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I love how goku was acting aggressive and rude here 😂 and it’s funny how he tells chichi she doesn’t have to apologize but he doesn’t say that to grandpa. He defends his wife so much 💖 He’s like no Chichi this lady doesn’t want to help your dad so screw her!



Cheech came for the Ox family who is wealthy and have a noble tittle, in her birthday her father throw a big party where all the social classes heard about it, So Gokú’s friends wanted to go and try the good life for once so they sneak in to the party, he (Gokú) just accepted with the promise of all the yummy stuff that probably he will never have the chance to eat again, so he changed his appears and his name to ‘’Lord Kakarrot’’ but then he find himself dancing with the birthday girl, and stealing her heart in the process, then a lot of circumstances that i haven’t thinking about  happens xD and at the end they got married have their children, and Gokú keeps going to the clandestine fights (is what he did before got married) once in a while and take his children without telling his mistress. 

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My Mate (Part 32)--Finale

Title: My Mate

 Summary: Did you know angels need mates?  Yea, like angelic married…mates.  And sometimes, this heat-like phase takes over where they have to mate, like their biological clock starts ticking.  Well, that is what has happened, and that is how Lucifer wound up in the bunker, his grace fading as he calls out for a mate.  Luckily, the Winchesters are friends with a hunter who is willing to help out.  

 Warnings: none?  Jokes with a sexual undertone.  

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My Mate Master Post

Masterlist of FanFiciton

Chapter 32 

“You look beautiful, Riley.”  Chuck said as he poked his head into her room.  She turned and gave him a smile as she tried to flatted out the front of her dress some more.  It was a simple thing, a white lace dress that ended just above her knees.  She didn’t want the big gown or anything, and when she saw this in the store, she knew it was perfect.  

“Thank you, Chuck.”  She said softly as he handed her the bouquet of wildflowers from her garden in hell.  

“I was able to do it.”  He said softly.  “Whenever you are ready to give it to him.”  Riley’s face brightened as she wrapped Chuck up in a tight hug.

“Thank you.  I’ll go right now…”  

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I’m assuming we pronounce “Charoix” as “char” (shar) and “oix” (ow) so all in all “shar-ow” which sounds like “shallow” which is pretty accurate cuz that’s what Croix is and that’s probably why Chariot left her lmao

annna22000  asked:

What as the goku's reaction to knowing that chichi was pregnant ?

They never actually showed it because we have never seen a pregnant Chichi…..but you can amuse Goku was probably confused or shocked at first and then happy and excited he is going to be a daddy. 

The Five Times Phil Lester Cried After Sex and the One Time It Didn’t Matter

The Five Times Phil Lester Cried After Sex and the One Time It Didn’t Matter | Sex has always meant more to Phil than just sex, but it takes him a long time to learn that crying afterwards isn’t a bad thing. | Phan | Mature | Non-Con, Dubious Consent | 2,876 Words

Disclaimer: In no way do I pretend that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil.

Warning: There is a non-con scene set as the “second time.” You can skip this scene easily, as it is fairly graphic enough I feel it could be easily triggering. It’s not necessary to read, as the story refers to it much less graphically later in a way that lets you know what happened. There is also dubious consent in the “fourth time” wherein Phil gives consent while drunk. Please be careful upon reading.

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Summary: After being awoken from a nasty curse by an unwelcome kiss from an awkward Prince, the fondest wish of Princess Maka of Albarn is to be left alone. Unfortunately, her father has other plans and she is to be wed to her rescuer according to strict tradition as soon as preparations can be made. Desperate to avoid such an unsavory fate, Maka seeks the aid of a witch and finds herself alone in a strange new world. Can a snarky but good hearted pianist help her to find her happily ever after and leave Albarn behind once and for all? Not if Prince Ox of Ford has anything to say about it!

An Enchanted AU also inspired by the Enchanted Forest Chronicles.

Rating: PG-13/T

Pairings: Soul x Maka, minor JacKim, one sided Ox x Maka, one sided Ox x Kim

Warnings: Language and mild violence (Swordfighting).

