Mamoru left on an airplane.

He never arrived.

And these are the first words out of Mako’s mouth.

But the first thing Bumi says when he airbended in front of everyone is “Wait till I tell Mom!” I bet he always tried to prove he was a bender as a child and was always let down by the fact that he couldn’t do it for his parents AND NOW THE FIRST THING HE WANTS TO DO WHEN HE FINDS OUT HE CAN IS TELL KATARA! MY HEART!!

I don’t want this

The bad thing about watching a show that ended years ago is that you feel like you came too late. A certain nostalgia tinges your thoughts and feelings and you feel just the clutch of a horrid loneliness grasping at your heart, tearing through…especially if the show in question has an unfinished story or bittersweet denouement.

And I have only one question…are any of you still out there? Any fans left that I can commiserate with. I’ve gotten so desperate I made my little brother watch the show with me, but alas, he does not feel the same pain…

Drama, drama, drama