So rage against duly-elected government is ‘patriotic’ and 'quintessentially American,’ where(as) rage against multinational, shareholder-accountable corporations is 'anti-American.’ Gotcha.

I don’t get it: Here’s a group of Americans disenchanted, railing against big government bailouts; angry 'cause they played by the rules, worked hard – now they’re in debt from student loans and they’re unemployed. I mean, look – if this thing turns into throwing trash cans at Starbucks windows, nobody’s gonna be down with that. …But these protestors – how are they not like the Tea Party? … Aren’t these folks real citizens with real problems?

—  JON STEWART, reacting to Sean Hannity’s impassioned defense of the Tea Party in 2009, contrasting with his disgust at the Occupy Wall Street protestors in 2011, on The Daily Show