ox x kim

I'm really happy and proud of this Ox x Kim idea I just had

So Kim still rejects Ox even until they all graduate. He goes off and works even harder to balance collage and a good paying job and does become rich meanwhile Kim goes off and explore herself for a time. Then one day Harvar and Jackie run into each other and just for he sake of nostalgia have lunch and talk about their Meister’s and Jackie is kind of surprised Ox is still working so hard for Kim and they get the two to meet and it’s so awkward because Ox still doesn’t think Kim will accept him and Kim is suddenly ashamed of all the things she’s done and it takes awhile of them just hanging out and they get to know each other more and really become friends and Ox finally says he still loves her and over the course of this time Kim has slowly confessed a majority of the things she did during that time and is so amazed that Ox still loves her.

potatotomato-chan  asked:

Kim x Ox

  • Who would win tickle wars:
  • Who would draw pictures of the other in their sketchbook: Kim would do it and then try to hide it.
  • Who would holds hands while walking: Kim. 
  • Who would gives cheek kisses: Kim
  • Who would start a snowball fight: Ox?
  • Who would slip the most on a date to go ice skating: Ox
  • Who leaves letter in the others locker: Both
  • Who would bring lunch to school/work for the other: Ox
  • Who would want cuddle at the movie theater date: kim, but wouldnt say a word
  • Who would buy cheezy cliche gifts for each other on holidays: Ox
  • Who would start an argument about what color curtains they should have at home Kim! xD
  • Who would remember their anniversary: Ox
  • Who would blurt out how much they love the other in front of people: Ox!
  • Who would offer to wash the others back in the shower: Kim
  • Who would post up statuses about the other on facebook: Ox?
  • Who would have the others picture as their phone background: both.
  • Who would take pictures of the other while they’re sleeping: kim
  • Who says I love you: Both!