owww my back

Song landed in the rivers of water well shallow waters.” Owww my back.” Song whined as he hit the shallows hard. “Thank Dad for not throwing me somewhere that is not deep.” Song yelled at the black portal then sighed as he got up and cracked his back before getting up. ‘Oh no I am in the dark side.’ He thought as the music was all slowed down and darker. ‘I should go see Mettaton the one monster that is ok.’ He thought as he started to trot to hotlands.


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kagehina and omfg i want to put them all but i think "I'm trying to flirt with you, okay?" would be the cutest <3

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Series: Haikyuu!!
Word count: ~1400 a bit longer than a ficlet whoops
Warnings: annoyingly excessive use of the word “idiot”
It’s safe, pure fluff. Enjoy!

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My brother and I were talking about how long the hiatus is between Sherlock seasons and we came to a point wherein we imagined Sherlock and Moriarty as old men still contending…

It’ll go like:
Sherlock: The game is… what is it?
Moriarty: *snores then snaps up* what? What? Oh yes… Jump off *snores again…*
Sherlock: *snaps his fingers but bone starts to crack* Ow… Wake up, James…
Moriarty: huh? Yes! Jump off or DIEEEEEE~~~ *dentures falls off* Can you hand me that?
Sherlock: *bends down and back cracks* Owww…. My back! My baaaack!
Moriarty: *laughs then coughs* Sherlock, you foo—*snores*

And John and Mycroft sees them and goes…
John: *tries to rush over to Sherlock* What are they–Damn my leg!
Mycroft: You can borrow my walking stick.
John: What happened to your umbrella?
Mycroft: Sacrifices must be made…

Then at the retirement home, the phone will ring and Lestrade would snap up and shout, “Not my division!” and will snore back to sleep.

Okay! I’m done! Haha. Overshare!