Welcome to my offering for Resbang 2016, which by hook and crook I managed to finish on time. It’s silly. You’ve been warned. Thanks go to my betas @sahdah, @redphlox, @sandmancircus, and @ilarual, as well as many others for their continued support.

Special thanks to my artists, @sahdah and @rogha for their gorgeous art and encouragment. Mwah!

You can find art from my amazing artists below.

Sahdah’s Art.

Rogha’s Art.

Full version on FFN and AO3.

Part 1: Lost

There is light, that’s the first thing. And noise–so much noise. Angry, wild, unnatural. She opens her eyes to find the light is a blazing beam shining down on her amidst the darkness, and then there is a loud screeching, then blaring as she stands up, dazed. Lights are barreling towards her at breakneck pace, but they halt as the screeching does, and then there’s silence.  

Maka blinks at the lights, at the metallic yellow beast that has stopped before her, eyes glowing brightly in the dark of the night around her.

Drawing her blade, for surely this monster can mean her no good, she eyes it warily.

What is this strange place? Everything has too much texture, too much shine, too much brightness. Her mind is fuzzy, hazy, and she can’t quite remember how she got here or why.

There is a loud creaking, the stomping of feet atop the strange, hard, dark surface on which they stand, then a man appears, backlit by the eyes of the beast. With odd clothing, a chin shadowed in what must be stubble, his lips twisted into what she’s fairly sure is a scowl, Maka cannot decide if he’s friend or foe in her upcoming battle against the currently dormant metallic monster.

“What the fuck lady? This ain’t no goddamn renaissance festival. Get the hell outta the road!”

“I–road?” She blinks a second time. His tone is hostile, but he has no weapon, makes no move to attack, and his words are strange.

“Yeah, the thing you’re standin’ in the middle of, ya moron. You were almost meat, lucky for both of us I didn’t hit ya, insurance woulda been through the fuckin’ roof. Now get outta the way so I can move the damn car and get on with the night. Got a fare waiting.”

“Car–uh–” she shakes her head. “But do you not fear the yellow beast? I would gladly help you slay it.” She gestures towards the metal giant with her blade.

“Look lady, I don’t know what kinda shrooms you ate at whatever geekfest you rolled out of, but you ‘slay’ my cab and I’ll have your ass in jail faster than you can say Hogwarts. Now outta the goddamn way before I call the cops and ruin both our nights.”

“I–” Maka shakes her head again. She’s not stupid–she’s put together that the yellow thing belongs to him, somehow, and is called a ‘car’ or a ‘cab’–but it still doesn’t make sense.

Dazed, she nods and walks away from the man, hitting some sort of raised white surface connected to the black one that must comprise the road he accused her of being in the middle of. Now that her eyes have adjusted, the black surface does appear to be some kind of path. Strange.

Even stranger, she hears a loud slam followed by an odd rumbling sound, then her eyes go wide as the yellow monster rolls by. Where legs might be it has wheels, and it fades off into the night, bright red lights on the rear the only sign of its passing.

So it’s not a monster, she thinks, but some sort of–magical carriage?

Where has the witch sent her?

Hearing footsteps, Maka sees a stranger approach down the white path that borders the road. He wears some kind of knit hat and dark clothing, hands stuffed in pockets. She can make out little else as he looks her up and down, shakes his head wordlessly, then climbs nearby steps into a tall building made of stacked brick. Actually, as she looks around, she notices countless tall buildings hemming her in like some sort of canyon. It is odd and disconcerting. There’s a haze of lightness surrounding everything even in the dark of night, even with the starless sky above.

Sighing, unsure where to go or what to do, she slides against the same brick building the man had disappeared into and sits on the hard, dirty ground.

Where has the witch sent her?

The witch. That’s right, she hired a witch. To… To

Kim, her name is Kim–a so-called “good witch,” with bright pink hair and a predatory smile. The witch had told her that her memories might be hazy once she sent her away, sent her to a place where she couldn’t be found.

