her, she’d recoil and start displaying signs of severe psychological distress: screaming, crying, and begging not to be touched. for the first 48 hours, she refused to eat. of those who had personally known the patient prior to her abduction, all agree that her behavior is unusual, but because the logistics of what occurred during the abduction is unknown, the effects of trauma on her behavior is likely determined to be the cause, but she will need to be closely monitored.

occasionally, the patient would fall unconscious for brief periods of time for an unknown reason when aggressively resisting touch or medical care. patient responsive to both verbal (shouting) and painful (sternal rub) stimuli.

when resisting treatment and examination, it has been noted that the patient displays slightly dangerous and unusual, borderline violent behavior towards both herself and others. this behavior decreased after the first three days, but her reclusive, withdrawn behavior remained.

by week two, the patient seemed to be improving, although remained withdrawn from those close to her. released from medical care on june 30th to stay with her husband and try to recover.