Old Xian Sony Couple

Most of you know Old Xian for their iconic couples from 19 days. But what about the behind the scene couples?

Since Old Xian needs to make profit they upload advertisements weekly on their Weibo. One of Old Xian’s popular sponsors was from Sony. Old Xian being the great person they are, made multiple short comic strips with a new couple. Therefore the Sony Couple raised.

-I’ll be referring to the orange haired dude as ‘Chéng sè’ and the black haired dude as 'Hēisè’ to make my life a bit easier.

They first meet when Hēisè “accidentally” knocks over Chéng sè’s water. Hēisè is a new worker and already begins to flirt by saying the following,

Time passes and they become closer. Chéng sè goes over to Hēisè’s place and learns more about him (he’s in a band!)

More cute and domestic moments happen. Bonus: they low key went on a date!

They start seeing eachother outside of work and Chéng sè begins to see Hēisè practice.

In this comic strip it shows Chéng sè wondering what Hēisè is listening to. He says it something that relaxes him and helps him focus.

Chéng sè was invited to Hēisè’s concert. He ends up being very late and misses the whole concert. He bursts through Hēisè’s door finding him with a lady. The scene on the left translates to, “IM SORRY IM LATE!!!” with Hēisè replying, “please wait outside.” (Not 100% accurate translation)

Hēisè begins to play a recording he made for Chéng sè. It’s a confession.

Chéng sè is shocked and tears up. He looks at Hēisè with surprise and happiness in his eyes.

Recently Old Xian has uploaded a piece of art featuring this pair.

It is believed that they will be featured in Old Xians new art book. The release date is unknown for now.

Sadly the adverts haven’t been updated since 2016. We’ve gotten this art piece as the most recent knowledge about them. This pair will always be one of my faves, even if they were only created for advertising~

Chinese Zodiac Signs: Keywords

[Rat]: charming, aggressive, versatile, quick-witted, social, secretive, profit-oriented, playful, indulging, meticulous, honest, lazy, generous

[Ox]: calm, patient, methodical, intelligent, boorish/rough, uncouth, choleric, stubborn, leader, traditional/conservative, family-oriented, reliable, loyal

[Tiger]: brave, confident, irritable, impetuous, rebellious, lone-wolf, authorative, strong-willed, impulsive, wild, fighter, intense, passionate

兔/貓 [Rabbit/Cat]: ambitious, well-mannered, vain, social, tactful, graceful, calm, peaceful, receptive, selfish, melancholic, cautious, charming, virtuous

[Dragon]: lucky, lively, reliable, gullible, fortunate, authorative, kind-hearted, enterprising, conceited, tactless, quick-tempered, enthusiastic, talented

[Snake]: elegant, graceful, greedy, protective, wise, seductive, astute, quiet, intelligent, intuitive, materialistic, jealous, passive, flexible, possessive

[Horse]: fiery, social, active, assertive, impatient, hot-headed, childish, egotistical, ambitious, honest, independant, moody, passionate, hard-working

/山羊 [Sheep/Goat]: creative, fickle, charming, stubborn, undisciplined, dependant, adaptable, well-mannered, soft, altruistic, whiny, gentle, resilient

[Monkey]: mischievous, moody, humorous, amiable, selfish, smart, original, diplomatic, unscrupulous, curious, opportunistic, sly, eccentric

雞/公雞 [Chicken/Rooster]: observant, aggressive, rough, open, talkative, gossiper, courageous, lazy,  resourceful, hard-working, vain, indulging

[Dog]: loyal, restless, moral-driven, pessimistic, cynical, smart, trustworthy, cooperative, stubborn, honest, just, selfless, generous

[Pig]: compassionate, gullible, naive, gallant, trustworthy, intelligent, curious, materialistic, warm-hearted, strong-willed, concentrated, boundless


Here’s what the Chinese zodiac says about you

Happy Lunar New Year! 2017 is the year of the rooster, and it’s believed that anyone born under this sign will have a good year with plenty of luck and opportunities. To figure out which sign you are, simply look for your birth year!

See the rest.

