anonymous asked:

my name's AL / and wen my book / comes owt inn bits / and people look / to try and lern / wat's next from Ann / I make them guess: / I teas the fans.

Yes I am cackling out loud.

MI6 SQUAD lik the breds

my nayme is bond

and wen its nite

or when mi6

put me on a flite

i kill sum dudes

and gurls i woo

but alweys cum bak

i fuk my q

my naym is q

and wen its day

or when the kitties

waik me to pley

i’m under bond’s arme

i’m in a locke

i hav no choyce

i blow teh cock

my naim is m

and wen its nite

or wen the dubbel ohs

are owt to fite

i tell teh PM

nevar to feare

wen hell braykes loos

i commandere

my nayme is bill

and wen i werk

or wen 007

is being a jerke

i trye to calme

the staff in heer

i hange with q

i chug my beere

my naim is penny

and wen i like

i can fyre a gunn

and steer a byke

but i chooz to sitt

behinde the desqe

and ware cute skerts

i’m statuesque

anonymous asked:

Command: tell me why you wear glasses and tell the truth?

“?em teg ay ,esnefed pu skcahw yllaeR .dleihs a ni seloh evissam owt nivah ekil s'tI .sedis'B !wonk ydaerla t'nod ohw esoht at yawa taht sevig ylrojam adnik stekcos eye ‘lo gib ‘nivaH…” .lluks sih ot regnif elgnis a spat eH “.emit eht'o tsom ereh ni pu eb I – em LAER ehT …noteleks a t'nia I wonk atthguo ydaerla slla'Y .oy-oy-yna ..ahaH !gnirewsna no ninnalp t'nerew I fi won yb deppaz neeb ev’d'I .ti od ton annog t'nia I ,naem I …ereht kram noitseuq eht esol annaw thgiM ?wonk ay ,lanoitpo sdnuos ti niyas m'I !..dnammoc a naht noitseuq a ekil erom sdnuos taht harB”

◃◃ Play it in reverse here, yo!

It’s me.
Hahahah well guys this day i came for presenting a new character with the name Eno ,why Eno well if you look the name very good you can see the “why”.
Well ,i’m feeling inspirate for this reason i did this character,i do in my style (with traditional method) and now i wanted do her in anime.
For this i have inspiration in Connor Sinclair(Nova vs the forces of aodlescence’s character, @mrevaunit42 character).
Ohh right ,she’s a monster YEPPP a monster ,but a good monster ^ ^ don’t worry,she have a partner called “Owt”.