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World of Our Own| Harry Styles Uni Au | Chapter 8



To be young and in love in New York City
To not know who I am but still know that I’m good long as you’re here with me
To be drunk and in love in New York City
Midnight into morning coffee, burning through the hours talking


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Rae?’ She recognised the voice instantly and stopped in her tracks, turning back towards it. Harry was taking the steps down to her, followed by his two friends, the ones who she knew relatively well but still felt a little guilty interrupting their time with Harry. ‘I just knocked your door, where you going?’ Harry asked, eyes narrowed.

‘Take some photos.’ Rae smiled, lifting the camera in her hand to him.

‘On your own?’ Harry asked and she just nodded, still with that butter wouldn’t melt look on her face that Harry always got dragged in by. ‘Rae, you can’t, anyway it’s nearly curfew, there’s no point.’

‘Harry, I’m in New York, I’m not going to sit in a hotel room all night.’ Rae pointed out like it was obvious. She could see Ben and James looking between the two of them awkwardly. ‘Sorry I’m holding you up, I’ll be back don’t worry.’ Rae assured with a smile before turning to finish her trip down the stairs.

‘Hold up,’ Harry called after her and Rae sighed turning back to him. ‘I’ll meet up with you later yeah?’ Harry said quieter to the two boys before making to catch up with Rae.

‘You can go out with your friends Harry, I don’t mind, I get it.’ Rae told him with a soft smile and reassuring eyes. It was true, she didn’t mind, she did get it. Boy’s wanted to hang out with their mates and have time with the ‘lads’ she was just an annoying girl he lived with who happened to be on the trip. He didn’t want to hang out with her, or at least she assumed not. But then she was learning not to assume anything about Harry. Harry just shook his head and grabbed her hand though, like he was having none of it.

‘Come on, we’re going to explore.’ Rae bit her lips together, biting back the way her little smile threatened to turn into an overwhelming, toothy, stupid grin, and let Harry lead her down the stairs out of the hotel, his friends behind them completely forgotten.

The outside air was cold. It wasn’t wintery, spring was in full force in New York as much as it was in Brighton, but it forced Rae to drop Harry’s hand to do up her her jacket nonetheless. The small coat didn’t really do much for her, but Harry picking her hand back up again did, and he proceeded to lead her down the street confidently.

‘Do you know where you’re going?’ Rae asked, unsure herself of the direction he was leading her in.

‘Yeah,’ Harry told her brightly, dropping his pace so they could walk side by side, but holding onto her hand for a few seconds longer, dropping it abruptly as if he suddenly realised he was holding it, but wasn’t sure he should be. Rae looked up to him as he did it, feeling more out of place now her hand wasn’t in his than when it had been. ‘Is there anything you particularly want to see?’ He asked after clearing his throat, trying to distract from the contact that he’d started up between them. Harry shoved his now free hands in his pocket, determined not to play with his hands as he began to worry what she was thinking about the way he’d taken her hand so nonchalantly and not let go.

‘Everything.’ Harry chuckled at her enthusiasm, but should have known to expect nothing less.

‘I don’t know if we’ve got time for everything, but I’ll do my best.’ Harry smiled picking up the pace, Rae following suit.#

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I think a fundamental part of online friendships that people ‘outside’ fail to understand is how comforting it is to have friends right there in your pocket who will keep you company in good times and bad, listen to your rants, let you vent, be supportive whilst offering outsider perspective…

  • Need to be alone but need support too? Pocket friends.
  • Something awful just happened and there’s nobody around for you to tell? Pocket friends.
  • Need to let your feelings out but don’t want people to see you ugly-cry? Pocket friends.

Keep being amazing, pocket friends. You couldn’t possibly imagine how important you are.

I really miss those crisp fall mornings, when you wake up and look outside and the leaves are dancing in the wind. There’s something about it, knowing that its cool outside, but being overwhelmed with a sense of warmth & coziness. The way the leaves crunch under your feet as you walk home. That grey-almost gloomy, but welcoming sky, just before an autumn rain. The way every room, smells of pumpkin or baked goods. The creepy movies on tv. It’s almost as if we enter an entirely different culture, with the way things around us shift in those autumn months. Oh, how I miss you, fall.

You can take 5 hours, 5 days, or 5 years; it doesn’t matter. As long as you try your best when reaching your ultimate destination, time will be on your side, regardless of how much of it there is.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin | Instagram

omnivore: actually vegans are the cruel ones because soybeans farming takes resources from poor countries and thats why i eat meat and won’t be vegan

reality: 85% of soy goes to animal feed, even if you ate nothing but soy you’d contribute less to this problem than you do by eating animals

omnivore: *does not change their behavior because they don’t actually care about poor people and were just looking for excuses to not change their behavior*

He said, “Don’t you feel lonely living in your own little world?” She whispered, “don’t you feel powerless living in other people’s worlds?”
—  F.G.