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My #TrumpBookReport contributions so far:

What’s with this Beowulf dude? They say he was a hero. I don’t know. I prefer heroes who weren’t killed by dragons. #TrumpBookReport

They found Narnia in a wardrobe. What kinda house has only one magic wardrobe? Listen. All my wardrobes are magic. #TrumpBookReport

Cinderella’s prince. What a loser. Let her run away. I’m a winner–no princess would run from me. I’d buy her better shoes. #TrumpBookReport

Those princes know what to do. They just kiss, they don’t even wait. Winners. Broke spells. Now have hot wives, real 10s. #trumpbookreport

I wanna see the Wizard’s longform birth certificate. Not Oz native, people are saying. Letting murdering immigrants in! #trumpbookreport

All these people heading to Canterbury. Why? Extreme vetting needed–maybe a wall. Heard there’s a #NastyWoman from Bath. #trumpbookreport

Jocasta was a 10. I’m just saying. Can’t blame Oedipus! I’d marry my mother if she was a 10 like that. Tiresias is a loser. #trumpbookreport

I’m not the first guy to buy a portrait of himself, ok? Dorian Gray did it. Tremendous guy. No one complains about him! #trumpbookreport

…..clearly I am having way to much fun with this. Follow me on Twitter for more!


Oh Toribio tu eres un gran héroe
por favor, vuelveme a hacer reir
con las cosas graciosas que haces siempre tu
me sorprende tu gran ingenuidad (8)


30 Day Anime Challenge

Day 1 - Very First Anime

 Oh god, when I was going to start this challenge, I knew this first one was going to be difficult, because I fully can’t remember what my first one is! No really! Before DBZ & Pokémon, there were alot of shows I watched that I didn’t know were anime, so since I can’t say what my first really is, I’ll just put down some that I did see:

Wowser, dubbed by Saban Entertainment (and not the only one) I remember seeing this on ITV in the early 90s. I know it’s origin’s are from another Belgium called Cubitus, however; Wowser was originally aired in Japan on TV Tokyo so I include it as one.

Ox Tales, dubbed by Saban Entertainment. Just like Wowser, I saw this on ITV in the early 90s and again like Wowser, it’s based from another country (Netherlands to be pacific called Boes) but it was originally aired in Japan on TV Tokyo. And does anyone remember this show, or is my old age showing?

Well if you don’t really consider those two “true” animes because of the European comic roots, then maybe this one you can consider this a “true” anime.

Samurai Pizza Cats, dubbed by Saban Entertainment. Again, I saw this on ITV in the early 90s. I think we all know this purely anime (made by TV Tokyo) and how weird it was (and Saban made it even weirder, but I think it was for the best).



Boes (Ox Tales)

“Hij laat zich niet koeieneren” lol