Thank you, + #JTGTPrompts!

Guess what, Just-Tokyo-Ghoul-Things suddenly has 5000+ followers! When and how did that happen..! Σ(⊙ω⊙)

First of all, thank you to everyone who visits this blog, sends asks, etc! You make my day! (^ ^)/ Kagune cuddle, anyone? (~ o w o)~

Next, I feel grateful but kind of bad because my posts are so simple!^ ^; I bet there are tons of bloggers who use so much more time and effort but have less followers because their work got lost in the large Tumblr world. ; w ; I guess my blog was just very lucky to be seen by you? :P

So as a thank you/celebration I tried to come up with some hopefully-not-too-lame prompts that you can use for fanart, fanfics, or really anything that you like to do and is TG related! (^ ^)/ It’s not a contest or anything (I’m too broke to have a proper giveaway, sowwwy ^ ^;) but if you decide to use them, please tag your work with jtgtprompts and I’ll try to reblog as many as I can. :P

If you happen to be looking through my blog and like something reblogged and tagged with jtgtprompts, and are not following that blog already, please do so! Not that my blog is particularly famous or anything, I just thought this might be fun and make it easier for newer blogs to get their work noticed? (^///^)

There’s no deadline! If you do decide to use a prompt, please take your time, you can do it whenever, I’ll stalk the tag carefully! (~ o w o)~

I’m sorry if any part of this post is confuzzling, as you may have noticed I’m pretty bad at explaining things. ^ ^; If you have any questions please message, I’ll try to answer as clearly as possible. :P Okie, now onto the prompts! (> w <)/


Panels I worked on in the GBL. The the sketch for the first one was beautifully done by 4ac925 and I colored it. The second one was inspired by ket3, though I fell short catching the spontaneity of her work.

I’m also a new mod for GreatBigLyricstuck stuff now and will help plan out panels and organize stuff from this point on, so I’m very excited ^o^