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Lastplak & Friends - Crooswijk by oerendhard1


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28pp + 4pp matte cello cover, full colour. A collection of my works featuring Oxley and Zacria. I will be selling these at SMASH! this weekend (9th & 10th August 2014). I’ll have limited copies, but I am hoping to reprint and sell them online if interest is high enough! :)

As a bonus note… Each book will be signed individually by Oxley and Zacria themselves…… >:3c

compulsivehonesty  asked:

Could Superman ever be turned into a vampire? or would his Kr-ian/sun powers just combine or short circuit the curse? or would he just explode?

Superman rebooter John Byrne had a real hard-on for the idea of Clark being extremely vulnerable to the supernatural, so it seems like a vampire bite would affect him in some measurable way. 

But then again, it depends on how you contemplate vampires. Are they pure magic? Like unexplainable fairy tale Hellboy magic? Or are vampires a monster that can be explained by comic book science; like, are they carriers of some kind of virus or other genetic code that behaves and interacts with all life in a consistent, vaguely scientific way? I tend to think not, or there’d be lots of non-humanoid vampires running around like vampire dogs and vampire horses and vampire chimps. It’s like the Alien xenomorph. If a facehugger implants in a human, you get a human-style alien. If it implants on an ox, you get an ox-style alien, and so on. We don’t see this with vampires, or at least see it often, so I think it makes more sense to go with the “pure magic” understanding of them. Crucially, this provides for the possibility of a vampire kryptonian aka goth kryptonians, and that seems to entertaining a story to ignore.

But let’s say vampires are something that can be explained in a xenomorph-style bullshit science kind of way. I suppose that vampires’ vulnerability to sunlight would have to do with solar radiation, kind of the opposite of what we understand about Superman’s dependence on solar energy. In that case, it seems likely that Superman, being a living solar radiation reactor, would have some kind of resistance to whatever genetic material would be introduced via the vampire bite. That is assuming, of course, that Superman has stores of the same kind of radiation (or whatever sunlight actually is, fuck if I know), and doesn’t convert it instantly and completely into whatever proteins or enzymes or whatever it is that allows him to function the way he does — super-vitamin-D, let’s say.  

So maybe Superman wouldn’t turn into a vampire, but he might at least shit himself or something.

Good question.

- Khouri