Wanting to run far and fast–Maka remembers that part, too. And the overwhelming anger; at her papa with his red hair and his tears, at her mama long fled, at anyone and everyone, and especially at that smarmy prince.

As her eyes begin to flutter closed, heavy with the exhaustion of night and her journey and a deep, unsettling confusion, the memories flood back under the thick, impenetrable veil of sleep.

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more cute Chichi moments♥

she’s sowing clothes for her hubbi x3 or actually I think it’s gohan’s~

this part was cute because she says she wishes she could have gone with goku~~

*trot trot trot* 

she’s so cute here because she goes like “DADDY!” x3 she loves her daddy so much///

then she’s like “oh??!” *ox king gets stuck*

the she’s like “silly daddy we have a bigger door for you in the back" 

x3 Such a cutie. I don’t know how people can hate her so much but I guess it’s the funi dub…but here funimation actually made her sound like a cutie~I like hearing japanese chichi though cause her voice is so cute! o( >////<)o

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#15, Dean x reader? ox

15 - I never thought you would sleep with a teddy bear.

“Hey, Y/N, are you awake?” Sam asked from behind the door.

You rubbed your eyes and then noticed that the other side of the bed was empty. Where was Dean? Well, it was better this way. You still hadn’t told Sam about your relationship, so if he didn’t find you in bed together, it would be best.

“Yeah, you can come in,” you replied, getting out of bed. You grabbed your warm blanket from the bed and wrapped it around you, not because you were naked, but because the bunker was pretty cold in the morning. And when Dean wasn’t there to snuggle, the only option was your comfy blue blanket.

Sam opened the door and stood there beside it, trying not to invade your space, “I might need some help with that research if you’re not busy.”

“Yeah, sure,” you replied immediately, walking out of your room and towards the library.

Sam, still beside the door, spotted a teddy bear on your bed and frowned for a second. He didn’t want to judge you or anything, but he was a little surprised by it. He decided not to ask about it and just followed you to the library.

You started to research and even if you usually loved to learn new things about the supernatural world, this time it was a little boring. Plus, Dean hadn’t shown up at all;  he had said he was going to work on Baby, but still, you kind of missed him.

Sam was a little bored himself and that teddy bear he had seen on your bed wasn’t really helping so, after a while, he cleared his throat. This was a very clear signal that he wanted to ask you something, so you just looked at him, inviting him to talk.

“It’s just…” He cleared his throat again, “No, it’s none of my business.”

You frowned. Did he know about you and Dean?

“Whatever it is, you can say it.”

“Well, it’s just… I never thought you would sleep with a teddy bear,” he said gently. He just wanted to understand why a badass hunter like you needed a teddy bear to feel safe at night. A gun or a knife under the pillow would be better choices, and the bunker was pretty safe anyway. Maybe you felt lonely? He just wanted to know what was troubling you.

You looked at him and tried hard not to laugh, “What?”

“I mean it’s fine if you don’t wanna talk about it,” he said quickly, “or if you prefer to talk about it with someone else… it’s just… the way it was dressed…”

Was he serious? The way it was dressed? It’s like he was speaking a different tongue because you couldn’t understand any of it, “Why would you think that I sleep with a teddy bear?”

“I sorta- I saw it on your bed this morning…”

“What? I don’t have a teddy be-“ Your eyes went wide and you got on your feet and started running towards your bedroom, Sam following you, wondering what the hell had just happened.

And there it was, on your bed, a teddy bear with black boxer brief and a grey bathrobe.

Your eyes were about to escape your skull, as you picked it up in your hands and immediately turned to face Sam.

He looked at you, then at the stuffed animal, then back at you. And finally realization hit him.

It wasn’t a teddy bear, it was a Deanie bear.

Your handsome boyfriend had been turned into a teddy bear. Great.

It took you two days to turn him back into his human form, and since then he had to deal with his new nickname for the rest of his life. 

He was your Deanie bear after all.