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When people say I wish Goku and Chichi would go on adventures together like they did when they were teens, I noticed they actually continued going on adventures together/places but just with Gohan and occasionally Ox King ….

but with Goten I see they mostly go out with the Briefs family or Satan family….

It’s actually pretty cute 

Goku’s Absences

I cannot get over the amount of posts I see here on Tumblr using Goku’s absences from his family to either bash him or explain why he is the worst father/husband in DBZ.  I don’t usually do long posts like this, but I have to say my piece.  First, his absences:

1) the year after Raditz

2) the year and a half (or so) after Namek

3) the seven years after Cell

4) his occasional visits to train on King Kai’s planet

5) training with Whis and Beerus on their planet

6) leaving to train Uub at the end of DBZ

If I’m missing any, feel free to add, but I’m pretty sure that’s all of them.  Let’s take a closer look at each incident:

1) Goku died sacrificing himself so Raditz wouldn’t be able to kill his son.  He spent a year dead, because Kami urged him as the Earth’s only hope, to prepare for the Saiyans with King Kai’s intensive training.  Saiyans, who by the way would be coming in a year to destroy the planet and were much more powerful than him.  Is there really an alternative that would have made him a better husband/family man here?

2) Goku almost died when Namek blew up, and made his escape by fleeing in a spaceship that took him to Yardrat outside of his control.  Sure, he could have allowed Porunga to grant the wish of returning him to Earth (which, by the way, I still don’t understand how he was given that choice, seeing how other wishes work), but he claimed he needed more time.  We know he learned instant transmission, but he was also filled with rage that King Kai said was making him lose himself.  He could have been training to control that, he could have felt IT was necessary to keep the ones he loved safe, and he could have been training that technique just for the fun of it as his accusers like to look at it.  But we’ll never know.  Still, that’s a year and a half.  I might give you that one.

3) He died sacrificing himself not just for Gohan, but for the entire Earth.  Because he was already revived, Earth’s dragon couldn’t revive him.  He chooses to stay dead because it will keep others safe.  Being naive as Goku is, is it really so hard to believe that he truly believed he was the cause of all of this, especially with his friends saying it to him?  Even if his absence wouldn’t solve anything as his accusers like to say, how do you expect him to be revived?  The people he cares about would have to go on another adventure in space to find New Namek (of which they didn’t even have a location), and possibly encounter more unknown dangers like what happened on Namek, but without him there to help this time if something went wrong.  Do you really think he’d want to put Gohan and Chi-Chi through that again?  How is relieving them of that responsibility inconsiderate or selfish?

4) Goku is often shown after the Buu saga training on King Kai’s planet.  But it seems pretty obvious to me that those visits are not long stays.  He often asks Chi-Chi if he can go, and catches himself forgetting Bulma’s birthday party while he’s there, like ‘oh, that’s something I was supposed to do later in the day after my morning training’.  I don’t see how these spurts of short visits can make him an absentee father/husband.

5) Goku practically begs Whis to train him because Vegeta has already been there for months and beat him to it.  When he does go, Chi-Chi tries to stop him, but he goes anyway.  After which, she immediately thinks it’s no big deal and he confidently states to Whis that his wife won’t mind, she understands.  To me, this is just an example of Chi-Chi being strong-willed, not feeling deserted by her husband.  The understanding they have is really sweet, imo.  Aside from that, the lengths of these stays with Beerus and Whis aren’t explicitly stated as far as I know.  You can correct me if I’m wrong.  But his family is fine with him being gone, and he knows it, and he definitely is not gone for more than a few months in this case.

6) Thanks, @erasa-with-an-e for reminding me of this one.  I’m not surprised I forgot it.  I don’t count GT, so I’m not even going to address that 10 years he supposedly stayed with Uub and failed to visit his family, because it’s not canon, and it’s ridiculous.  The other reason I’m not surprised I forgot it was because I absolutely hated this ending and tend to wipe it from my memory, LOL.  But that’s me personally.  Since it is canon that he left and it was the end, it’s a really hard one to address, because we don’t know how long he was really gone.  He could have just left that day and returned the same day.  He has IT, so it would literally take no more than a few minutes from his training to say hi every once in a while.  And we’ve seen the way Goku does long-term training in the Cell saga: he recognizes the need to relax every once in a while.  He could have stayed away for months like he does with Whis and Beerus, which seems realistic.  Given his behavior towards his family in Super, it’s really hard to believe that he left in the manner he did and didn’t return for a year or longer when he was residing on the same planet.  He would know that would’ve upset his family if he didn’t check in every once in a while, and if you look at Goku’s character, yeah he might do what he wants for himself and be impulsive about it, but he also doesn’t like to hurt people.  There’s way too much unknown on this one to make a solid argument either way.  This one’s just subject to speculation.

So, where do we keep seeing this pattern of Goku deserting his family and not caring about them?  He doesn’t care about some of the trivial events humans get excited about and want him to attend, like Bulma’s birthday party.  That doesn’t make him a bad husband or father.  I like to think it’s part of being a Saiyan, because he is a Saiyan, not a human.  Judging him on human standards isn’t right.  

Look at Vegeta.  He runs off to train and avoids parties and social events just as often, but I don’t see the fandom harping on him for it.  Ever.  Fighting is in their blood, and they’re going to want to train and fight because they can’t help it.  It’s what they thrive on.  If this is understandable in Vegeta’s case, why isn’t it understandable in Goku’s case?  

If you’re comparing Goku to Krillin or Gohan or Mr. Satan or Ox King, sure they might be better fathers by human standards because they’re always present, but I really don’t see any difference between Goku and Vegeta in this regard, and I don’t fault either one of them for it.

Goku’s a Saiyan.  Let him be a Saiyan without downplaying the love he does have and often shows for his wife and his sons during the several peaceful years he does spend at home with them, farming, working, and relaxing.