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Talk to me about Michael and baby talk owo And also Daddy!Sam and Little!Gabe owo

*cracks knuckles*

Like the first time Lucifer hears, “Wucifer” he’s like “wtf??? tHAT’S NOT MY NAME” and then he’s like “oh.”

Gabriel is super affectionate but also a little shit and he’s got Sam wrapped around his finger at the best of times.

Hello! Like for a follow

I would like to follow people who have an interest in these:
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>Doctor who
>Psycho Pass
>Terra Formars
>Attack on Titan
>Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
>Legend of Korra/Avatar
>Kill La Kill
>Cardcaptor Sakura
>Sailor Moon

Contest cause why not OwO


-It has to be Comet (You can have other peeps if you want :3)

-Can be boy or girl since Comet is genderfluid.

-My skype is where you will send your picture and get refs if you need to.

-It can be a chibi, headshot, full body, whatever. (1 picture you can make more if you want)

-There will be first, second, and third winners.


1st: -Full Body Furry

-Fan Relationship headshot


2nd: -Fan Relationship headshot


3rd: -Chibi

Reblog or like if you want to be entered.

My skype is Rubythemcmuffin (CoMeT)

All entries due June 23th ):D