ownthewallsstarted following you

SWEET! Thanks for deciding to follow me! You have increased my followers by 1 and brought my fifty closer to 100 followers. You are the 50th. I would give you a prize but I am broke.

Also as a side note because I checked out your blog, Levels and Indigo are not at all alike. I mean yes, they are clubs but Indigo is bigger and lets face it probably has better DJs, while Levels is….pretty decent.

At the same time, I am very picky about the music I dance to and if I don’t like it, I will stop dancing. I have started two stepping more frequently at Levels than Indigo but I’ve only been to Indigo once and it was during Gaybor Day drag show, which basically means the music is more suited for the gay crowd, less about Top 40 and more about really dancing.

Go to Levels and you will see what I mean.