thankz qelley belly 4 tagging me @qelleyde

Name: kip or peep

Nickname: kipper

Zodiac Sign: cancer

Height: 5'4/5'5

Ethnicity: mixed

Orientation: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Favorite Fruit: mango

Favorite Season: summer

Favorite Book: sayonara gangsters

Favorite Flowers: marigolds and hollyhocks

Favorite Scent: clean clothes ig idk

Favorite Color: neon green

Favorite Animal: snakes :3

Favorite Drink/Beverage: choccy milk

Average Hours of Sleep: like none

Favorite Fictional Character: kakashi owoz

Number of Blankets: like 6

Date of Blog Creation: February of this year

Number of Followers: 320

i tag everyone who sees this just say i tagged u