The One Wish That Must Be Granted, And The Ninety Nine That Can Be Done Without

1. Die all of you: Just kidding

2. Flip her skirt up

3. Let everyone be happy

4. Bring the most righteous person in the world back to life: Should a person come back to life because they’re righteous?

5. Bring back everyone who died: Should I be making decisions about life and death?

6. I want eternal life and youth: But wouldn’t immortality kind of suck?

7. Confidence

8. I want to stop being a warrior

9. Talent: Wouldn’t I be sent into more dangerous fights?

10. Harem: I would be too embarrassed.

11. Disappear, all of you: Just kidding

12. Expand my power to one thousand paths.

13. Money! Money!

14. I want to be friends with everyone in the world

15. Rule the world: But the ruling itself is the hard part.

16. I want a girlfriend: But would that really be love?

17. I want wisdom: But foolishness makes you what you are.

18. I want to know the future: But what fun would living be then?

19. I want to be a pro baseball player!: But you’d have to work out every day.

20. Telekinesis: Then why have hands?

21. I want to fly: Then why have feet?

22. I want to speak all languages: You don’t like talking anyway.

23. I wish for an end to war: But it wouldn’t end exploitation.

24. I want X-ray vision: But it would lead to misunderstandings.

25. I want to climb Mt. Everest: But you’d only have yourself to rely on.

26. I want a smartphone that can’t run out of battery: But it would only last a few years.

27. I want to pilote a giant robot!: What would you be fighting?

28. I wish every day could be sunday: Go to work.

29. I want a cool supercar: It won’t feel the same if you don’t buy it yourself.

30. I want to be a bird: But being human is way better.

31. To never stub my toe again: Why not just watch where you walk.

32. I want to read people’s minds: But you start to distrust people.

33. The ability to wake up early: But you’d just go back to sleep.

34. I want to enter a manga: But what if you couldn’t get out?

35. I want to be invisible: But you’re basically invisible in class already.

36. I want to not feel pain: But that seems dangerous.

37. I want that rare book: But it’s only rare because no one has it.

38. I want that limited-edition product: But than it wouldn’t be limited anymore, would it ?

39. I want a best friend: What if they knew you were only friends because of a wish?

40. I want to be a great man: But the greatness wouldn’t last.

41. I want to be able to talk to animals: But they probably don’t have much to say.

42. I want to travel the world: But it would be harder than it sounds.

43. I want to live in a mansion: All by your self?

44. I want a fighter plane: But where would you park it?

45. I want to play all instruments: But buying them would get expensive.

46. I want to see ghosts: Like hell you do!

47. I want to meet great people from history: But they’d have a lot of lectures for a modern person.

48. I want my dormant power awakened: But what if you don’t have any?

49. Missing

50. I want the power to stop time!: That’s like saying you want the power to commit crimes.

51. I want better panmanship: But you live in the digital age.

52. I want to meet an elf: In this day and age?

53. I want youth: what do you think you have now?

54. Missing

55. I want an eye that can see long distances: What, you mean like a third eye?

56. Missing

57. I want to hire a maid: Just go to a café.

58. I want to be a manga artist: Answer one of Young Jump’s newcomer recruiting postings.

59. Missing

60. I want to live on a desrted island: But you’d probably want to leave right away.

61. I want a time machine: Do you have a plan to get the energy to power it?

62. I want to be free of stress: But you need stress in order to grow.

63. World peace: But would you still exist in a peaceful world?

64. I want a loving family life: An artificial one?

65. I want to eat the world’s most delicious food: But you want to eat cup ramen, too.

66. I want to go to an amusement park: What are you, a girl raised to be a living weapon?

67. I want to be on the front page of the newspaper: Are you planning to commit a crime?

68,69. Missing 70. I want to own a penguin. Thanks to @wompwawomp 71,72. Missing

73. Missing but I think: I want to be an idol!

74,75. Missing

76. Missing but I think: No matter how much you eat.

77. I want to be a cyborg: But who would repair you if you broke?

78. I want an art collection: You don’t like that stuff. Don’t pretend to be an intellectual.

