She hands it to him, and for a second, all he does is hold it, hands moving over the fabric. Then, he moves the fastest that Max has ever seen - shucking off the threadbare blue hoodie he has on, and pulling on the jacket instead.

Max hates the slight flutter of anxiety that bristles inside her. The sight of him in that jacket, it brings the worst memories back. The darkest days.

She must have gone quiet, because when she rouses herself and turns back to him, she sees he’s snapped one of the cookies in half and is holding it out to her.

“Thank you.” She takes it, smiling. It’s delicious, of course, freshly baked by Joyce’s replacement.

The Sense of Me - Chapter 5 - by trecoolio on Archive of Our Own

This is for you @anders-holmslice <3

Everyone always talks about the scene where Max writes her phone number on Nathan’s arm, but this scene made me tear up a bit, too :3 So I drew it in a comic format. I might draw the phone number scene as well…and more…because…yeah. I love this story, good God.

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SPOILERS: Lavi’s return

i did a line art for the future chapter’s panel sketch katsura hoshino-sensei posted on her instagram(look under the cut for the photo/ she deleted it from her insta already). it was quite difficult to figure out which lines goes where and lavi’s arm is being blocked by a window so i just drew it on my own

this was a good practice to imitate her style!

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