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Remembering Vincent Price on the anniversary of his death.

(May 27th 1911 — October 25th 1993)

We may all be a peculiar lot…often broke, often dissatisfied because we’re not doing more and better work…but we know how to have a ball that makes the rest of the world seem square.”

fic rec: A Slide Into First

Pairing: Niall Horan/Harry Styles

Rating: Explicit

Word Count: 92k

Summary: Niall’s a minor league star baseball player, Harry’s in love with him, Liam makes really good hot dogs, Louis’s a mascot wrench, and Zayn shows up to pull everything together.

Sequel: (You Are) The Way That I Know

Summary: Boston. 1,617 days later. 

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10 Arrests in 87 Minutes: The Anatomy of the NYPD’s Protest Dispersal Process

Do you homework; Fight strong 

“The spectacle of the arrest is a tactical display of force”

OWS and the Art of Possible

Once upon a time, I was a girl who believed that the only way to make the biggest change in the world was to go to college, major in social work or some variation, get a degree, get a job, and THEN begin working my path.

Despite my good intentions and diligence, it never worked out that way for me. Life threw me a bunch of banana peels; instead of walking forward and steady on my path like a soldier, I undulated back and forth and sideways like a dancer.

It wasn’t until Occupy Wall Street that I discovered that to make real, effective change in your community and in the world – you simply have to walk your talk. You do not need a career or a degree to do so. You make it an artful, meaningful, part of your life. You join advocacy groups, grassroots political movements, volunteer, write op-eds, create flyers and blogs, have discussions with your friends and family, educate. Yes the work is unpaid, but it sure feels good to be part of a collective conversation and to put your beliefs into real, physical and meaningful action.  

Advocating for things that you believe in takes gusto and the people in the streets protesting deserve a lot of credit for putting their physical bodies on the line like that. As a single mother, I have to consider the risks involved with protesting. Instead, I’ve turned to writing, joining advocacy groups, working within the Texas Green Party (a platform which, I believe, forms the essence of OWS political action) and volunteering my skills as a photographer and artist. I hope to go deeper, I hope to go international, I hope to open schools. That last goal is important – it’s the point where my twisting, turning career path intersects with my political and social ideals.

At the end of the day, I can look my daughter in the face knowing that I am doing what I can to fight for HER generation and her FUTURE, her WORLD. There is a well-known quote among progressives - “Politics is the art of the possible.” We are here to make our ideals possible, to make a new world possible.  


Maks and Meryl Are Returning to DWTS for a Special Performance! We Have All the Details

ow long have I been wanting to write that headline?! Almost a year after

Maksim Chmerkovskiy


Meryl Davis

took home the season 18 Mirrorball trophy, the sizzling superstars are returning to the dance floor for

Dancing With the Stars: 10th Anniversary Special, which will air next Tuesday, April 28, on ABC.

Paparazzi photos have been running rampant online in the past week featuring quite a few past DWTS contestants either hanging out, rehearsing, or watching the show from the ballroom, and now you know why. The special will also take a look back at fan favorite moments from the past 20 seasons, and the show will kick off with the largest opening number ever, featuring 46 stars including the judges, hosts, past pros, and celeb alums.

Your favorite bromance—that would be Derek Hough and Mark Ballas—will also hit the dance floor (together!) for a “bromance” dance, while there will be a specially choreographed NFL football player ensemble performance as well. Who’s returning for that? Donald Driver, Hines Ward, Kurt Warner, Jacoby Jones, Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin, and Jerry Rice. They will perform what’s being called a “saucy” Latin Paso Doble with Karina Smirnoff, Emma Slater, and Anna Trebunskaya.

ABC has announced that nine Mirrorball winners will take the stage, including a dance duel between season 18 winners Meryl Davis and Maksim Chmerkovskiy and reigning championsAlfonso Ribeiro and Witney Carson

Additional performers include Katherine Jenkins, Chelsea Kane, Kristi Yamaguchi, Amy Purdy, Maria Menounos, Amber Riley, Melissa Rycroft, Kelly Monaco, and more. Then, finally, the night will come to a close with Patti LaBelle performing her iconic hit “Lady Marmalade” with Lil’ Kim and Amber Riley.

I’ll be in the audience for the 10th anniversary special and tonight ABC and BBC America are hosting the DWTS 10th Anniversary Party at Greystone Manor in Los Angeles—and I will be there with our video crew! Stay tuned for that video on Glamour.com tomorrow.

On Monday, May 5, Occupy Wall Street activist and friend of Dissent Cecily McMillan was unjustly convicted of assaulting a police officer at a demonstration celebrating the six-month anniversary of OWS. She is being held at Rikers Island until sentencing on Monday, May 19, and faces a maximum sentence of seven years in prison.

In response to this egregious verdict, members of the Justice for Cecily team have collaborated with fellow activists, writers, and editors—including Dissent contributing editor Sarah Leonard and members of the Dissent staff—to produce the Free Cecily! gazette. Prior to next week’s sentencing, the gazette aims to highlight Cecily’s case and the wider issues it raises about police brutality and repression of civil liberties, including the right to protest.Free Cecily! features contributions from Maurice Isserman, Sarah Jaffe, Molly Knefel, Natasha Lennard, Chase Madar, and Mychal Denzel Smith; illustrations by Molly Crabapple; Cecily’s statement from Rikers; and more.

Click here to download the PDF. Please read and share widely!

To send a letter to Judge Zweibel asking for leniency in sentencing and learn about other ways you can support Cecily, visit justiceforcecily.com.