owyn's art


Arthur: “Mmm, that new book smell~ I accept your offering and am appeased, small snake creature.

As for you, my dear fan…well~ Alfred isn’t getting his gift without a promise not to deface my new journal. Come then, Alfred, swear your oath~”

[[M!A 4/10]]



Does Gilbert wants the cookies or the booty that is the question.XD

little funny mindless fluff dedicatd to all my wonderful friends that are running and working hard just before christmas.:)

I love you all and wish you the best of luck!!!!

I am going back to my familly place again so I wont have internet for a while. (hey they live in the country side near the mountain I do what I can.XD ) might drop just before christmas or the day after to post everyone gift and the likes.:)



There isn’t a single one of these I’m not proud of. This was a commission of mine from Owyn, and Owyn being Owyn, she did an amazing job with it (particularly the lineart) so I offered to color it!

Here is the result, in various progressive stages. I just loved all of them so much I had to put them up. (It also gives you a bit of insight into my rather straight-forward coloring process).

Anyway, thank you again Owyn for drawing this for me and allowing me to color it. This seriously makes me want to start up Wings of Freedom again…