79. I want to buy a pinguin: But can you even take care of an animal?

80. I want to talk to famous people: About what? Do you have a subject in mind?

81. Missing

82. A world free of evil people: Would anyone be left?

83. I want to be taller: But you’d just want to be shorter again.

84. I want courage: What are you, a lion?

85. Missing

86. I want prestige: But do you want unearned prestige?

87. I want to never miss a bus again: But then the buses would be late.

88. I want to be the strongest man in the world: Why, so you can bully the weak?

89. I want to invent something amazing: But all inventions ultimately become weapons.

90. I want to film a movie: But you’d bring down any set you were on.

91. I want to be someone who will never lose again: The moment you wish for that, you become an eternal loser.

92. I want to become a master swordsman: Dishonestly?

93,94,95. Missing

96. I want to learn the truth of the world: No, you really don’t.

97. I want to wish misfortune on people I hate: But wishing misfortune on others is a shitty thing to do.

98. To grant your wish instead: Cancel that immediately.

99. I want to turn my one wish into a hundred: Even a hundred wishes aren’t enough to satisfy a person’s ambition.

100. I want to forget, I don’t have any wish I want to have granted!

Unfortunately some are missing, if someone knows them, please contact me!

Chinese Astrology: Elements

In Chinese Astrology, as compared to Western Astrology, there are more and partially different elements. Here, we have the elements water, earth, wood, fire, and metal; there is no air element as there is in Western Astrology but instead Wood and Metal are included. 

One important aspect is the difference between what the Elements represent in the West versus what they represent in the East (here China). 
The Western conception of elements is that they are a basic building block of matter.
The Chinese conception of elements is that they are the metamorphoses/changing of matter.

Each zodiac sign has a fixed element assigned to it, although the elements, when applied to reality, change over the course of time. With that, someone born in 1995 for example would be a Wood Pig, although the Pig is technically a water sign. 

[Rat] - Fixed Water
[Ox] - Fixed Earth
[Tiger] - Fixed Wood
兔/貓 [Rabbit/Cat] - Fixed Wood
[Dragon] - Fixed Earth
[Snake] - Fixed Fire
[Horse] - Fixed Fire
羊/山羊 [Sheep/Goat] - Fixed Earth
[Monkey] - Fixed Metal
雞/公雞 [Chicken/Rooster] - Fixed Metal
[Dog] - Fixed Earth
[Pig] - Fixed Water

Water ( ) is associated with wisdom, flexibility, softness, observation, calmness, intelligence, anxiety and fear, death, hidden matter, and stillness.
It is the most Yin (feminine) of the elements and is associated with the Moon and the planet Mercury.
 is the phase in which matter dies/hides. Energy is conserved.

Earth ( ) is associated with patience, stability, practicality, thoughtfulness, diligence, empathy, harmony, nurture, ambition, stubborness, anxiety, a balance of dualities, and change.
It is the most well balanced (Yin & Yang) of the elements and is associated with the planet Saturn and sometimes Venus.
 is the phase in which matter changes from growth to declination - it is the exact changing point. Energy is stabilized.

Wood ( ) is associated with growth, warmth, generosity, altruism, flexibility, strength, cooperation, idealism, initiation, expansion, social consciousness, patience, sensuality, anger, and optimism.
It is the most Yang (masculine) of the elements and is associated witht the planet Jupiter.
 is the phase in which matter grows. Energy expands.

Fire ( ) is associated with warmth, hate, joy, creativity, aggression, restlessness, impulsivity, impatience, strength, persistence, explosion, action, dynamism, luck, and enthusiasm.
It is a Yang (masculine) element and is associated with the planet Mars.
 is the phase in which matter prospers. Energy is expansive.

Metal ( ) is associated with determination, ambition, force, appreciation, patience, stability, rigidity, firmness, maturity, contraction, transformation, organization, wisdom, control, strength, self-reliance, and materialism.
It is a Yin (feminine) element and is associated with the planet Venus and sometimes Saturn
 is the phase in which matter declines. Energy is contracting.


Shield of Sarduri II, King of Urartu, 8th Century BC

Decorated with images of lions and oxen. A cuneiform inscription on the edge reads: “Sarduri, son of Argishti dedicates this helmet to god Ḫaldi.”

