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Ok here it is, everyone: the best photo of the entire con akshsnjdjdj 😢 🙏 💛 I’m so happy that kalaely came up and asked for a photo together, they are so sweet and so insanely perfect as Emily I cryyyyy. ;u; 💕


So this is how it began?

there’s been a lot of posting lately about the OW lore over a photo and some are over thinking it making seem like a big deal. Honestly I don’t see the problem, it doesn’t effect the lore and pretty much I’d be more interested if Blizzard were to release info on Gabriel personality. (like if he’ s a dog person or cat person because I see a lot of fan art of jack/76 with cat ears now I see him as a cat person)

Jelly chocobro
  • Prompto: I'm not gonna lie. I got really upset when Noct decided to bring Carbuncle instead of me to the moogle chocobo carnival *sad face*
  • Ignis: There there. It's for the sake of equality amongst us friends.
  • Prompto: Really? So we're all less important than Carbuncle?
  • Ignis: No..
  • Gladio: Yup. Not to mention he took your camera with him. And deleted your photos to make more space for pictures of him and his pet.
  • Prompto: *gasp* he didn't!

update: i’m not sure if only one side of the headphones work or if they actually made me deaf in one ear, because the side that i can hear from nearly murdered me and the system volume was only at like 30%. i nearly died

tldr   g o d     d a m m i t     a p o l l o


And now, the reason I haven’t posted any new gifs or anything recently. This is my Bruno Buccellati cosplay from Part 5 of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure for ACen 2017. I’ve been working on this with help from @alexanderkingsley and many other new friends I’ve met while working in the lab. Alex worked extensively on patterning the collar and giving general advice on sewing; I owe him big time. Photo cred goes to @kuroos-dick, these turned out a million times better than I expected; thank you so much! Can’t wait to see everyone at ACen! These photos just feature minor color correction/cropping, no editing has been done to them.