Michael in the Basement

((Since everyone is asking, yes, I did make a full version of the Michael in the Basement parody, and you all wanted to see it so here it is!!
You can totally cover the song/use it for whatever as long as you credit this blog or my art blog, shima-draws!

And now let’s begin with the angst, shall we? Full thing is under the cut!))

I am hanging in the Basement at the biggest party of the fall
I could stay right here or disappear and he wouldn’t even notice at all

I’m a loser in the Basement ‘cause my buddy kinda left me alone
But I’d rather fake smile than watch for a while as he dances with a girl in the zone
Everything felt fine when we were all by ourselves
And through no fault of mine, he left for someone else

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hey guysssss does anyone know what these kinds of patterned fabrics are called cause i swear i can’t find anything on my own

ps. witchy simblreen ideas y/n


ask-the-octolings submitted:

The result of the whole D.TetroxXPirvate Potter. An AU where Tetrox Doll and Pirvate Potter became something that can move on their own

PS Potter’s having a spiky D

Oh my dear! That would be bizarre day for Arnick.