Sarduri II (ruled 764-735 BC) succeeded his father Argishti I to the throne. The Urartian Kingdom was at its peak during his reign, campaigning successfully against several neighboring powers, including Assyria. Sarduri II was so confident in his power that he erected a massive wall at Tushpa (modern-day Van) with the following inscription: "The magnificent king, the mighty king, king of the universe, king of the land of Nairi, a king having none equal to him, a shepherd to be wondered at, fearing no battle, a king who humbled those who would not submit to his authority.”  He was succeeded by his son, Rusa I.

Intro to Chinese Astrology

The Basics

  • The Legend: When Buddha found enlightenment, he invited the animals of his kingdom to celebrate, but only twelve came. The twelve animals were rewarded with celebrating every new year in honor to each of them. The order of the animals is the order which the animals arrived at Buddha’s side. The order is as follows:
    • 1. Rat — “I think”
    • 2. Ox — “I am patient”
    • 3. Tiger — “I have courage”
    • 4. Hare — “I am discreet”
    • 5. Dragon — “I am majestic”
    • 6. Snake — “I have sense”
    • 7. Horse — “I run free”
    • 8. Sheep — “I adapt”
    • 9. Monkey — “I entertain”
    • 10. Rooster — “I am resilient”
    • 11. Dog — “I am loyal”
    • 12. Pig — “I am eager”
  • Chinese astrology goes by Lunar years, aka the time it takes for the moon to orbit the Earth in a 12-year cycle. The number of days per year varies each year so the new year can start in late January to mid-February. January/February people should check when the Lunar year started on their birth year to determine their animal.

Using Chinese Astrology

  • The year you were born determines your birth animal. It’s also safe to say it’s your life animal as it helps determine your luck, health, love, and finance.
  • The month you were born determines your inner animal. This is how you might perceive yourself. Helps with compatibility the most.
  • The day you were born determines your true animal. Also known as your actual basic personality.
  • The time you were born determines your secret animal. It can be also referred as ascendant, but the term is different in Chinese astrology compared to the Western astrology ascendant. The Chinese ascendant is one’s hidden self, which is similar to the moon in Western astrology.
  • Example: 1/18/2000; 17:19 (Tues)
    • Birth animal: Hare/Earth
    • Inner animal: Ox
    • True animal: Dragon
    • Secret animal: Rooster (hour), Rat (minute)
  • Pure signs occur when birth animal and secret animal are the same.
  • Your zodiac animals narrow from universal (year) to personal (day and time).
  • Note that how to calculate the minutes by hand is unknown. There is not enough information on what minutes represent, but if I had to make an inference, it would be much more personal, maybe something such as darker secrets. Also, I will explain how to do the calculations and provide links in a future post.

Other Important Information

  • Elements exist in Chinese astrology, but in five earthly forms: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. An element can influence the person’s core traits in addition to their animal zodiac. Elements are also in cycles that can be either productive or destructive.
    • Productive cycle: wood produces fire, fire produces earth, earth produces metal, metal produces water, water produces wood.
    • Destructive cycle: wood destroys earth, earth destroys water, water destroys fire, fire destroys metal, metal destroys wood.
  • The Chinese believe that all living things withhold qi (or chi) energy. The two forms of qi exist as yin and yang.
    • Yang: Positive/masculine energy. Vibrant, noisy, fast. Day, summer, sun, life, land, etc.
    • Yin: Negative/feminine energy. Subdued, quiet, slow. Night, winter, moon, death, sea, etc.
    • The energies help with determining traits and compatibility of the signs.
  • The chart below shows the natural elements and energies for each zodiac.

Upcoming (in order) 

  • Basics on the Zodiac Animals
  • Deeper Into Using & Understanding Chinese Astrology + Reference Charts + Calculators (the actual calculation stuff will be explained here)
  • Zodiac Compatibility
  • Comparing Chinese Astrology and Western Astrology
  • If you have any questions, ask me!
Xixi keeps wanting to see him<3

I love the fact that Zhan Zheng Xi straight up says he wants to see Jian Yi. I think it speaks to his character- he’s just a really honest person who says and does what he wants:

Jian Yi is different. I think his actions speak louder than words- he does things by instinct (like kissing Xixi suddenly) but has a very hard time with his words. Poor boy :( I want to help