We recently ran a 48 hour zine project with the Foundation students at Manchester School of Art. The brief was to redesign the alphabet through a filter that we assigned them. The aim of the project was to encourage them to work impulsively within strict a timeframe while introducing them to the immediacy of the zine aesthetic. The three filters were: Signage & the Olympics, Architecture and Photomontage.


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Super glad to see our pals at  OWT have returned to the single screw bind we saw in Issue #6, and this most recent issue - Love / Hate - looks bloody fantastic.

I’m waiting on AUSPost to bring me mine, but even off of the photos I know this one’s gonna be special.

Never ever a disappointment, check out the latest release from the stupidly hard working OWT. They proclaim to ’have never invested so much time into one of the zines, and we’re really proud of it’, so that’s exciting.

They’ve also got a nice, new site design

Can’t wait.



On Sunday 13th October two creative forces, OWT Creative & SPIEL joined together in celebration of football to hold STATE OF THE ZINE at The National Football Museum in Manchester. The event offered people of all ages to rock up to the museum and put together their own bespoke football fanzine from a collection of beautiful riso printed A5 cards, screen print their own envelope and even create their own piece for the zine from a selection of current and vintage football magazines and annuals.

Here are a few of the fanzines in the Museum’s collection, which were also on display on the day. 

     Error by OWT Creative has the perfect amount of unpolish going on. It’s messy, but doesn’t lose any of its design quality. It’s bound in a weird way, but forces you to look through it in a unique way. It’s themed, but each contributor brought their own ideas to the table, I don’t think any of them really messed anything up.

     Get it at the OWT shop online. It ain’t that expensive and I bet it rules in real life.


Interlace Zine Project OWT creative.

This typeface is a result of research into ‘Interlacing’. Possibly could now use this typeface in some kind of motion piece(exactly how needs further work).

Interlaced Video.
Interlacing is a term that is used in TV production based upon analog signals-Interlaced Video.
I’m not going to bore you with the technical aspects of it but back in the days of Analog TV, images were captured and displayed line by line from top to bottom. In a cathode ray tube display this process gets repaeted this time taking the second line. The afterglow of the phosphor on the TV screen and the combination with the persistance of vision in your eyes makes you perceive the image as a continous image.

This inspired the development of a type that can be overlayed, allowing double messages to appear within the same space by dividing up an existing type In this case Helvetica Bold, I tried some other types, but a bold blocky sans serif seems to works best.  It was a pretty labourious task as each letter had to have two created, needless to say that the scissors tool was used a lot.  Testing mainly was focussed on how to create them as efficently as possible, my first double letter took an hour and a half as I tried to draw round using the pen tool. Obviously with 26 letters (plus numbers and punctuation) this meant over 72 individually drawn letters. Taking over an hour or so each.

Had to find a better way, and eventually after a fair bit of cursing, trimmed down the time taken to around 20-35mins per double letter. This was achieved by cutting the segments of each letter across the horizontal guides and then using the hide tool for the 1st line section I then joined up the 2nd line section, moved it and un-hid the 1st line section and repeated the joining process.

Hopefully the screen grabs help explain this. The great thing is that by messing around with colours you can develop it further and it kind of works best as white letters on a coloured background.

It also works as as type without kerning, you can slice the letters up gainst and even within each other, sure legibility gets tricky but you can still read it.

Just wondering now how to develop this into a motion piece. Anyway I’ll submit this type once the full alphabet is completed to the SALFORD TYPE FOUNDRY along with a few others I’ve done.


— Spotted: My Map Circle piece reprocessed {image from here}

Last year my map circle appeared in OWT Creative’s 4th zine on Direction & for their 13th zine they have done a bit of re-processing! Using beautiful 6-color riso printing & GFSmith Colourplan paper they’ve gone to town linking new images with ones from the back catalogue of 12 zines they’ve completed over the past year making each reprocess zine unique. See lots more images here.

— My original piece which appeared in Issue #4 Direction, which was created from my original drawing

Also watch the beautifully repetitive and hypnotic video of the zine in print here